Planning applications - deadline 30 January 2009


27 Knole Road
Alterations and formation of new 2nd floor level to form 2 additional flats
27 Knole Road Freehold Ltd

Deadline for comment: 30/01/2009
full details on the Council website


13 St. Johns Road
Erection of a single storey rear and side extension to the flat.
European Equities Plc

Deadline for comment: 30/01/2009
full details on the Council website


2 Hengist Road
Erection of decking - existing unauthorised
Miss S Cutler

Deadline for comment: 30/01/2009
full details on the Council website

535-537 Christchurch Road
Alterations, 2/3 storery extension to form 4 flats and 1 living/workshop unit with bin and cycle stores
Marcus King & Co

Deadline for comment: 23/01/2009
full details on the Council website

Christchurch Road - bus lane

The Council will shortly be working on a new section of bus lane on Christchurch Road. The new lane will on the eastbound lane approaching the Manor Road/Knyveton Road junction - the junction just before Boscombe Gardens.

The works will be between Derby Road and Knyveton Road for about two weeks from 1st December.

This improvement was identified by bus companies as a key way to improve the reliability of bus services on Christchurch Road.

Wayne Hemingway

Wayne said: "This woman (Lisa) puts you all to shame. You should be following her lead. You don't normally get a councillor who wears platform shoes and looks like that. I bet most of the council think you're (Lisa) a bit barmy."

Drugs in Boscombe

One of the hottest issues in Boscombe is drug related crime, the effect on the community, and issues around rehab clinics. This week I went along to see the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) to find out more about what they are doing about issues affecting Boscombe West.

The DAAT is a partnership between the several organisations including Health, the Police and the Council.

They recognise the problems caused to residents in Boscombe and highlighted a few of the things they have put in place over the past few years to ease the impact on Boscombe residents.

There is an agreement not to allow any more drug rehab centres in Boscombe, and the closure and movement of two centres means the number of centres has dropped from four to two.

Another issue is that other councils send people to Boscombe for rehab. This can't be stopped directly, but efforts are made to try and fill all the places with local people who need the treatment.

The team is firm in encouraging people to return to their home town, offering travel tickets where needed.

I would be interested to hear views from residents affected by this.

Safety in St Clement's Churchyard

I am organising £350 from the Boscombe West ward fund to fix the lighting in St Clement's church yard.

The church called shortly after the stabbing opposite the church, saying they didn't have the money to fix the lights. Its an obvious way to help people's concerns about security locally.

The fund is there for Councillors to get small things like this done quickly, and it just took a call to Councillor Chris to get agreement to use the ward money.

Remembrance Day

A touching ceremony this morning at the cenotaph.

Caught up in our modern lives, which are so different, it is hard to relate to what those who lost their lives gave up.

Something that brought it home to me was when I found out that the lady who I brought my house from lost her brother in the war.

He was just 19. We bought the house when his sister was in her eighties.

A teenager lived in my house, using the rooms I use, slept in the rooms I sleep in, and ate in the same kitchen. I find it a sobering thought that he was called up, went to war, and lost his life.

A life that should have lasted, like his sisters, into his eighties.
I visited St Pauls Night shelter this week to see what services they offer to the homeless in Bournemouth.

I was invited into their day room, where I met some of the people that use the centre. The staff were very patient assisting with lots of issues whilst i was there.

The shelter provides hot meals, use of a computer, showers, toilets and washing machines. The centre is very calm, relaxed and friendly.

Upstairs the Night shelter operates in the evenings, where rooms are available for a cost of £2.50.

The rooms are a lot better than many of the bedsits locally! The people who use the service are often living chaotic lifestyles and many have drug problems so there is an emphasis on harm reduction, giving people information on staying safe.

kings park Ice Rink Consultation

A few years ago I visited this beautiful building in sussex - an eco building, it is made from timber and each piece seems to be made a slightly different shape to make an amasing looking roof structure. As a result they won loads of awards! I am hoping for an innovative statement building like this for the kings park ice rink.

see more here

Countryside magazine. Matt Baker goes to Bournemouth to investigate Europe's first artificial surfing reef.
Broadcast on:BBC Radio 4, 6:07am Saturday 18th OctoberDuration:30 minutesAvailable until: 6:37am Saturday 25th OctoberCategories:
Factual, Science,Nature & Environment
Go to Open Country site
Dorset Police have revealed that they had money invested in Icelandic banks. the deposits amount to £7m loaned to Landsbanki and Heritable the accounts have been frozen and the Police authority will be looking to the government to protect the investment. The money lent to the Icelandic banks was managed by Dorset county council, and was earmarked to be spent on capital projects. Day to day services should not be affected, but strategic operations will be hit if the money is not recovered.


On the day the consultation for the Kings Park Ice Rink closes we find we will have an opportunity to skate sooner than we thought!

Planning permission for Winter’s most exciting & glamorous activities was confirmed for Boscombe this week; to provide an open air ice rink in Boscombe precinct from Saturday 22nd November 2008 until Sunday 22nd February 2009.

The Opera House and partners have been working closely with Council officers over the last two months to bring this unique ice rink to the Boscombe residents and visitors this Winter.

Opera House boss, Ester Gill, who said
“The Opera House want to do our bit to bring some festive cheer to Boscombe Precinct and would love to see an ice rink outide every year.”

Chris Jenkins of TLM, who this week won the British Chamber of Commerce Most Promising New Business award said.
“Our Council Officers have been brilliant. To turn around a project like this in such a short space of time is a great demonstration of what can be achieved when everyone works together. There are a few things to finalise with the Ice contractor, all being well we will have an ice rink this Winter”

Planning permission was requested for Boscombe's own real ice rink, to run from Saturday 22nd November. Customers can listen to music as they glide around the ice, have lunch in one of Boscombe’s many cafes and restaurants and shop, shop, shop; encouraging visitors to bring family and friends and be part of Boscombe’s unique experience.

This is simply Boscombe’s coolest attraction this Winter and the management would like to say a special thank you to Boscombe’s Neighbourhood management team who have made this project possible.

Ticket will available on or from the venue box office.

According to the statistics publishes by the The National Treatment Agency (NTA) in their annual report7.324... That is just 3.6%.

So what is happening here? It seems confusing that I always hear that local treatment centres are much more successful.

It depends of your idea of success! most treatment centres call success the completion of a stay in a centre - many have no follow up of clients as they are too difficult to track once they leave. Some stay in treatment, but are just permanently moved onto a substitute like methadone which has many of its own problems.

This type of treatment is about harm reduction rather than abstinence and not what the public is expecting when agencies talk about treatment. Don't we want people to be free from drugs and able to lead happy and productive lives? and for treatment centres to be clear about their purpose and accountable to their customers and their local community?

rights of children

The UN will today report on how the UK are implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child

I wonder what issues they will pick out?

Treatment of Child Asylum seekers and children of Asylum seeekers. Though it is not meant to happen I reguarly hear of breastfeeding mothers and babies separated while the Mother is detained. Lord Avebury has intervened on several occasions.

Children needing treatment for mental health problems. These should be "appropriate to the child's condition and to the circumstances of the parents or others caring for the child." and " conducive to the child's achieving the fullest possible social integration and individual development, including his or her cultural and spiritual development" Instead we have heard this week of children receiving treatment in adult wards.

Privacy... I received information yesterday from school stating how pupils information is shared. Through the new database there is a rather long list of agencies who can share data on children. There does not appear to be a check box to opt out of this either. The convention says " No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, " Yet we are hearing plans to store this data until a child is 25.

Protection from economic exploitation - Thought the convention refers to employment of children, we do subject children in the UK to enormous amounts of advertising particularly through TV adverts, but also including sponsership through the health and education systems.

...Ironic that this morning 1 out of 5 teachers would like to bring back the cane!

Repairs to the Precinct

the repair work at the top of Sea Road is part of a trial that the council have organized to redress the surface of the pedestrian precinct. This work will be completed by Tuesday evening 30th September.

The hope is that the concrete surface will be impressed to look like separate paving slabs, and these will be more hard wearing. If the trial is successful, then it is hoped that the whole precinct eventually will be done section by section.
We had a brilliant evening at the Opera house on Monday with Theo Paphitis as part of the Bournemouth Literary Festival. 
Bournemouth residents are being invited to share their views on whether the borough needs a permanent ice skating facility.

For some time now there have been public calls for a permanent ice rink in the town and over the last two years Bournemouth Borough Council has been investigating the possibility of providing a new purpose built facility. After looking carefully across the borough, Kings Park has now been identified as a potential site for the complex.

I think this could be fabulous for our area and will be supporting it - there is more information here
I would be glad to see investment in the area for facilities away from the seafront. With this facility we would be a a real resort and it fits well with the surf and skating theme we are becoming known for.

A couple of area's where I will push for careful planning in are 
  1. parking, residents are seriously affected by parking problems when there is football on. there would need to be a very good travel plan - that works!
  2. The look, we don't want Kings park to look like an industrial estate! so careful thought needs to be put into the building.
I would like to hear your views, please let me know!

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Conference Photo's

Nick Clegg's campaign to knock on a million doors

The campaign to knock on a million doors is launched tomorrow at the Bournemouth conference, but we got in early in Boscombe West! A tem of 18 Lib Dems spent the evening with the aim to knock on 700 doors. It was great to meet loads of residents and we all enjoyed talking to local people and hearing their issues. If we missed you and you have an issue you want to discuss - or want to get involved, you can get in touch with me on or on 07515 355 982.

I was thinking about sitting outside Boscanova in the sun to have lunch today - then literally a few moments later the sky went black and we had torrential rain. By the time I finished my cup of tea the precinct had flooded!
Though this was particularly bad weather, issues with the gulleys and drainage have been bought up before with me by Steve, the Chairman of the Boscombe Traders.I have requested from the cabinet member that we pursue the plans for refurbishment of the precinct as discussed at the Boscombe area forum and the traders meetings last year.


10 tonne first reef section is concertinaed

After days of waiting patiently for the high winds to drop, and despite blustery winds and miserable weather, ASR Ltd completed a highly visual part of the land-based reef construction process yesterday (5th August). Huge cranes folded the first section of the reef, measuring approx 50m by 40m, which makes up one fifth of the total volume, several times into a concertina. This was to enable ASR Ltd to move the reef section onto a barge. The reef section which normally weighs approximately 5 tonnes and makes up a third of the base layer of the reef, weighed 10 tonnes after getting water-logged after heavy rainfall.

What happened yesterday?
Shackles and extra straps were added to each third of the reef section.

Two giant cranes lifted two 30m spreader beams. Each beam weighed 3 tonnes.

The straps attached to the reef section were then attached to various points of the spreader bars.

The cranes then lifted the first third of the reef section and folded it.

A second lot of straps, along the next third of the reef section were then attached to the spreader bars and the reef section lifted. This process was repeated until the reef was concertinaed up. The cranes then moved the reef section onto the barge. When weather conditions are absolutely flat and perfect (there is no swell or wind), the barge will be brought to Boscombe.

The reef was concertinaed up to enable one end of the reef to be attached to anchors on Boscombe seabed. The barge will then be pulled out from under the reef, so that the section lays on the sea’s surface. It will then sink and be pulled taut into place with accuracy.

Meanwhile, what’s going on in Boscombe?
Sand is being refined before it will be pumped at high-speed into the bags. This has been collated into a huge mound. The 260 metre-long flexible pipe used to pipe sand from Boscombe beach out to the reef section when it is in place is being bolted together. Pumping and diving machinery is being prepared.

It will take up to 4 hours to fill each bag. 55 bags in total will make up the entire reef.

Information, videos and updates on the surf reef construction can be found at

Planning applications - deadline 18-Aug-08


627-629 Christchurch Road
Erection of a 1/3 storey block comprising ground floor unit A1 (professional & financial services) and 8 flats on upper levels with bin and cycle stores (revised scheme)
Kemble Estates Ltd

Deadline for comment: 22/08/2008
Details on the Council website


39 Ashley Road
Alterations to front elevation
Mr Patric Poli BW

Deadline for comment: 18/08/2008
Details on the Council website

Planning applications - deadline 12-Aug-08

9 Boscombe Spa Road

Alterations and conversion of hotel into 9 holiday flats and 11 residential flats with bin and cycle stores and formation of parking spaces Existing unauthorised use as 18 flats)
Mr Victor

Deadline for comment: 22/08/2008
Details on the Council website

104 Ashley Road
(opposite Tower Road)

Change of use from car park to commercial car wash with static office/bay facility
Mr JD Prague

Deadline for comment: 12/08/2008
Details on the Council website

BCCA Listing

Further to yesterday's post about the BCCA, I have just heard that the application for listing made by Boscombe Heritage Community Arts Centre Development Trust has been successful and the buildings have been protected by a grade II listing. The group have put together a business plan for the site which will be looked at be the Council.

BCCA Update

Subject: Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)

Date: 16th July 2008

This briefing note provides an up date on the re-development of the BCCA site.

Officers are working with Raglan Housing Association for the re-development of the site to provide a new day centre, community facilities and affordable housing. Plans are still in the early stages and consultation is being undertaken with the day centre managers and staff.  The views of the Head of Transport and Planning have also been sought. Further consultation with ward members, service users and the wider community will take place once more detail on the proposal is available.         

An Asbestos Survey has been undertaken and a safety co-ordinator (CDM Co-ordinator) has been appointed to supervise the demolition works. Tender documentation is expected to be sent out next week. The Council has received funded support from eThree via the LIFT South West Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership to complete the tender for the demolition contract with an e-auction

English Heritage has assessed the buildings for listing and their report has been submitted to the Secretary of State, a decision is expected later this month.

The planning application for the temporary car park  has been withdrawn in response to local opposition and possible temporary uses will be reconsidered following the demolition of the buildings  (assuming that English Heritage do not support its listing). 

Bournemouth council has recently started to be able to administer license applications for pavement cafe's again. I have been supporting applications for pavement licenses in the Boscombe precinct area as they have come up. An important part of creating good urban space is to make a place where people want to be. With more people legitimately using a space antisocial behaviour is tolerated and occurs less. We are very fortunate that there are cafe's looking to use their outside areas to welcome both Locals and visitors- a positive move for our centre!

Boscombe Shopper

Boscombe Shopper Bags - available in select stores in Boscombe!

letters have now been sent to residents in St Clements Rd who will be affected by the upcoming road safety improvements. I am hoping we will see less walls down in the area as a result!


These pics are from the flock exhibition at the russell coates I love the flock concrete flooring, then the funny old bits and bobs that are so cheesy!

I have reported the Overgrown shrubbery restricting access along St Clements Rd, Please let me know of any other problems like this.

Planning applications - deadline 1-Aug-08


16 Boscombe Spa Road
Erection of a developers board and 6 flagpoles
Mr S Griffin

Deadline for comment: 01/08/2008
Details on the Council website


5 Wollstonecraft Road
Crown thin and lift six Limes. Crown thin one Horse Chestnut.
David W Gilbey

Details on the Council website


R/O 94-96 Palmerston Road
Erection of a 3 storey block of 5 flats with associated bin and cycle store
Mr Evans

Deadline for comment: 01/08/2008
Details on the Council website


577 Christchurch Road (ex-Lloyds Bank, Corner of Sea Road)
Alterations and conversion of part of the ground floor into residential unit.
European Equities Plc

Deadline for comment: 03/08/2008
Details on the Council website


649 Christchurch Road (Precinct, south side, near Hawkwood Road)
Erection of a first floor extension to form two self contained flats and formation of bin and cycle stores.
Clark & Brassington

Deadline for comment: 03/08/2008
Details on the Council website

35 Hawkwood Road
Erect 3 storey block of 12 flats with bin and cycle stores and formation of parking spaces.
Holton Homes

Deadline for comment: 25/07/2008
Details on the Council website


Honeycombe Chine, Sea Road
Change of use form temporary sales office to bin store- amendments to application no. 7-2007-14555-L
Barratt Homes

Deadline for comment: 29/07/2008
Details on the Council website

40 Florence Road
Outline submission for erection of a 3 storey block of 12 flats, bin & cycle stores & associated car parking
Dr R Hattersley

Deadline for comment: 18/07/2008
Details on the Council website

Fire at Richer Sounds

We went along to the Cellar bar for their fun day and while we were there a bin fire was spotted at he back of ricer sounds, The fire brigade came and we thought it must be under control - but when we left an hour later we found that it had spread to the front of the shop, and the whole place was gutted.

Surf Reef Questions

Public / Member briefing

Q&As for the Boscombe Spa Village Budget

Background to the Boscombe Spa Village Project
The Boscombe Spa Village project is going well and is on schedule to deliver all the promised benefits with most elements coming in at or below the original budget projections. This includes the renovation of Boscombe Pier and the Overstrand building, replacement toilet provision, highway alterations and hard landscaping, electronic parking signage, seasonal park & ride, and new utility supplies. The works programme is now well underway and the scheme is due to be fully completed by the end of this year. Investment in Boscombe Spa Village is complementary to the Government-funded beach replenishment works undertaken during the last two years. The reinvestment into the seafront will maintain Bournemouth’s position as the UK’s premier beach resort.

How are you paying for the scheme?
The cost of delivering the Boscombe Spa Village redevelopment is entirely covered by the original capital receipt and additional sales-linked (overage) payment from Barratt Homes. The capital receipt comes from the sale of part of the Honeycombe Chine car park to for £9.66million. In addition, the Council is expected to receive a sales-linked (overage) payment of up to £750,000 within the next 18 months which relates to the sales of properties at the site.

We are now able to commit the entire £9.66million capital receipt and the £750,000 expected sales-linked (overage) payment to regenerating Boscombe seafront, including a state-of-the-art surf reef for Boscombe. This is Boscombe’s money and it is appropriate that it should be spent to benefit Boscombe.

Why have the costs of the reef changed?
The final construction element of the scheme, the Surf Reef, is the most innovative and complex part of the Boscombe Spa Village project. Being the first of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere and with the intricacies of British tidal waters, it was only possible to have a more precise cost estimate once the sea bed surveys had been carried out and detailed engineering construction and management requirements specified. We are now able to commit the entire £9.66million capital receipt and the £750,000 expected sales-linked payment to regenerating Boscombe seafront, resulting in an absolute state-of-the-art surf reef for Boscombe.

Taking this projected change in expenditure and incorporating the financial savings made in other elements, the cost of delivering the Boscombe Spa Village redevelopment itself is entirely covered by the original capital receipt from Barratt Homes (as shown in the table below). Part of this capital receipt has already provided funding that helped shape the highly successful restorations at Boscombe Chine Gardens, but the projected overage payment ensures no cost to the Bournemouth tax payer.

The 2006 construction cost figure of £1.359 million was the best estimate that could be made at the time for what was a totally new marine engineering project for Britain. It is only now the detailed specification work has been done that the actual cost can now be projected. The cost for the reef has now been finalised, and the project itself is still funded within the capital received from Barratt homes. The cost variances have arisen as a result of:

longer than anticipated time to receive government consents, specifically in relation to the Food and Environment Protection Act (FEPA) licence due to the complex and unique nature of the project, brought with it additional inflationary building costs and meant that much of the sand harvested for the reef’s construction was displaced through natural weather conditions, meaning additional sand has had to be bought.
During this 12-month period whilst negotiating the FEPA licence, the reef design was finalised and the construction methodology determined. This involved careful refinement to the design and the construction methodology, taking into account two years of advancement in reef design and build technology to ensure the most up-to-date technology, and the highly complex technical installation requirements for a tidal location in Britain. This means we now have a reef that is far more advanced than any previous models. It has been specifically designed for surfing conditions in that part of Boscombe, which means carefully tailored sand-bags in terms of size and where they are placed, and a much more stable construction. This will result in excellent consistency in terms of wave height and shape, giving a much better quality surfing experience overall.
Since the licence has been granted, the designers of the reef, ASR Ltd, have also been commissioned as the constructors of the reef on a performance-based contract. This ensures the reef will perform to pre-stated standards and minimises risk to the Council. The final £150,000 construction payment to ASR Ltd will only be paid when we are certain that the quality waves we have specified are actually achieved at Boscombe. The contractor has also accepted an obligation to complete the construction of the reef by the end of this year.

How much economic value will the surf reef provide?
An Economic Impact Assessment has suggested that the reef will provide direct income of up to £3million per annum, and the image value of the reef alone is estimated at £10million. It will generate an estimated 60 full-time and 30 part-time jobs. A survey in Cornwall revealed that surfers spend 8% more than other holidaymakers.

The surf reef will place Bournemouth firmly on the UK surfing map and will be the most innovative sports and tourist attraction in the South. The reef will act as a ramp, pushing waves upwards, doubling their size and improving their shape for surfers. As a result, the number of good surfing days will be doubled. Bournemouth already has an established surfing community, but the reef will act as a draw for visitors to the area, enhancing water sports on offer including kite-surfing, windsurfing, wake-boarding, kayaking, SCUBA-diving, sailing and skim-boarding.

Not only will the reef be a free water sports facility, it is a green, ecologically friendly feature. The reef uses no man-made energy, but harnesses nature’s energy.

Full implementation of the scheme, including the surf reef, is imperative for the Council to derive the improved revenue streams from the project which are incorporated in the Leisure Services’ budget. These include income from the new beach chalets and the catering and retail opportunities to be provided by external contractors at the Pier Entrance Building and the Overstrand complex.

The surf reef is the vital catalyst for improving the area. Already it is having a positive effect with new boutique hotels, such as Urban Beach, opening up in preparation for an increase in the affluent surf consumer market. New boutique shops such as SourceD Clothing, unique caf├ęs such as Boscanova and the Whole Food Co-Op are changing the community.
The project has attracted high-profile names such as Red or Dead founders, the Hemingways, to work with the Council. Wayne Hemingway, HemingwayDesign, who is redesigning the Overstrand building in Boscombe seafront says: “We love Bournemouth and the Boscombe Overstrand project is one of the most exciting we’ve ever done. With the great work being done on the Pier and Europe’s first artificial surf reef, Boscombe is about to become big news. We are designing wonderful, unique beach chalets for both surfers and beach lovers alike. We want to re-establish a sense of community on Boscombe seafront, by creating something modern and unique.”

On the seafront the surf reef and super beach huts will be accompanied by a surf retail outlet, a surfing school and a glass-fronted restaurant offering fantastic panoramic views of Bournemouth and the Solent. There will also be a catering outlet selling good-quality food-to-go, an RNLI beach lifeguard station, changing rooms, toilets and hot showers, all contributing to the major transformation of Boscombe seafront.

House prices increased in the area 30% in 18 months during 2006/2007 as a result of news about the surf reef.

Will there be plans for additional car parking on the East Overcliff?
When planning permission was granted, it was a condition that no permanent additional parking on the East Overcliff should be developed until a review had been undertaken two years after the project’s completion. If the traffic impact review shows that additional parking is required, the Council will re-examine the situation for the East Overcliff. In the interim the promised electronic parking space signs have been installed and the Park & Ride scheme has been launched to ease congestion

Planning applications - deadline 4-Jul-08

26 Walpole Road
Alterations and extension at 1st floor level to extend Flat 3
European Equities

Deadline for comment: 11/07/2008
Details on the Council website

545 Christchurch Road
Alterations, roof extension & conversion of property to form 7 flats
Mr J Richer

Deadline for comment: 04/07/2008
Details on the Council website

Boscombe Overstrand Car Park, Sea Road
Erection of advertisement boards, flags & flag poles (Existing unauthorised)
Mr B Cooke

Details on the Council website

5 Wollstonecraft Road
Alterations and extensions to hotel including formation of new 3rd floor level, roof terrace and conservatory
Mr D Gilbey

Deadline for comment: 11/07/2008
Details on the Council website

Planning application - deadline 27-Jun-08

29 Hamilton Road
Erection of a three storey block of 12 flats with bin and cycle stores and formation of parking spaces
Chapman Properties

Deadline for comment: 27/06/2008
Full details on the Council website

A new Pier!

Planning applications - deadline 18-Jun-08

42-44 Palmerston Road
Outline submission for erection of a 4 storey block of 13 flats with associated bin & cycle store
Magnacourt Ltd

Deadline for comment: 20/06/2008
Full details on the Council website

624 Christchurch Road (Bath Travel, Boscombe Precinct)
Alterations to front elevation to form new entrance door and change of use of 1st and 2nd floor maisonette into additional office accommodation
Mr S Bath

Deadline for comment: 18/06/2008
Full details on the Council website

Planning applications - deadline 13-jun-08

31 St Clements Road
Erection of a 2 storey extension to create 2 flats, bin & cycle stores & car parking spaces
Mr P Le Gris

deadline for comment 13/06/2008

Full details on the Council website

17 Hamilton Road
Alterations, single storey extension and conversion of dwellinghouse into 5 flats with bin and cycle stores
Mr P Finlay

deadline for comment 13/06/2008

Full details on the Council website

27 Gladstone Road West
Erection of a 2 storey block of 2 flats with bin and cycle

deadline for comment 14/06/2008

Full details on the Council website

21-23 St Clements Road
Erection of a 3 storey block of 8 flats, bin & cycle stores & associated car parking
Mr C Marsango

deadline for comment 14/06/2008

Full details on the Council website

Haviland Road
Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts

Formation of a temporary car park - Regulation 3
Applicant: Bournemouth Borough Council

Deadline for comment: 03/06/2008

Full details on the Council Website

All night bus services

The Council has announced a number of changes to bus routes, some of which should improve the service for local people in Boscombe.

All night services
Wilts and Dorset ‘More’ services are introducing all-night services on Friday and Saturday nights between Bournemouth and Westbourne, Parkstone, Poole, Charminster, Boscombe and Iford.

"I've yet to see the details about this, but being able to get the bus back from Poole or Bournemouth later at night is definitely good news," says Cllr Lisa Northover.

"Going to see a performance or film at the Lighthouse in Poole in particular was difficult as many finished after the last bus home."

"Its a shame that only Friday and Saturday is considered a viable night out - a balanced nightime economy shouldn't only revolve around drinking, and I think the lack of transport is holding back the alternatives"

"Transport is also a big problem for people working early or late shifts - usually those least able to afford to run a car or take a taxi" adds Lisa

"I'm looking forward to seeing details of the changes."

Full details of the route changes will be published on the Council Website in due course.
The Council has announced a number of changes to bus routes, some of which should improve the service for local people in Boscombe.

Route 41 runs through Boscombe from the Pier, via the Bus Station, Palmerston Road, St Clement's Road, Southcote Road, past Bournemouth Station, and on through Queen's Park to Castlepoint and Throop beyond.

Its currently a Yellow Buses service, paid for by the Council, and runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Under the new plans, the service is to be enhanced with Shamrock Buses taking it over, and extending the service to Monday-Fridays.

Some of the route is currently 'hail and ride' - you can flag the bus down anywhere on the route except for the main roads near the Sovereign Centre, Bus Station, Bournemouth Station, and Castlepoint.

More news about the timetable and route when its available. Watch this space!

"This is really great news for the area," says Councillor Lisa Northover. "Service 41 represents vital lifeline for local people, such as on Sea Road."

"Many people told me during the election a year ago that free bus passes are a great idea, but only if the services exist to use them on."

"I'm looking forward to seeing the timetable."

Littledown and the Hospital. The Council has announced a new route 39 which will provide direct links to Bournemouth Hospital, Littledown, Boscombe and Bournemouth Town Centre.

The route isn't published yet, and the announcement also states that "all other existing services have been withdrawn as they are not commercially viable." Watch this space for more news.

Full details of the route changes will be published on the Council Website in due course.

Planning applications - deadline 30-May-08

4 Owls Road
Conservation Area Consent to demolish Fircroft Hotel
Linden Homes Southern

deadline for comment: 30/05/2008
full details on the Council website

4 Cecil Road
Alterations and extensions to form two additional flats, formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces (revised submission)

deadline for comment: 30/05/2008
full details on the Council website
27 Gladstone Road West
Erection of a 2 storey block of 2 flats with bin and cycle stores

deadline for comment: 20/05/2008
no details on the Council website at this time

18 Hamilton Road
Alterations and extension at 1st floor level of premises to form an additional flat (total of 6 flats in premises) - Revised Submission
European Equities

deadline for comment: 25/05/2008
full details on the Council website

Planning application - deadline 23-May-2008

1 St Johns Road
Erection of a single storey extension to form 3 study/bedrooms
European Equities

deadline for comment: 23/05/2008
full details on the Council website

Planning applications - deadline 10-May-2008

4 Florence Road
Erection of a 3 storey block of 12 flats with associated parking, bin and cycle stores (resubmission)
Dave Wells Properties

deadline for comment: 16/05/2008
full details on the Council website
previous application (refused 29/2/08)

19 Drummond Road
Formation of vehicular access.
PD Properties

deadline for comment: 10/05/2008
full details on the Council website

Bike Hire

Julie on a Boscalicious bike!

Go Green in Boscombe

Sunday 1st June 2008
Go green in Boscombe and the launch of Boscombe in Bloom.
Come along and see the Precinct turned into a Summer Garden Party, with stalls and entertainment - everything you could want for your garden this summer!
Live artists will be working in full view of the public.
see more info on
Good news for this year...

Many residents and traders were concerned about the closure of the Ashley Rd bridge as this was set to happen in November - an important time for Christmas trading. The bridge is now not set to be worked on this year, but is likely to be deffered to next November 2009 instead. The good news is that improvements may mean better pedestrian access and improved driving conditions/safety. So watch this space!

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bournemouth Borough Council, under provisions contained in Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended by The Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Procedure Regulations 1992, has resolved for a maximum period of 5 Days:

TO PROHIBIT ALL TRAFFIC PROCEEDING ON ROUMELIA LANE, REAR OF NO. 17 SEA ROAD, because works are to be executed on or near the highway for the purpose of a Public Utility Connection.

Bournemouth & West Hants Water will carry out the works.

Vehicular access to the properties will be maintained commensurate with progress of works and site safety.

The diversion for vehicles affected by this prohibition will be via Sea Road / Cecil Road / Adeline Road / Roumelia Lane.

It is envisaged that works will be completed between 22/04/08 and 23/04/08. However this prohibition by Notice will be effective for a maximum period of 5 Days from 22/04/08 until 27/04/08.

N.B: The restriction(s) in this Notice may be extended by a further Notice or an Order until such time as the works are complete.

The Council regrets any inconvenience to the public caused by this temporary prohibition.

Dated: DATE \@ "dd/MM/yy" 16/04/08

Head of Technical Services,
Town Hall Annexe, St. Stephen’s Road, Bournemouth, BH2 6EA

New trikes in use

The first person to try out one of of our new bikes is my ward colleague Cllr Chris Wakefield ! 
New Super wardens are now operating in Boscombe, They join the Wardens, the PCSO's and the police in a big team that keeps us all safe in Boscombe!
I have just been watching the "Real Hustle" on Iplayer... I think it is really sad that people who give others the benefit of the doubt are painted as gullible, it is after all those acts of goodwill that make a pleasant and strong community. I remember when I moved to Boscombe everyone said that it was a bad place and that i should be careful etc, I know the area well but a little anxious that I might have been naive I went off shopping to Lidl - At the till i realised that I hadn't bought enough money and was a couple of pounds short but immediately the young guy behind me insisted on giving me the money I was short. Not what I expected and an early example of the enormous amount of good will evident in my community. So.. ok the Real hustle might show me how I should never trust anyone but at the end of the day the karma bank way seems a better way to live!

The bikes arrive

Our 5 Christiania Bikes from Cpenhagan have just arrived! They are flat packed so will need assembling which is being done by the boys at the Hub cycle shop... updates as they progress!

Precinct cleaning

The schedule of precinct cleaning is underway in Boscombe

Preperations are underway for the widflower meadow in St Clements Churchyard
Bournemouth Borough Council has announced it has now placed orders for the specialist bags and webbing base for the construction of the artificial surf reef in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset.

The contracts with a total value of over £500,000 have been let with ELCO, the Australian-based geotextile* bag manufacturer and Unique, the New Zealand based webbing manufacturer. The companies have developed these specialised products in associated with ASR Ltd, the New Zealand-based company which has designed the reef.

The webbing base and 55 bags, which vary in length from 15 metres to 70 metres will cover an area the size of a football pitch, and be positioned underwater 225 metres out to sea to the east of Boscombe Pier.

The first of three consignments, which will include the webbing base and first section of the bottom layer of bags, will arrive in the UK at the end of May 2008, having travelled 12,000 miles (19,000 km) by sea.

The reef will be constructed during the summer months, when there are calmer sea conditions. The sand needed to construct the reef has been harvested from the beach replenishment programmes that took place in 2007 and 2008, and is being stored on Boscombe beach.

New Zealand-based Dr Kerry Black is the designer of the reef. ASR Ltd, Dr Kerry Black’s company, has been revealed as the constructor of the reef, on a performance-based contract, ensuring the reef will perform to pre-stated standards.

Stephen Macloughlin, Leader of Bournemouth Borough Council says: “The idea of building Europe’s first artificial surf reef in Boscombe, Bournemouth has been transformed from an exciting proposal, to a reality. The construction timetable is on track to allow the reef to be completed, providing there are favourable weather conditions, by the end of October this year.

As ASR Ltd has been commissioned on a performance-based contract to construct the reef, this is the most efficient, lowest-risk strategy for the Council and simply makes sense.”

Updates on the surf reef and the construction process can be found at

* Geo-textile bags are environmentally inert and so the material will not harm marine life. The outer layer of the bag is in a coarser material which will encourage colonization by marine life.

50's Children

wheatgass to you!

Ohh we have just started selling wheatgrass from our urban evolution website!

16 Walpole Road (southern corner of Carysfort Road)
Erection of 2/3 storey block of 8 flats, with bin/cycle stores and formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces- Resubmission
European Equities Plc

deadline for comment: 22/04/2008

full details on the Council website


Flat 5 27 Boscombe Spa Road
Installation of replacement windows
Mr D F Grimwood

deadline for comment: 02/05/2008

full details on the Council website


I have horrid vertigo in the top of the gods at the royal court
theatre in Liverpool . Aaahh

Planning applications - deadline 14-Apr-08

44-46 Knole Road (next to Bethany School)
Erection of a three storey block of 14 flats, cycle & bin stores, & formation of vehicular access & associated parking - Amendment to application no: 7-2005-21995 - Revised position for the bin and cycle stores
Mr D Wells

deadline for comment: 14/04/2008

full details on the Council website
original application - full details on the Council website

587 Christchurch Road (opposite The Opera House)
Change of use of ground floor from shop (Class A1) to amusement arcade (sui generis) with basement storage
Southern City Leisure

deadline for comment: 19/04/2008

full details on the Council website

577 Christchurch Road (ex-Lloyds Bank)
Enlargement of windows on ground floor.
European Equities

deadline for comment: 20/04/2008

full details on the Council website

Wedding Daze

I went along to the wedding exhibition at the Opera House last week, (I was just in town and it was free...) It was packed full of all those 'wedding essentials' that leave you £10k short but not really for anything that special... the Opera house is truely fab as a venue but perhaps out of the average price bracket. So unless you gan go the whole hog - frankly its more sensible to buy a house, why not go for the ironic retro wedding? this man had the idea first and was surely touting this car outside the exhibition for potential brides to be?


Looking something up on google earth the other day, I stumbled across a new craze that I had known nothing about...
Trampolines! Did Tesco have a job lot? they are some places you could jump from one to the other down a whole street! so.... a prize for the highest density neighbourhood!

oh... what if they are preparing for invasion??

or are they already here...receiving their supplies.....

planning applications - deadline 1-Apr-08


Land rear of 42 Hawkwood Road
Erection of a cycle store - Amendment to application 7-2007-9756-J
Signpost Homes Ltd

deadline for comment: 01/04/2008

full details of this application on the Council website
full details of the amended application (from sept '07) on the Council website


56 Palmerston Road
Erection of an advertisement hoarding.
European Equities Plc

deadline for comment: none published by the Council

full details of this application on the Council website


481 Christchurch Road (Opposite Hawkwood Road)
Change of use from office (Class A2) to shop (Class A1)- existing unauthorised
Fajny Sklep Ltd

deadline for comment: 06/04/2008

full details of this application on the Council website

77 Palmerston Road Alterations, two storey extension and conversion of dwellinghouse into 4 flats
Mr E Bundred

deadline for comment: 28/03/2008

full details on the Council website

Be a Star!

Breastfeeding images are usually so uninspiring to me - we never seemed to move on since the Virgin Mary (barring the very glam Jerry hall photo) so I was so excited to see this group of pictures created by a group of breastfeeding mothers in Lancashire. They buck all the 'rules' abut breastfeeding, right down to the unsuitable footware!! I love them!!!

See the rest of the pics

Changes in licensing for Boscombe

At the Licensing Meeting on Tuesday it was decided that parts of Boscombe and Springbourne will be included in the Cumulative impact zone. This means that to get a license, business owners will need to show that their activities will not contribute negatively to the local area.
From 25th March deliveries will commence of the green bin to all those residents who have requested one.
Stickers for the bins and leaflets will go out to all registered addresses.
Agripa panels are being designed and will be on the trucks ready for the launch.( green)
The rounds are being finalised and collection calendars will go to print next week.
Some 11000 people have registered for the scheme with 3600 for the bags

I was checking the Dragons Den Application form the other day and noticed that they ask for permission to carry out a full CRB check on applicants.

Nacro, the charity for ex - offenders publishes a report a couple of years ago called: Getting Disclosures Right: A review of the use and misuse of criminal record disclosures – which highlights how, under the current system, people who are not a risk to children or vulnerable adults are being refused employment, suspended and dismissed on the basis of wholly irrelevant cautions or convictions.

There are strict rules about the use of CRB checks, laid out in the rehabilitation of offenders act, but there are numerous examples of its misuse nationally but also locally, and if you see this happening you can complain to CRB who have the power to take away the ability to undertake the CRB checks. here is the BBC example:

I have complained to the BBC and await the reply.

Planning application - deadline 22-Mar-08


577 Christchurch Road (old Lloyds Bank, corner of Sea Road)
Formation of a self contained flat
European Equities

deadline for comment: 22/03/2008

full details on the Council website

Keeping safe in town

I had an absolutely fantastic time on Saturday night, we went to 60,0000000 postcards, then the consortium then the camel bar. We me a lot of lovely people who were caring and were looking out for each other, I felt very safe in the tow centre where we stayed / moved between clubs - not at all unsafe. On our way home we walked past Subway and the I-bar in Holdenhurst rd, the police had taped a large area off, this was at about 6.30 am. I was so sad to read the next day that we had actually passed the sites of both of the murders that happened that night on the way home, - others clearly did not find Bournemouth the warm, friendly place that we did. I have thought about how safe it is to go out quite a bit, and how I will feel when my own children start to go out into Bournemouth. I don't think I will try to stop them - its part of growing up, but I hope they will understand how easily a person can be seriously injured or killed. I think that TV and Film can convince us that people can survive all sorts of violent attacks and still get back up for more, but that's not real... the two deaths last weekend were apparently the result of what would have been fairly minor tussles, many of which happen every weekend, and any of which could end tragically ...
Launching: The Neighbourhood Management Awards 2008

Community Champions, Community Group of the Year,
Young Achiever, Business in the Community,
Partnership Working and Cultural Diversity

Neighbourhood Management in Boscombe West and Springbourne are looking to recognise and reward those people, partners, businesses and groups who have helped to make this area a better place for its residents.

These people, groups, businesses and organisations will have played a significant part in delivering services, activities, support, advice and/ or helping others.

If you know of, or are any of the following, please look at the attached Entry Form to make your nomination.

Selfless service by an individual (over 18) to a voluntary body or to the community in the NM Area
Voluntary or community group that has improved the quality of life for residents in the NM Area
Outstanding contribution made by a young person or group of young people aged 11 to 18
Outstanding business contribution to the well-being of the community
Celebrating Partnership Working in the NM Area
Bringing Cultural Diversity to the NM Area


Planning applications - deadline 7-Mar-08

4 Cecil Road
Crown clean one False Acacia. Crown lift one Red Oak. Crown lift one Sweet Chestnut and prune back from building.
Mr M DeKment
deadline for comment: none published by Council

full details on the Council website

627/629 Christchurch Road (the one/two units immediately to the left of WHSmith)
Erection of a 1/3 storey block comprising ground floor shop and 8 flats on upper levels with bin and cycle stores
Kemble Estates Ltd
deadline for comment: 07/03/2008

full details on the Council website

40 Knole Road
Erection of a three storey block of 9 flats with bin and cycle stores and formation of vehicular access and parking spaces.
Dave Wells
deadline for comment: 10/03/2008

full details on the Council website

New Medical Centre for Boscombe?

Consultation has started to look into the possibility of a new medical centre in Palmerston Rd. Boscombe West has some of the poorest health in the South - residents statistically living ten years fewer than other parts of Bournemouth. Bournemouth and Poole PCT have recognised the need for targeted services in our area and are looking into using the old hospital stores next to the watertower to provide new resources. I will be representing the views of residents to the PCT over the next few weeks and I am keen to hear your opinion. What services would you like to see provided? Are there any services which are not traditionally medical which would help to improve health in the area?

Drinking in Boscombe?

Another inportant decision for Boscombe - do we need a 'cumilative impact zone'?

With the many changes in licencing over the past few years there has been a lot of concern about the impact of numerous licensed premisis in some parts of Bournemouth and resulting antisocial behaviour. When businesses apply for a license to sell alcohol, (Bars, off licenses, Rstaurants, Hotels etc) the licensing act requres that the license is granted unless there is an objection. 
Sometimes when an area is seriously affected by antiscocial behaviour it is possible to make that area a cumilative impact zone. This means that there is the a presumption that the license will not be granted, and the onus is then on the business to justify that they will not contribute to the problems in the area.  Bournemouth centre has a zone currently and there is a consultation document available at the moment which puts forward Boscombe as an area which could have a cumalitive impact zone. 
I hope that residents will feedback to the council on this see the document here
Here are some thoughts to go along with!
  • Drink related antisocial beaviour is high in the Boscombe area
  • Good quality & well run bars could create a vibrant night-time economy, increasing the number of people around in the evening, making the area feel safer and more family/tourist friendly.
  • Drink related anti-social behavior may be different to the town centre as it is more related to street drinkers than those leaving clubs.

Planning application - deadline 7-Mar-08

56 Palmerston Road
Alterations and conversion of ground floor shop to flat
European Equities plc
deadline for comment: 07/03/2008

Full details on the Council website

What do you think of Boscombe Precinct?

The pedestrian area in the centre of Boscombe was created  when the Sovereign Cntre was built around 17 years ago. Over the last few years the area has not been maintained so well, some of the paving has bee replaced with tarmac and the gullys have a tendancy to fall in from time to time (this happened to me once as I wheeled my bike over one of them!).
The possibility of doing something about the precinct area has been raised, and I am very keen to hear what people think about this and give me feedback.
Here are some of my thoughts so far....
  • The last 18 months has seen at least three good quality cafe's opening in the area which have changed the feel of the area, including popular outside tables. 
  • Footfall in Boscombe is up, bucking local and national trends
  • Boscombe is one of the best flat shopping area's supported by a popular shopmobility scheme.
  • The design of the two ends of the precinct make it very difficult to access shops beyond that area.  Obstructions include pedestrian guard rails and multiple sets of traffic lights - could better design resolve this issue an encourage shoppers into the area's outside the precinct?
  • Visitors to the Opera house have reportedly been put off by the walk to awkward rd carpark, could this be resolved by negotiations with Aldi to use their carpark in the evenings?
I look forward to hearing some views on this!