Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Morning I was pretty tired, I needed to get to fiddle orchestra but was frustrated by the wheel of my bike which seems to have completely ceased up, I made it there late, but the children  got to play a couple of tunes and later on so did I. We are doing some really cool Tango pieces and Jack Is playing the electric violin over the top, so we are looking forward to a good concert in February - I might post a video! After Orchestra I went to Martha's and we played some more violin, I left at about three and took the children to the park. In the evening I listened to my book whilst tidying, I really like to listen to audiobooks as it stops me finding housework boring, also I get very little time for real reading as I have a lot of paperwork to read if I have time to read anything! The good thing about audiobooks is that you cannot be tempted to skim ahead, so you have to listen to every description, the bad thing is that they are more expensive and you cant flick back! A tired day...
Sunday  a day spent with the children, cooking cleaning and varnishing... we have put down a wood floor in the room that my grandmother used when she stayed with us for a few months last year. It is nearly ready for use! not sure what the room will be for yet, I would like to get a projector so we can watch films, I have my 15 chairs from flogit & legit so it would be great! 

Caption Competition

This morning I was chairing our Neighbourhood Management Partnership Board, so I needed to get up bright and early and get the children to school early, unfortunately we didn't wake up until way after we should have, and so everything ran late. Having got them to school I made my way to Springbourne library where we have the meetings. Everyone was already there so we got straight on with the meeting. We are drawing towards the end of the scheme, so have had many discussions over the past couple of years about how we will wind up and which aspects may continue and this discussion was still a hot topic today. We had a guest from the Drug and alcohol team who explained some of the background of the strategies and issues.  After the Nm meeting it was about 1.00, and I took the opportunity of a lift into Bournemouth to look at the Pavilion plans, they are pretty exciting, I like the idea of losing the car park, and making that area people focussed. I also liked the spiral architecture, though the proof is in the tasting on that - sometimes things can look a little different once they are real! After this I had an hour or so before school so met Julie for a look round the shops. After school pick up, my friend Martha came round for her wine... She gets it delivered here from the wine merchant and its very exciting seeing what she gets each time! She went home to her dinner guests and I finished off dinner then had a quick ineffective tidy round, helping Steve with the hanging of a door in between... I am blogging earlier tonight as I have invited a couple of friends round and do not intend to account for any time from here on in!

St Clements Hall approach - Update

I have been advised that the tarmacing should be carried out in April/May
55 Westby Road
Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 12 flats with cycle store and formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces
Capital Property
deadline for comment: 15/02/2008

Full details on the Council website

90 Palmerston Road
Alterations and change of use from shop (A1) to residential living (C3) accommodation.
Anthony Peter Stilwell
deadline for comment: 17/02/2008

Full details on the Council website

A good day today, after sending the children off we went early to Boscombe to do shopping, we had an Idea to make a comic strip of our local shopping experience so took the camera along to record... First stop we bumped into the PCSO's who said hello to my son who likes wearing his police outfit at the moment, Then we went off to get the Echo from Mike, today there were 6 canabis factory raids and we were curious to see where they were! Then our fave blog fodder Dean who totally insulted me, asking if I'd had a heavy night last night - even Wayne was more polite today (thats saying something!) weighed down with fruit it was off to the flower stall for a cool orchid for £2.50, and the fish girl for some kippers. We just had a few seconds for a banter in the butchers before preschool drop off, we hardly stopped our hysterical laughing all morning.  Next with no children.. a change of scene, we went along to Kings Park School where we had been invited to try thier hot school meals! This scheme, thought of long before Jamie Oliver started has been going for a few years and is really popular, we had roast dinner then a slice of melon, With only half an hour to go before school pick up we rushed in to Boogaloo for skinny chai steamers and to meet my sister Helena who is 17 today ! she is pictured on the right, and my other sister who is down looking at a new flat, (and her babies)
After rushing off for school pickups, I had a quick tidy round before going to a meeting at the Chine hotel. I think this hotel is amazing ! If you look at old Boscombe seafront photo's it is the only building on the clifftop in the late 1800's Its pretty old fashioned in a cool and elegant way. After getting home we had dinner and then I have whiled away a bit of time helping with the Tax return, and now a bit of emails and web surfing, including making the comic strip above.  

Day 3...

Good nights sleep last night, I did end up getting back up and tidying the kitchen and chatting to Ben on the phone, He said my spelling is poor, But think it is better to write something quickly than to worry too much about about the detail and end up not doing anything at all, but I am happy to receive feedback on this point! So, a good start, Julie did the shop his morning, but came round for a coffee first at mine, she is doing a detox, so bought the ingredients and did her juice at mine, she was starving and couldn't concentrate on anything! I stayed at home and caught up on some phone calls until 11.30, when I went to NM for a meeting, though when I got there it turned out I got the wrong date, but ended up running through a few things with Christine anyway. With no meeting we could get to preschool on time to drop off and I had a spare half hour, so I went down to the clubhouse at station approach to take some information in, but also to find out a bit about what they do. At 1.30 I went next door to Kings Park School where I met with the Head to find out a bit more about the school, and it looks like we might be able to involve the families with some of our projects which will be great! After that, I popped down to Boogaloo to meet my sisters and Bro, who had just been to view the house they are buying, I had hoped to look at it too, but couldn't get there in time, we had about 20mins before I had to rush off for school pick up. After school I came home with Julie so we could tie up some loose ends on our articles and emails, then at about 4.30 my sister popped round with her husband and two children including new baby so we caught up all evening, I made soup dinner, and updated the website as we chatted. I had a phone call from a uni student who was interested in prostitution legislation so I chatted to her and sent her some info, this happens most days at the moment. Another councillor phoned to discuss a development in my ward too. So I just got in bed at 11.40, it feels like a fairly productive day work wise, though just treading water!(house is pretty messy) Todays random picture is one of me playing Julie's new cello!

Day 2...

Day 2 of diary writing....
An early ring on the doorbell exposed that I had rung NTL to come and get the box back - thank god, that stuffs addictive...
all four children to school on time, and I started well by having a bowl of porridge! Julie came round for the morning planning sesh, we spent quite a while worrying about the recession and decided to become economic experts! I finished off an advert for the new Dorset green Directory (more info soon) . I got to the shop for 10.00, as much as I always intend to multitask whilst there it usually gets busy, we had a delivery the other day so there was still lots to weigh out and put on the shelves. Quite a few regular customers came in, and its nice to have a chat, and I may have encouraged one to help out in the shop! I just got out of the shop at 12 with enough time to collect from preschool, then it was back to mine, After a bit of lunch we got to work with some articles we have been writing, I made a comic strip for the newsletter, and an ad. Julie updated me on her research about interest rates and share prices, and we listened avidly to the news! We finished optimising and cropping photo's and it was soon time to collect the rest of the children. Once they were all home I listened to my audiobook for about an hour or so and tidied up and made dinner which we eat at five, followed by an hour or so on the internet can't remember all I was doing at this time so may well have been distracted by ...facebook/itunes...? I took the children to bed at 7.30 needing to have the light off found it hard not to get sleepy... listened to file on four, interesting, then now at 9.30 got the laptop back out,thinking what shall i get done before tomorrow, or should I just have a very early night (prob good idea) or should I get up and tidy the house for an hour (risking hat I might not get to sleep ill really late then?)

I havent got an appropriate photo to illustrate this post , But I did snap this funny sign at the pct offices the other day...

time management

I have been thinking a bit about how I spend my time recently so have thought that I could (try )to keep a diary for a week or so to see..
So here we go...
I woke up too late today, Joe couldn't find his shoes and Monty was really slow getting ready so they were both late for school, School is only over the road but by the time I had got home again it was about 9.20, Julie came round for coffee, and we planned the day a bit and I got myself and Isaac ready, A friend called round with something for me to read, (good news!) at 10.30 I had a meeting with a Geography Student at Boogaloo this lasted untill about 11.30, when I made my way down to the Neighbiurhood management office for an editorial meeting at 12 (I thought Isaac would be bored so I stopped at the charity shop to get him a car to play with) after the editorial meeting I had a meeting with the neighbourhood manager about next weeks board meeting. By this time I was starving so we dropped in to the wholefood co-o for some lunch things to take home.... After lunch it was about 2.00 and Julie suggested that we could be bad mothers and watch Trisha all afternoon, We tried but its now called Jeremy Kyle... a decadent afternoon of ghoulish voyeurism ! So... 3.00 time to get the children, by 3.30 they were all home, we sat and did some stuff for a while and I drifted in an out of sleep for an hour or so then I made dinner, spit green pea, butternut and bacon soup..yum at 6.00 I had a student come to do a video interview about the seafront development. after that at about 7ish we eat dinner, then the children started getting ready to go to bed, I cuddled Isaac till he fell asleep. At about 8.00 I sat with the laptop, answered my emails and updated the calendar, did some website stuff for Boscalicious, optimised an image for the NM News, I feel like I have had quite a lazy day really, mainly because of the Jeremy Kyle the late start and the falling asleep, I am going to have an early night tonight so as not to start the day in the same way tomorrow, though look.. its 10.45 already...

Planning application - deadline 15-feb-08

27 Sea Road
Alterations, extension and conversion of part ground floor shop into a self-contained flat
Mr & Mrs T O'Hare
deadline for comment: 15/02/2008

full details on the Council website

Boscalicious Boscombe!

There is always something going on in Boscombe, so often great events and important meetings are missed because people didn't know about them.......
The solution has arrived !
home of everything Boscombe!
Have a look and give us feedback and let us know about your events or activities!
There is always something going on in Boscombe, so often great events and important meetings are missed because people didn't know about them.......
The solution has arrived !
home of everything Boscombe!
Have a look and give us feedback and let us know about your events or activities!

Planning applications - deadline 2-feb-08

12 Drummond Road
Alterations, extensions and conversion of dwelling into 3 flats with bin and cycle facilities
deadline for comment: 02/02/2008

full details on the Council website

434-436 Christchurch Road
(opposite the junction with Boscombe Spa Road)
Erection of a 5 storey block of 20 flats with underground parking and formation of new vehicular access. Approval of reserved matters of Application No. 7/2000/5338/B (Minor amendments to extend the front & rear of the building by 1.2 m)
Bluebay Properties
deadline for comment: 08/02/2008

full details on the Council website

The Portman Hotel 97 Ashley Road Alterations to elevation, erection of fire escape
Marstons PLC
deadline for comment: 03/02/2008

full details on the Council website

Planning applications - deadline 1-feb-08


18 Wharncliffe Road & 2 Owls Road
Alterations and infill extensions to care home. Amendments to approved application 7-2007-15617-G
Mr D Leedham
deadline for comment: 01/02/2008

full details on the Council website


13 Drummond Road
Erection of a three storey block of 10 flats with associated bin & cycle storage and formation of parking spaces (Amendment to application no.7-2007-8667-G from 10 flats to 12 flats)
Mr C Taylor
deadline for comment: 01/02/2008

full details on the Council website

Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 13 flats (Block A), a 4/5 storey block of 26 flats (Block B) and 5 storey block of 29 flats (Block C) (68 dwellings in total) with bin and cycle stores and formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces
Comments should be in by 18th January

full details on the Council website

St Clements Hall approach

The approach to St Clements church hall is an unmade road which has deteriorated over the years to the point that it has been difficult to avoid the deep puddles when taking children to the Pre school. I have tried a few times to find out who is responsible for maintaining this area but no-one would take responsibility, but today, having obtained the relevant documents from the diocese....good news..... I have found that the responsibility lies with Housing landlord services, who will now be putting down a proper surface soon! this will make such a difference to those using the road, especially the small children. Watch this space for news of when the work will be carried out!
"Coinciding with the news that the licence for Europe’s First Artificial Surf Reef has finally been granted, Bournemouth Borough Council has announced today that HemingwayDesign is to create super beach huts on Boscombe seafront to accompany the reef."
Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, of HemingwayDesign, have been commissioned to apply their talents to the neglected 1958 Overstrand building on Boscombe seafront. They will turn it into ‘super surf pods’ to accompany Europe’s first artificial surf reef which is being built in 2008, with all the mod-cons expected by the 21st century surfer and holiday maker.

Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway MBE are the designers who created the iconic Red or Dead fashion brand. In the last few years they have been challenging the house-building industry and are creating award-winning large-scale developments up and down the country. Other projects include the new concept for The Institute of Directors, wall-coverings, digital radios and interiors.

Wayne Hemingway of HemingwayDesign says: “We love Bournemouth and the Boscombe Overstrand project is one of the most exciting we’ve ever done. It’s the restoration of a cool, historic building. With the great work being done on the pier and Europe’s first artificial surf reef, Boscombe is about to become big news. The Overstrand project excites us both as designers, and as people interested in seaside regeneration. It’s about celebrating mid-century modern architecture and allowing the local community to fall in love with the Overstrand all over again. We are designing wonderful, unique beach chalets for both surfers and beach lovers alike. We want to re-establish a sense of community on Boscombe seafront, by creating something modern and unique, yet still retain the purity of this historic building.”

The surf reef and super beach huts will be accompanied by a surf-themed retail outlet, a surfing academy and a glass-fronted restaurant offering fantastic panoramic views of Bournemouth and the Solent. There will also be a catering outlet selling good-quality food-to-go, changing rooms, toilets and hot showers, all contributing to the major transformation of Boscombe seafront. As expected, many companies see the area as a sound investment and are already vying for a space in this prime seafront location. Prices and the sale date of the beach huts are yet to be confirmed.
we will be running a free Christmas tree collection service this year. Residents can place their real Christmas tree beside their refuse bin on their collection day between the 7th-18th January. This gives residents two chances to get their tree out and collected for composting.