kings park Ice Rink Consultation

A few years ago I visited this beautiful building in sussex - an eco building, it is made from timber and each piece seems to be made a slightly different shape to make an amasing looking roof structure. As a result they won loads of awards! I am hoping for an innovative statement building like this for the kings park ice rink.

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Countryside magazine. Matt Baker goes to Bournemouth to investigate Europe's first artificial surfing reef.
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Factual, Science,Nature & Environment
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Dorset Police have revealed that they had money invested in Icelandic banks. the deposits amount to £7m loaned to Landsbanki and Heritable the accounts have been frozen and the Police authority will be looking to the government to protect the investment. The money lent to the Icelandic banks was managed by Dorset county council, and was earmarked to be spent on capital projects. Day to day services should not be affected, but strategic operations will be hit if the money is not recovered.


On the day the consultation for the Kings Park Ice Rink closes we find we will have an opportunity to skate sooner than we thought!

Planning permission for Winter’s most exciting & glamorous activities was confirmed for Boscombe this week; to provide an open air ice rink in Boscombe precinct from Saturday 22nd November 2008 until Sunday 22nd February 2009.

The Opera House and partners have been working closely with Council officers over the last two months to bring this unique ice rink to the Boscombe residents and visitors this Winter.

Opera House boss, Ester Gill, who said
“The Opera House want to do our bit to bring some festive cheer to Boscombe Precinct and would love to see an ice rink outide every year.”

Chris Jenkins of TLM, who this week won the British Chamber of Commerce Most Promising New Business award said.
“Our Council Officers have been brilliant. To turn around a project like this in such a short space of time is a great demonstration of what can be achieved when everyone works together. There are a few things to finalise with the Ice contractor, all being well we will have an ice rink this Winter”

Planning permission was requested for Boscombe's own real ice rink, to run from Saturday 22nd November. Customers can listen to music as they glide around the ice, have lunch in one of Boscombe’s many cafes and restaurants and shop, shop, shop; encouraging visitors to bring family and friends and be part of Boscombe’s unique experience.

This is simply Boscombe’s coolest attraction this Winter and the management would like to say a special thank you to Boscombe’s Neighbourhood management team who have made this project possible.

Ticket will available on or from the venue box office.

According to the statistics publishes by the The National Treatment Agency (NTA) in their annual report7.324... That is just 3.6%.

So what is happening here? It seems confusing that I always hear that local treatment centres are much more successful.

It depends of your idea of success! most treatment centres call success the completion of a stay in a centre - many have no follow up of clients as they are too difficult to track once they leave. Some stay in treatment, but are just permanently moved onto a substitute like methadone which has many of its own problems.

This type of treatment is about harm reduction rather than abstinence and not what the public is expecting when agencies talk about treatment. Don't we want people to be free from drugs and able to lead happy and productive lives? and for treatment centres to be clear about their purpose and accountable to their customers and their local community?

rights of children

The UN will today report on how the UK are implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child

I wonder what issues they will pick out?

Treatment of Child Asylum seekers and children of Asylum seeekers. Though it is not meant to happen I reguarly hear of breastfeeding mothers and babies separated while the Mother is detained. Lord Avebury has intervened on several occasions.

Children needing treatment for mental health problems. These should be "appropriate to the child's condition and to the circumstances of the parents or others caring for the child." and " conducive to the child's achieving the fullest possible social integration and individual development, including his or her cultural and spiritual development" Instead we have heard this week of children receiving treatment in adult wards.

Privacy... I received information yesterday from school stating how pupils information is shared. Through the new database there is a rather long list of agencies who can share data on children. There does not appear to be a check box to opt out of this either. The convention says " No child shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his or her privacy, " Yet we are hearing plans to store this data until a child is 25.

Protection from economic exploitation - Thought the convention refers to employment of children, we do subject children in the UK to enormous amounts of advertising particularly through TV adverts, but also including sponsership through the health and education systems.

...Ironic that this morning 1 out of 5 teachers would like to bring back the cane!

Repairs to the Precinct

the repair work at the top of Sea Road is part of a trial that the council have organized to redress the surface of the pedestrian precinct. This work will be completed by Tuesday evening 30th September.

The hope is that the concrete surface will be impressed to look like separate paving slabs, and these will be more hard wearing. If the trial is successful, then it is hoped that the whole precinct eventually will be done section by section.
We had a brilliant evening at the Opera house on Monday with Theo Paphitis as part of the Bournemouth Literary Festival. 
Bournemouth residents are being invited to share their views on whether the borough needs a permanent ice skating facility.

For some time now there have been public calls for a permanent ice rink in the town and over the last two years Bournemouth Borough Council has been investigating the possibility of providing a new purpose built facility. After looking carefully across the borough, Kings Park has now been identified as a potential site for the complex.

I think this could be fabulous for our area and will be supporting it - there is more information here
I would be glad to see investment in the area for facilities away from the seafront. With this facility we would be a a real resort and it fits well with the surf and skating theme we are becoming known for.

A couple of area's where I will push for careful planning in are 
  1. parking, residents are seriously affected by parking problems when there is football on. there would need to be a very good travel plan - that works!
  2. The look, we don't want Kings park to look like an industrial estate! so careful thought needs to be put into the building.
I would like to hear your views, please let me know!