Merry Christmas

We have been working on this for quite some time... The place to get Boscombe information! A couple of months ago, Urban Evolution were successful in getting funding for a website covering all health related activities in the Boscombe area from the Healthy living project, well we have got it on-line now at, take a look, if you have anything to be included, drop us a line!

Probably the best thing in boscvegas for a long time... centre of our world... Boogaloo... were in he paper this week as they have to change their name! the people of boscome are all going around in a daze.. trying to think of the name which will win them the prize of a night out with dinner a Boogaloo then a VIP ticket for a gig at the Opera House!! if you win .. Take me! Please! here are some photos of lovely lunch from their new winter menu - yum yum!

This is a picture of my Grandmothers family in Maestre in Italy Veice , where my Grandmother (who lived with us untill last week) grew up, I thnk the baby is Grandma, which makes the pic 80 y ears old, not sure about what they are all wearing.. my great grandfather appears to be wearing all of his clothes, he has a big beard, i think someone used his picture on a wine label.. the boy on the left was taken at age 14 in the middle of the night and made to fight the Russians in Russia, though he got away somehow! scary times!

We are some considerable way through our project to plant 500 Fruit trees in Boscombe, to see the map of where they are going have a look at the website (on the side bar) if you want one email me! quick!

This is my best friends violin group, we have all met through going to the Coda Fiddle orchestra at St Mary's and get together sometimes to drink some wine and play some violin....

I went to see the extreme arts project at Kings Park School last week, I got stuck straight in first making a Christmas wreath for the front door; mine is rudolph shaped..
Then I made this Christmas decoration which I made into a badge... The extreme arts project is for children in the Boscombe area aged 7 and over. Contact Kings Park school for details.
Nestlé Children's Book Prize winner refuses Nestlé money - Sean Taylor rejects cheque

Press release 12 December 2007

See on-line version for links to supporting documents and images of Nestlé baby food marketing malpractice at:

Children's author, Sean Taylor, was announced today as the Gold Medal Winner of the Nestlé Children's Book Prize, under-5 category, for his book When a Monster is Born illustrated by Nick Sharratt (Orchard Books). In an open letter Mr. Taylor indicated that he would not accept the prize money for the award which is sponsored by Nestlé. He commented:

"Being on the short list for the 2007 Nestlé Children’s book Prize is a significant honour for me, especially since so many children around the country have been involved in choosing the winning books. And I am delighted to accept the award offered to me.

"However, because of questions surrounding Nestlé’s marketing of breast-milk substitutes, I do not feel able to accept the prize money.

"This has not been a decision I have taken lightly. It has involved conversations with Baby Milk Action (a campaign group against Nestlé), Nestlé themselves, and an authoritative third party with experience in the field (who wishes to remain nameless)."

Baby Milk Action is concerned by Nestlé’s record of aggressive marketing of baby foods, which contributes to the unnecessary death and suffering of infants around the world. Companies should be abiding by international marketing standards adopted by the World Health Assembly, but Nestlé, the market leader, continues to produce systematic and widespread violations of the marekting requirements. These are defended at the most senior levels of the company.

According to Nestlé Global Public Affairs Manager, Dr. Gayle Crozier Willi, Nestlé is 'widely boycotted'.

Surf’s up!

Europe’s first artificial surf reef at Boscombe has been given the green light.
The Marine and Fisheries Agency has granted Bournemouth Borough Council a special environment licence to begin construction of the project.
Work will begin in spring 2008 and is expected to be completed in time for the October 2008 swell.
Roger Brown, Head of Leisure Services at the Council, said: “This is the fantastic news that everyone has been waiting for. The reef will put Boscombe firmly on the surfing map.”
Specialist construction material for the reef includes ecologically sound geo-textile bags from Australia and the webbing base from New Zealand.

planning applications this week

03/12/2007 7-2007-1419-M 517 Christchurch Road Alterations & additions to form 2 flats Mr M Hinton BW SC 28/12/2007
30/11/2007 7-2007-14687-E 61 St Clements Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 8 flats Mr C Dane BW SC 25/12/2007
with bin and cycle stores
05/12/2007 7-2007-14162-B 4 Florence Road Demolish existing building and erect 3 Dave Wells Properties BW RC 04/01/2008
storey block of 12 flats with associated
parking, bin and cycle stores.
Dear All,

If Sustrans win the vote described below they'll get funds for a huge range of cycle paths connecting towns accross the UK. So please vote and forward this on to anyone else you can think of. Every vote counts.

Many thanks if you have already voted online for Sustrans' Connect2 at and for spreading the word to your own contacts.

Everyone can vote online, from a landline and mobile.* Voting is restricted to one vote per phone number, so switchboard numbers will only count once. Even if hundreds of people vote from extensions through one switchboard, it will only count as one vote. If you can, please vote from home and by mobile.

Call 0870 24 24 602 now to vote for Sustrans' Connect2

Please be reassured that this is not a premium rate phone line, and calls from a BT landline will cost no more than 10p. Calls from mobiles and other operators may be higher.

All voting closes at 12 noon on Monday 10th December, so if you haven't already voted online please do before Monday. The winner of the £50 million will be announced on 12th December.

Thank you so much for your support of Connect2 - we really do need every vote because we are up against strong competition and advertising by some competitors. Please do pass on the phone and online voting details to everyone you know.

Thank you again

PS The round-up programme showing all the competitors is tonight on ITV1 at 11.05 (ITV regions may vary).

*Typetalk users should dial 18001 before the number they want to vote for. Maximum call charge 10p from a BT landline, calls from mobiles and other operators may be higher. No profits are made by ITV or Big Lottery Fund from your calls.

Or vote online, details at . There is no charge for online entry but service provider charges may apply.

Lines open at 9am Friday 7th December 2007 and close at midday Monday 10th December 2007. Phone entries made before lines open or after the closing time will not be counted but may still be charged. For terms and conditions visit


Here is a photo of Kira's work!

Online voting for Connect2 an exciting UK-wide project that aims to improve local travel in 79 communities has now begun.

Vote for Connect2 now to win £50 million for walking and cycling - go to
We need you to vote for Connect2, one of 4 projects competing in the Big Lottery Fund's: The People's £50 Million Contest. Only one project will win the £50 million - help make it Connect2.
Pictured: Lorraine Kelly is supporting Connect2.
There are three opportunities to vote - online now, by landline and mobile from 7 December. If you would like us to send you the phone number, please text Connect2 to 80010 or complete the 'Remind me to vote by phone' form on the Connect2 website.

Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)


Subject: Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA)

Date: 27th November 2007

This briefing note sets out the progress to date on the re-development of the BCCA site following the Cabinet decision on the 10th October

Centre for Independent Living (CIL)

Officers from Property Services, Adult & Community Support, and Community Care Services have met with Disability Wessex and Age Concern to explore their proposal for a Centre for Independent Living. It is unlikely that a CIL will be included in the re-development of the BCCA site for the following reasons:-

Their vision of a CIL does not match the Officers vision of what this facility should provide. It appeared that the premises would be the Head Quarters for Disability Wessex and Age Concern Bournemouth since there was a high-level of office accommodation and only 30% of the total space was for use by clients. Of this, some 70m2 was to be a café, which appeared to perform a joint function as meeting place and revenue earner. Officers have expressed concern about the café’s financial viability.

Lack of synergy between the proposed Council services to be run from this site, which would be for clients with mental illness, physical disabilities and learning difficulties, and those provided by Age Concern, whose clients are older people.

The proposed CIL requires circa 590m2 of floor space. It will be difficult to accommodate development of this size on the site without significantly affecting the number of affordable flats or the day centre provision.

At the meeting the opportunity for sharing facilities was discussed, e.g. CIL use outside office hours, but this was dismissed since the CIL would operate at the same times as the Day Centre.

Their financial appraisal allocates only £124,000 for start up capital costs which is to be funded by grants, loans and appeals. There are concerns that they would not be able to fund a new build centre estimated to be in the order of £1million.

Officers recognise that changes in the delivery of day care services means that a “traditional” day centre will not fully meet the needs and expectation of its clients in the future. It is envisaged that in the future the Council will be working closer with organisations such as Disability Wessex to create services that are user-led in order to promote greater choice and independence for disabled people. It is therefore important that when replacing The Boscombe Centre and Darracott Day Centre to the BCCA site that a flexible multi use building is developed, which is capable of evolving as service requirements dictate. Officers will be working on a brief for a new “Boscombe Centre for Community Living”.

Demolition of the BCCA buildings

The demolition and site clearance is estimated at approximately £170,000. It is with Members to decide whether this will be funded in the Capital Programme for 2008-2011.

Next Stages

Further consultation with the tenants of 70 Gladstone Road – November/December 2007.

Progress capital bid and risk management support application for possible demolition and site clearance works.

Housing Associations to submit their proposal for the site – February 2008.

Consultation with ward members on the proposals – February 2008 

Selection of preferred Housing Association partner – March 2008.


Something amazing is happening on Saturday 8th December.
30 fiddlers, mainly children from the Boscombe area, are performing Xmas related music on the stage of St Mary's Community Centre, St Mary's Rd, Springbourne.
The Orchestra is directed by Jack Maguire, who teaches most of them. The repertoire includes Scottish marches and jigs, marking the approach of Hogmanay.
Nigel Kennedy is Coda Fiddle Orchestra's Honorary Patron.
Entry to the concert is free (retiring collection)
The most remarkable achievement is that half of these children have only been learning the violin for 3 months!
Please come, and forward this e mail to others who might be interested. CFO is keen to raise it's profile, particularly as we are performing in Bournemouth Gardens again next Summer.

The Xmas concert is supported by Bournemouth Arts, Bournemouth Rotary, Neighborhood Management and the Coop.

Where are the Police when you need them......?

.........right there just where you need them!
So, I came home yesterday in Julie's car, we parked outside the driveway and noticed a couple of blokes looking at something in the drive.... Julie went and said "can I help you" ad the blokes said "oh we were just seeing if these people wanted to sell these bricks.....??!!  .. but they don't.... bye.....  And off they walked. Then my neighbour poked his head out the window and said "hey Lisa they were just trying to break into your house!" so I followed them around the corner - hoping to take a picture, only to discover they were hastily changing their jumpers. they saw me and started to run... I took chase, helped by two guys on bikes, and just as I was thinking all was lost a Police car came around the corner, with our local friendly PCSO's on board.... well... I waved them down and they jumped out and chased those blokes so fast! they jumped over walls and all sorts as the blokes split up, and within a few minutes both had been caught!  

So thankyou to the PCSO's the Police my fantastic neighbours, the boys on bikes and Julie!

TypeD @ SourceD.

I am looking forward to this!....

Local artist Keira Rathbone shows a selection of her ‘typed portraits’ in a unique event TypeD @ SourceD.

Keira creates pictures using an old manual typewriter as a drawing tool… with unusual and interesting effects that have to be seen to be believed!

The solo exhibition at the newly opened SourceD Clothing, 3 Royal Arcade, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth opens on the 5th December 2007 with a private view evening from 6-9pm.

Typed @ SouceD runs until the 30th of January 2008. Open Monday – Friday 9.30-5; 
Saturday 9-5.30 & 
Sunday 11-4. Admission is free.

Contact Keira on 07789680228, or email HYPERLINK "" for further details.
I went to a fab gig on Saturday night...
It was organised an funded by local young people through the Youth opportunities board - here is one of the boarde members ewho told me about how their board works, young people are able to apply to the YOB for funds to carry out projects in Bournemouth. All the decisions are made by a board of young people too!

I bumped into some other councillors too. here are Cllrs Dave Smith and Michael Weinhonig....

I was also very impressed by the security measures... I was very ID'd!!

Not sure why all my photo's are coming out sideways, but this is the rep from the Youth opportunities fund. see for more info

We nearly won

Last week our Neighbourhood management team was nominated for Team of the year, we all went up to london for the awards ceremony, where Hazel Blears (minister ) presented the awards, we were "highly commended" and hear I am with the winner - who was great! I will get a pic of us with Hazel soon...

I went along to the Urban Beach Hotel on Thursday Night for their celebration of their new refit! They have a new cocktail menu - I tried a few.... they were great!! Here is a Pic of me with Mark the owner.

The man on the stall next to us has this cool tatoo, he says that she used to be naked and he had a bikini drawn on her after complaints that it was too rude! He has had her for 40 years now and she hasn't aged a bit!

We are selling our handbags this weekend at the BIC craft fair, it runs from Friday - Sunday.... here are some of the ones made from crisp packets!

I was amazed when I was at the BIC yesterday and my friend Lee said "did you see all of those ladies outside with their sleeping bags?"

Having had a little chat with them..( I was worried for a moment that the housing strategy had missed a big problem..)I found that they were waiting to but tickets to see daniel o'donnell.... Ive gotta find a picture...

Staff 2000

Tis is a cartoon I did for My Mums business - Staff 2000. She took the photo's in China!
We have several special activities planned for December, a trip to Avon Heath Country Park on Saturday 1st December (10.00am – 2.00pm). The cost is £1.00 per family. Also, a play “The Bad Tempered Snowman” on Tuesday 11th December, at the Centre from 1.30pm – 2.30pm, and a trip to the Pantomime (Sleeping Beauty) at the Pavillion on Thursday 13th December at 10.30am, the cost will be £3.00 per adult and £3.00 per child. Our Stay and Play sessions will be holding their Christmas parties at sessions on 19th, 20th 21st December.

Also, just to remind everyone that centre will also be closed during the holiday season. Our last day will be Friday 21st December, and we shall re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

Just getting ready for Christmas at !

Fun Sunday

I came home at 3.30 this morning after a great night at the Sound Circus to a call from my sister Sarah.....
Her husband Nick is on tour with Take That, where he has been playing in their support band Jamie Scott and town, he is in Copenhagen right now... anyway my Sister phoned at 4.30, saying that her waters had broken.... I said I would get the first train to London, I went back to sleep, and at 7.30 she phoned to say that she'd had a baby girl an hour before! So here I am unexpectedly in London till tomorrow when Nick gets back!
here is a pic of the new baby

and here is a vid of nick playing to some thousands in Rotterdam - he's the one with the cello... sounds not good on this clip, but it gives an idea!

Area Forum Boscombe

Monday 12th November
7.30pm - 9pm

St. Georges Methodist Hall,
Haviland Road,
05/11/2007 7-2007-5472-I 555 Christchurch Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Bruf Contract Holdings Ltd BW RC 12/10/2007
of premises to shop and 5 flats and
erection of a 3 storey block of 4 flats
and 1 live work unit with bin and cycle
01/11/2007 7-2007-7840-A 17 Hamilton Road Alterations, single storey and two storey Mr P Finlay BW AE 26/11/2007
extensions and conversion of Hotel into
6 flats with cycle and bin stores
05/11/2007 7-2007-2381-A 10b Wilfred Road Erection of a conservatory Mr & Mrs Fernandes BW CGT L 30/11/2007
07/11/2007 7-2007-7213 12 Drummond Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Mrs Jackie Williams BW AE 02/12/2007
of dwelling into 4no. one bedroom flats
and a 1no. two bedroom flat with bin
and cycle facilities
07/11/2007 7-2007-2055-J 5 Florence Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 10 Derek Frederick Saunders BW RC L 07/12/2007
flats with bin/cycle stores and
formation of parking spaces -

New Best Shop!

Our NBS has just opened in the fabulous Boscombe Royal Arcade!
Its Called Sourced Clothing,
Straight away I found something I knew Julie would LOVE...
Here's me with the guy.... The shop is stocking ethical and local clothing

Julie loves it!

Downstairs the Mens stuff... 

Boscombe library public art

Boscombe Library Public Art Project 2006-7

To commission a piece of high quality and innovative public art for the
new Boscombe Library, which has:
relevance to the local community
reflects ideas about the function of the library,
promote the library as an interactive cultural experience.

This was a partnership between:
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Libraries
Bourenmouth Borough Council Arts Development,

The project involved 3 artists working with local people, and took place in two phases:

1 Hoardings Design: developed by artist, Jeff Pigott, from ideas contributed through:
a creative consultation event in the Sovereign Centre,
workshops at Bethany and St Clement’s Schools.

2 Bicycle Store Design: lead artist, Peter Dunn and support artist, Melanie Bennett, invited the following groups to respond creatively to the themes of:
sense of identity, place and enjoyment of libraries
King’s Park School
Bethany School
Sharp Bournemouth and Poole (formerly Clouds – people in recovery)
Library users

Local artist, Melanie Bennett, was involved as a continuing professional development opportunity.

Funding was provided by:
Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Borough Council Arts and Libraries

The project was developed through Bournemouth Borough Council’s Arts Development programme, within the framework of the Joint Arts Plan and the Bournemouth Public Art Development Plan.

Photographs will shortly be available on the following web address, click on arts development/public art

* *

My Mum in China

I'm keeping in touch with what my Mum gets up to in China where she is visiting maufaturers, she adds to her blog through her mobile phone, I keep checking to see what she's doing - isn't that cool!? there's a link to her blog - (sallys blog) on the right -

When I got Wi-fi at home we left it unproected for a while, I noticed that people started sittng on the bench opposite our house with latops, some even with head phones and cams. It made me think... wherever there is free wireles people gather. A couple of years and many meeting on, we have unveiled the first free public space wireless in Doret right here in Boscombe! My hope is that we will be known for something positive, which is useful for tourists, students and local people. The wireless is enabled through two 'iplus' kiosks, these are touch screen units which have lots of local info - maps, travel info, council info, there is a diect link where you can e-mail me if you like! or send a video or postcard to friends - so next time you're in Bosombe send me something....

These picture are from the lanch, where we had a fab day with lots of food provided by Boogaloo, which was lovely!

Here is a picture from the Halloween party at Curchill gardens tonight! There was a free barbie from the Police Community Support Oficers, Noah the drummer entertaining the Children and activities provided by the boredom busters team, the fire brigade added to the occasion with a chip pan fire demo, great fun!

The Print Room

Me and m' Julie had a lovely lunch at the Print Room, the new Restaurant which used to be the room Echo was printed in. Our lunch was cool, with beautiful food, we had children with us and the place is dead echoey with every drop of a fork crashing out around the whole place! I think we would go again, but maybe when they start school!

Julie White, Lisa Northover and Nigel Kershaw CEO Big Issue

This was Meridian filming a piece for TV about those who don't have TV...

It wasn't me!

Multi-Cultural Day

The Iranian & Farsi Speaking Association present
The Second
Multi-Cultural Day
Sponsored by the Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Supporting Unity in Vision – Centre of Cultures
Saturday 27th October 2007
11.00am – 4.30pm
at The Pavilion, Westover Road, Bournemouth
To celebrate the cultural diversity in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole
Live performances include Dance and Music
from Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, China and Iran and many more
Tickets on the day:
Adults £2
Children 13yrs+ £1
Children 12 yrs
and under FREE For more information email:
Supported by Bournemouth Borough Council
Independent Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Forum for Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals next Meeting in Public on Wednesday 14th November, 11am at Friends Meeting House, 16 Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe BH5 1AH.

This meeting will feature a talk on Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services and in order to gather feedback the forum would greatly appreciate it if you could answer the following questions (your comments will be anonymised, compiled and passed on to the Trust, to help improve A&E services):

Please tell us what you think about Accident & Emergency Services at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

What works well?
What could be improved?

Da Da Da Daaaaa

I went along with Matilda to see the BSO's Beethoven performance, it was great and it included his 5th Variously called the 'Fate' theme or the knocking theme, it's absolutely enduringly mysterious, bright yet full of strange portent and the symphony, Beethoven's first one to have a minor key attached to it, remains a miracle of genius for what it said and does still say to the heart, the emotions and the mind.

Divine Chocolate

Farmer owned fairtrade company Divine Chocolate Ltd were named as the Overall Winner of the Enterprising Solutions Awards
here we are with Sophi Tranchell the CEO of Divine!

I just went into Deacons to meet a friend for his birthday and to buy him a drink, the bar maid asked if I had any ID... I laughed a little till I realised she was being serious. I said no, she said, well you don't look over 21!!!!! I was just confused as I started to realise that I couldn't even stay in the pub, or even buy a coke, I started to say, well I'm 31 actually, but she clearly didn't believe me and If I argued about it it would set a terrible example, so I just had to come home...

here is a picture of my young face!

Planning Applications this week

15/10/2007 7-2007-4902-O 11 Florence Road Erection of a 3 storey block of 11 flats Braeside Developments BW JU 28/09/2007
(8 residential and 3 holiday flats) with
bin and cycle stores and formation of
parking spaces
11/10/2007 7-2007-2830-H 543 Christchurch Road Alterations, rear extension and Richer Sounds BW EY 05/11/2007
conversion of property to form 7 flats in
addition to ground floor shop
12/10/2007 7-2007-12877-H 24 Florence Road Conversion of existing dwelling and Kingsbourne Estates BW RC 16/11/2007
three storey rear extension to form 12
self contained flats with 6 parking
spaces and bin & cycle stores
15/10/2007 7-2007-7633-C 18 & 20 Shelley Road Erection of 2 dwellinghouses and a 3 Chinecrest BW SG 16/11/2007
storey block of 10 flats with bin and
cycle stores
17/10/2007 7-2007-7376-Z Fircroft Hotel, 4 Owls Road Conservation Area Consent for Mr G Beck BW SG V
demolition of hotel and associated
17/10/2007 7-2007-7376-Y Fircroft Hotel, 4 Owls Road Demolition and erection of a mixed use Mr G Beck BW SG
development of 63 flats (includes
holiday, residential & affordable flats) -
17/10/2007 7-2007-23025-A 9-11 The Crescent Alterations, extensions and conversion Mr C Taylor BW SG V 16/11/2007
of premises into 12 flats with bin/cycle
store and formation of parking spaces -


This coming Tuesday at 7.30pm The magnificence of St Clements church will once more be candlelit.
Mozart died aged 36 in 1791 leaving some 600 sublime compositions.
Stromenti, Boscombe's resident professional ensemble, is privileged to appear with Stewart Collins. Stewart is well known to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra audiences for his dry wit and sense of the amusing, and he has written his own monologue in the first person. Dressed in a slightly ridiculous costume as Amadeus, he is intercepted by excerpts from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, string quartets, divertimenti, Turkish Rondo, Musical Joke and other snippets.
Our research uncovers that the composer suffered from Tourette Syndrome, manifested in obsessive use of vulgarities, including the words of one 6 part canon for voices, translated from Viennese slang to polite English....."embrace my rear". Worry not, however, none of Mozart's indecent expletives have been included in Stewart's script.

Concert commences 7.30pm. Free parking both sides of the church. Fair trade refreshments at the interval.
Reservations by telephone 01202 399114 or on line at
This is the information going to Wednesdays Cabinet meeting - let me know what you think!

That the development of a small urban park and affordable
housing on the site of TS Phoebe, Springbourne Day Centre and
allotments (the Springbourne site), shown hatched black on the
plan at Appendix 1, be supported in principle and progressed in
accordance with the draft action plan at Appendix 3.
1.2 That Officers be instructed to enter into negotiations with TS
Phoebe and the allotment holders to secure their relocation to
alternative sites.
1.3 That proposals for the relocation of TS Phoebe be the subject of a
further Cabinet report, to include any requests for financial
1.4 That the Cabinet Member with the Economy & Tourism portfolio
be given delegated authority to approve the relocation of the
1.5 That the Cabinet Member with the Resources portfolio be given
delegated authority to approve the terms for a sale of the land
identified for affordable housing to a housing association.

read the rest at:
Here is an update on the BCCA, This is the recommendation going to cabinet on Wednesday 10th:

1.1 To authorise officers to enter into negotiations with one of the Council’s
nominated housing association partners for a mixed use development on the
Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA) site and 70 Gladstone
Road, shown hatched black on the plan at Appendix 1. The mix of uses and
terms of the transaction to be approved by the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for
Resources after consultation with the Housing and Procurement Portfolio
1.2 To authorise officers to further explore the opportunity to include a Centre
for Independent Living as part of a mixed-use development on the site.
1.3 Officers to be authorised to progress an outline Business Case for the early
demolition of the BCCA buildings, excluding 70 Gladstone Road.
2.0 Reason:
2.1 To determine the future use of the BCCA site. This responds to the Council
Priorities: Improving Our Environment, Better Planning and Community Action
and the Investment Priority: Affordable Housing.

see the rest at
For the Mayors Charities

Bistro on the Beach, Southbourne.
Thursday 25th October 2007

Tickets £15

for tickets or more info -