Here is an update on the BCCA, This is the recommendation going to cabinet on Wednesday 10th:

1.1 To authorise officers to enter into negotiations with one of the Council’s
nominated housing association partners for a mixed use development on the
Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA) site and 70 Gladstone
Road, shown hatched black on the plan at Appendix 1. The mix of uses and
terms of the transaction to be approved by the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for
Resources after consultation with the Housing and Procurement Portfolio
1.2 To authorise officers to further explore the opportunity to include a Centre
for Independent Living as part of a mixed-use development on the site.
1.3 Officers to be authorised to progress an outline Business Case for the early
demolition of the BCCA buildings, excluding 70 Gladstone Road.
2.0 Reason:
2.1 To determine the future use of the BCCA site. This responds to the Council
Priorities: Improving Our Environment, Better Planning and Community Action
and the Investment Priority: Affordable Housing.

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