Wi-fi launch

When I got Wi-fi at home we left it unproected for a while, I noticed that people started sittng on the bench opposite our house with latops, some even with head phones and cams. It made me think... wherever there is free wireles people gather. A couple of years and many meeting on, we have unveiled the first free public space wireless in Doret right here in Boscombe! My hope is that we will be known for something positive, which is useful for tourists, students and local people. The wireless is enabled through two 'iplus' kiosks, these are touch screen units which have lots of local info - maps, travel info, council info, there is a diect link where you can e-mail me if you like! or send a video or postcard to friends - so next time you're in Bosombe send me something....

These picture are from the lanch, where we had a fab day with lots of food provided by Boogaloo, which was lovely!


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