Boscombe Beach Huts unsold - I wonder why...!?

Surf reef beach huts still unsold

BBC News - ‎Nov 27, 2009‎
New designer beach huts alongside Europe's first artificial surf reef in Dorset remain virtually unsold six months after going on the market. ...

With the economic downturn it is no surprise that its not easy to sell beach huts at 65-90K at the moment - BUT! Where is the marketing of the beach huts? I have just googled Boscombe beach huts and apart from the initial press release about them there is no information about how to actually buy one! I went onto the Goadsby site and tried to search for them ( properties between 0-100,000 in Bournemouth - Beachuts and they didn't come up! 

Other sites which came up on a search for Boscombe beach huts did not differentiate between these beach huts and normal huts so buyers could easily wonder what all the fuss is about!
Parents all over the country currently receive marketing materials which undermine breastfeeding when they register their babies birth. This information comes along with their babies birth certificate, in a folder which contains a range of leaflets - some official government ones, along with a leaflet encouraging parents to join Hipp Organics online group. through this group parents will receive free samples, coupons, expert advice etc. they also receive a leaflet for pregnacare's breastfeeding supplement for mothers. 

Some of the parents register their babies with a registrar who visits the hospital, this means that the hospitals rules about marketing materials an compliance with Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative are undermined.

These birth registration folders are provided by Lifecycle Marketing, who also produce Emma's diary.  

At the moment there is a break in the supply of the Lifecycle wallets, so now is the time to take action!

There is an alternative folder that registrars can use and this is distributed by civil ceremonies, this can be provided along with a wallets for death certificates.

So.. What Can you do?

Please check if your local Registrar uses a folder to present birth certificates which is produced by " lifecycle Marketing". If they do, Inform them that some of the leaflets contained in this folder undermine the WHO code (and Unicef baby friendly accreditation that the PCT/Hospital may be in the process of obtaining/ have obtained) and to point out that other alternatives are available. 

let me know the response by commenting below!

A deputation to Full Council on 27th October stated that some important elements of the Sea Change project were not being delivered in accordance with the original project completion date of 31 March 2010. These elements included creative lighting linking Sea Road and Boscombe Precinct, improved disabled toilets and enhanced wheelchair access to the seafront.

The deputation asked the Council to announce how and when these elements of the project would be completed.

It is to be noted that when the project was approved by Council?s Project Gateway process on 3rd March 2009 the original project completion date announced and agreed with the funding body for this project was 31st March 2010.  

The current timetable for completion of the project elements has been subject to some revision and agreement with the Project Board and funding body CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) since then and is as follows:
4 Disabled Accessible Beach Huts ? completion 31st March 2010

Boscombe Precinct architectural mood lighting scheme ? completion by 31st March 2010

Sea Road public art trail ? completion 23rd July 2010

Upgrade to public accessible toilet ? completed.

Boscombe Pier Approach interpretation feature ? completion 16th December 2009

New seating for Pier Approach Terrace ? completion January 2010

Seasonal beach wheelchair access trackway ? construction by 31st March 2010 (note installation 1st May 2010 in accordance with agreed operational procedures 1st May ? 30th Sept each year).

2.0 Recommendation: 
That content of this report and the reasons for delays within the project as set out below are noted.

Reason for recommendation: 

The Sea Change project is currently on course for delivery within budget and by overall completion date as stipulated by the CABE funding agreement.  This agreement has been amended by CABE to allow time extension for completion of the Sea Road art trail element by 23rd July 2010 to ensure it is delivered in accordance with best practice for public artwork commissions.

Whilst any delay is to be regretted, the revised timetable has been due in large part to the overwhelming and unforeseen success of the accessible beach hut design competition.  The staging of this international competition to secure a high quality new design resulted in 173 entries being received from leading architects and designers across the globe.  The management of this competition during the summer and subsequent selection process required considerably more project management time resource than expected which in turn has impacted on the time available to develop other aspects of the project.

At the outset it was projected that the Boscombe Precinct lighting element would be completed by the end of December 2009.  Delays have been encountered in securing permissions to install and identifying suitable technical solutions.  There is also the need to secure Listed Building Consent.  Increased project management resource has been approved by the Project Board to see this through to completion by 31st March 2010.

The Project Board have also increased project management resource 

This Week in Boscombe

After a bargain? Check out Cafe Boscanova's "Early Bird" Breakfast Deal. Until 9.30 everyday, buy two dishes from their amazing breakfast menu and get the cheapest one free, or get a free drink with your breakfast. See in the cafe for full details and conditions and go early to be sureto get a seat. Check out for directions and info.

Tree O?clock Day, Saturday 5 December is the BBC Breathing Places  a national celebration of trees. As part of Tree O?clock Day, Bournemouth is taking part in a Guinness World Record attempt to plant as many trees as possible in one hour all over the UK. 

Coastline Protection - or not? Put your views at the consultation by the Environment Agency on Thursday 3 December Bournemouth International Centre 10am to 6pm with presentations at 2-hourly intervals

Tonight at Reef EncounterThere?s laid-back soul, R&B and funky jazz on Friday evening with a return visit from Lisa McQuillan (vocals) and Bruce Griffin (keyboard). From 8pm. Admission free. Book a table of booth or just come and chill out at the bar. 01202 280656.

Lecture on Stem Cell Research - Speaker: Dr Stephen Goldie Sat 28th Nov,2.30pm  Fungi Cannot Hear - Speaker: Dr Stuart Skeates

Tue 1st Dec, 7.30pm  Natural Science Society 39 Christchurch Rd

Transition Bournemouth Get involved! Next meeting Monday 30th Nov at the Town Hall, 7.30pm (Royal Hants Room) see
Ice Rink for Boscombe planning application should be in early 2010. It has taken longer than expected to reach the planning application stage due to the time spent sourcing the most value for money quotes for the detailed planning assessments, but the team is working as quickly as possible to progress this project within budget, 

Surf Report thanks to 10am today: Another 2/3 foot day with shelter best at Bournemouth, fingers crossed for tomorrow morning about an hour ago - follow us on twitter:

Cycling Forum meeting will be Tuesday 1st December, 6.00pm at the Town Hall.

Renewal of Bridge over Railway The weekend before last was a critical time when the railway was completely closed and the old deck was to be removed followed by the installation of the beams to support the new deck.  Although the weather was atrocious (as you will have seen) and the use of the big crane had to be restricted on Saturday because of the high winds, all the planned work was completed and the railway reopened a few hours early. Widened footways, new 

Toucan? Pedestrian Crossing, and Road Improvement Works These works are funded by the council to improve safety for children going to and from King?s Park School, and to provide better facilities for cyclists along with repairs to the pavement and road surfaces.  They are going well ? with close supervision from the transportation team ? and on programme at the present time; there are no anticipated big problems.

Gas Main Renewal The works at the north end of Ashley Road have been completed and the road resurfaced where there were excavations.  Work at St Johns Church is due to be completed iminently
Electricity cabling
This work on the southern part of Ashley Road, too, is progressing well.  The contractors are working well with the gas contractors to minimise delays to access traffic.  They have rescheduled part of their programmed works to help ensure that both sets of works are implemented as effectively as possible. 

Contractors are still confident that all the works will be finished by the due date for the road to be fully reopened on 19 December.  

Open Mic Night & Jam sessions at the Portman/ Green Room instruments available to use include: Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar, Drum Kit *BANDS ARE WELCOME TO TURN UP & PLAY *RECORD YOUR ACOUSTIC LIVE SET ON TO A CD FREE ENTRY  Every Thursday: 8PM till 11PM
Trance dance  Unique blend of healing sounds, percussive rhythms, Transformative breathing techniques. Evening ritual Sat Nov 28th Bring a cushion £10 £7 concess Bourne Spring Centre St Mary?s Rd contact the centre to book 07849322256
Love Actually Concert 7th Dec An Evening of Music and poetry celebrating love, 7.30 Reception/Drinks, 8pm Svetlana?s celebration of love 8.45 Interval, 9pm Jack Maguire & Stromenti £7 on the door £5 concessions/adv St Clements Church Boscombe. call 07768 096964
A grand Christmas Market at St Clements Church Hall Boscombe, Saturday 5th December 10.30 - 1.30 Soup, Mince pies, Stalls, Tombola, Raffle

Countryfile Sunday 7pm Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury are in Bournemouth, to try out the waves created by the Northern Hemisphere's only artificial surf reef.

Boscombe families launch map of local cycling and walking routes The map is free and will be available to all local families in an A4 full colour, folded leaflet from Boscombe Children?s Centre. For more information contact the Children?s Centre on 01202 395534.

200th Anniversary of Bournemouth check the website to see what?s planned and to see if you can apply for funding for your event!

Chaplins Saturday 28th Roots life sounds, Sunday Fairplay, Wednesdays Open Mic, Thursday Mr Lively,..Lots More!

Urban Reef Don't have a 'souless' Christmas Party in the back end of a hotel conference room with no atmosphere...come and spend it with us and we'll love you for Christmas and beyond. You can check our menus for both events by clicking here

2.4 Walking distances
Walking distances were researched in some detail in the late 1980s and, based on the findings from these studies, the following are recommended:
Impaired group
Recommended distance limit without a rest
Wheelchair users
Visually impaired
Mobility impaired using stick
Mobility impaired without walking aid
These figures are average measures; there is a lot of variation between individuals. Gradients, weather conditions, whether there are handrails etc, will also affect the distances people are able to walk. US regulations, for example, note that on distances over 100 feet (30m) disabled people are apt to rest frequently. These regulations suggest that to estimate travel times over longer distances allowance should be made for two minutes rest time every 30 metres.
Research based on a follow-up study to the London Area Travel Survey found that of all the people with a disability who were able to walk at all, approximately 30 per cent could manage no more than 50 metres without stopping or severe discomfort and a further 20 per cent could only manage between 50 and 200 metres.
2.5 Standing
Standing is difficult and painful for some disabled people, particularly those with arthritis, rheumatism and back problems. In the same study as that mentioned above, nine per cent of the survey respondents could only stand for less than a minute without discomfort, 24 per cent could manage between one and five minutes and a further 22 per cent could stand for up to ten minutes. The findings from this study emphasize the importance of providing plenty of appropriately placed and designed seating at places where people may have to wait and along pedestrian routes. 
3.4 Seating
As mentioned in Sections 2.4 and 2.5, mobility impaired people need seating at reasonably frequent intervals. In commonly used pedestrian areas, and transport interchanges and stations, seats should be provided at intervals of no more 50 metres. Wherever possible seats should also be provided at bus stops and shelters. Seating should be placed adjacent to, but not obstructing, the pedestrian route and should be picked out in contrasting colours to help people with visual impairment (the design of seating is described in Section 9.3).

The initial take up of the Sustainable Communities Act has been fantastic. 100 council areas have submitted a total of 300 proposals for government action to promote and protect local sustainability. However the process is in danger of being a one off! It must be ongoing so that councils can continue to use it if they wish. Also the Local Spending Reports, required under the Act, need to be published in full, so that councils can see how much money central agencies, QUANGOs and departments are spending in their area.

Therefore we are campaigning for the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill made law. This Bill will ensure that the Act’s process is ongoing and that the Local Spending Reports are published in full. This Bill was sponsored in the last session by Liberal Democrat MP, Julia Goldsworthy and is Liberal Democrat Policy. There is a now a real chance to see it made law.

Parliament held a ballot this morning to select which MPs will be given a chance to introduce a piece of legislation (i.e. a Bill) which has a chance of becoming law. Because of the upcoming election, only the top seven have a realistic chance of changing the law.  It is crucial that we persuade one of these lucky MPs to adopt the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill.


Your help will be crucial in successfully seeing one of these MPs to take up our Bill, so please do the following:

1. Please write to, or email, at least one of these MPs, but preferably all seven, and ask them to ‘Please adopt the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill’.  This will only take a few minutes and I have included a sample letter for you to personalise below.

2. Please ask others to do the same and forward this email on to anyone who may help - the more letters and emails these MPs receive the better!

Thank you in advance for support and efforts. For more information on the Bill please go to our website:

Yours sincerely,

Steve Shaw
National Co-ordinator
Local Works

The seven MPs who came top of the ballot, and their addresses and emails, are:

1. Brian Iddon:
  address: Brian Iddon MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

2. David Chaytor:
  address: David Chaytor MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

3. Andrew Gwynne:
  address: Andrew Gwynne MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

4. Albert Owen:
  address: Albert Owen MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

5. Julie Morgan:
  address: Julia Morgan MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

6. Anthony Steen:
  address: Anthony Steen MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

7. Alistair Burt:
  address: Alistair Burt MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA


Dear [MP’s NAME]

Congratulations on your success in the Private Members’ Ballot.  I am writing to ask you to please adopt the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill.

The Bill is crucial as it will ensure the involvement process in the Sustainable Communities Act is ongoing and not just a one off event. Thousands of people and hundreds of councils across the country want to use the Act but currently can not. This Bill will ensure they can.

I am not one of your constituents but understand what a rare opportunity you have been granted via the Ballot. This Bill already has backing from MPs of all parties, and from the huge Local Works coalition of national organisations, that successfully campaigned for the original Act to become law.

I do hope very much you will take up this Bill.

Yours sincerely,


Bounty policy change

“As a matter of importance we want to inform you of a Bounty policy change and reaffirm our stance on breastfeeding.  Therefore, please find enclosed a press release and copy of our revised policy. To summarise:

Weaning Policy Change
Weaning foods are currently labelled in accordance with the European Union Directive, and the minimum age at which a food can be labelled is still four months. Bounty believes that this conflicts with the Department of Health’s advice for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and for six months as the recommended age for weaning babies. 

Therefore, at its earliest opportunity (expected by end of 2009) Bounty will no longer carry any promotion of weaning foods (i.e. any food which exclusively markets itself to promote the transition between milk and a solid diet) in any of our communications to new and expectant mums.

Breastfeeding Update
Bounty is aware of its legacy misconceptions relating to formula milks which have built over five decades.   Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of Bounty’s commitment today to supporting breastfeeding:

·         Bounty reinforces the advice that babies should be exclusively breastfed until they are at least 6 months old, in line with the Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative, Department of Health and World Health Organisation recommendations.

·         For clarity, Bounty does not advertise or sample any infant formula or follow-on milks.  Following our latest Best Practice policy change, we have extended this exclusion to ‘Toddler’ and ’12 month plus’ milk products, due to concerns about promoting formula milk by brand association.

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Clean Time This Saturday, Come and enjoy a Thai curry, soft drinks &disco, al free - just turn up! 5pm - 1pm, Bourne Spring Centre St Marys Rd Springbourne. All welcome. 

Tonight at Reef Encounter soul-drenched jazz, blues and Motown from acoustic duo Tim Rae and Vicky Barents at Reef Encounter this Friday night, plus some stripped-down pieces from their local band Goodfoot.  8pm onwards. Free admission.

Lecture on Herbs and the History of Medicine - Speaker: Rev. Stewart Timbrell  Sat 21st Nov,2.30pm  Crabs go deep to avoid hot water - Speaker: Dr Sven Thatje Tue 24th Nov, 7.30pm  Natural Science Society 39 Christchurch Rd

Transition Bournemouth Get involved! Next meeting Monday 30th Nov at the Town Hall, 7.30pm (Royal Hants Room) see

A photographic exhibition of work from the members of The Butterfly Foundation is touring libraries in Bournemouth and Poole and will be on display for a week in Bournemouth Library from Monday 23rdth November 2009.

Surf Report thanks to 10am today: There is an ok looking 2 footer out there, its fairly messy but manageable - follow us on twitter:

Traffic The Crescent Emergency Public Utility Maintenance.The temporary order is programmed for the period between 23/11/2009 and 13/12/2009. Ashley Rd Rail Bridge is closed. Every car driving through will receive a £60 fine.

Open Mic Night & Jam sessions at the Portman/ Green Room instruments available to use include: Acoustic Guitar Electric Guitar, Drum Kit *BANDS ARE WELCOME TO TURN UP & PLAY *RECORD YOUR ACOUSTIC LIVE SET ON TO A CD FREE ENTRY  Every Thursday: 8PM till 11PM

Table top sale Loads of bargain Sat Nov 21st 11am to 3pm Free entry £5 a table Bourne Spring Centre St Mary?s Rd contact the centre to book 392288

Love Actually Concert An Evening of Music and poetry celebrating love, 7.30 Reception/Drinks, 8pm Svetlana?s celebration of love 8.45 Interval, 9pm Jack Maguire & Stromenti £7 on the door £5 concessions/adv St Clements Church Boscombe. call 07768 096964

A grand Christmas Market at St Clements Church Hall Boscombe, Saturday 5th December 10.30 - 1.30 Soup, Mince pies, Stalls, Tombola, Raffle

Drum Dance and Sing Workshops Springbourne Library, Wednesdays Parent /child, 3.30-4.30, Adult beginner 4.30-5.30, Adult Intermediate, 5.30-6.30 call Kofi to book on 07979 885685

Boscombe families launch map of local cycling and walking routes The map is free and will be available to all local families in an A4 full colour, folded leaflet from Boscombe Children?s Centre from 25 November. For more information contact the Children?s Centre on 01202 395534.

200th Anniversary of Bournemouth check the website to see what?s planned and to see if you can apply for funding for your event!

Chaplins Saturday 21st Quinns Quinney Sundays - Sessions, Mondays Board Games, Tuesdays, Solid air Presents Pink Moon, Wednesdays Open Mic, Thursday Mr Lively,..Lots More!

Urban Reef Live Music 25th Nov - Steve Banks Find out more about Steve

Police News

Public Meetings

Roumelia Lane Advice Point 25 November 2009, 7.00 pm

Street Corner Meetings

Westby Road (look out for the blue Dorset Police community van) 26 November 2009, 7.00 pm 

Wilson Road 29 November 2009, 7.00 - 8.00 pm

Hawkwood Road 9 December 2009, 7.00 pm 


Police Neighbourhood Information Centre, The Sovereign Centre,  Boscombe Every Thursday, 2.30pm - 3.30pm & Every Saturday, 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm

Spartans Winter Swimming Club Meet at 10.45am to swim at 11am each Sunday October to April inclusive. Changing faciltities and hot drinks avalable. Members are also welcome to meet informally May - September for summer bathing at 10am each Sunday. Seafront adj. to Boscombe Beach Office To the East of Boscombe Pier.

Have Your Say! To Have Your Say on the Council's budget go to Your chance to influence council spending This survey gives you the chance to prioritise services.

For more events in Boscombe see

Empty Homes find out more about reporting empty homes 

To report local problems see Fix My Street

Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre - open to all! is open 8am until 8pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Appointments can either be pre-booked by phone (01202 727969) for registered patients; or urgent walk-in appointments are available throughout the opening times by coming to the health centre. The Centre is at 11 Shelley Rd Boscombe. 

List of Live Applications in Boscombe West

I thought my broadband was a bit slow seeing as virgin had written to me so many times boasting of their big improvements. For some reason I got the impression that I was going to benefit from the upgrades. But oh no! It turns out they only wanted to CHARGE me for the upgraded broadband width. Thankfully today after calling the 'I'm leaving you line" they upgraded me from 2M to 10M an dropped the price by £15. Now I am just waiting for the great effect... do they just switch something at Virgin HQ and it gets faster?

anyway - check they aren't doing it to you too!

"Sorry, no, I have never said I'm anti-women. I have got absolutely nothing against women.

"Who cooks my lunch? Who cooks my dinner? How did my wonderful three children appear? Women, you can't do without them. My god, take my wife."
What does she do for a living? "What does she do? She looks after me. Looks after the children. Runs the house."

The glass and glasing federation have launched an online petition to introduce a window scrappage scheme n the UK, a bit like the car scrappage scheme. But just like the car scrappage scheme, this is not a good idea. 

We need to invest in boosting green industries, but just like cars, UPVC windows are hardly green. The bit they conveniently forget about is the fact that the UPVC needs a substantial amount of energy to to be manufactured. Plastic, made from oil is not a sustainable product, nor are plastic windows,

They come with a 10 year guarantee, ut soon after that, these maintainance free home improvements start to need maintaining. Rubber seals perish, sealed units blow, and the UPVC becomes pitted. It is estimated that it takes anything from 20 - 100 years to make back the cost of new UPVC windows but you will be lucky if the salesman will stay away that long. "new" develompments in their technology mean they will be back to upgrade your windows as they start to look tired and bits break off.

Wooden windows on the other hand are a great investment - if you have them already they are worth keeping. The great thing about wooden windows if the very fact that they CAN be maintained, They can be refurbished at a much lower price, individual sashes can be replaced, and cords can be fixed. Adding insulation strips makes them less draughty. If you still find them too draughty, secondary glazing is much cheaper, more effective at keeping out the cold and the sound, (because the gap between the two pieces of glass is bigger) and lets you keep the better looking traditional window. If all else fails, you can get wooden windows made with a double glazed unit instead of a single one.

This call for a scrappage scheme is just a greenwash, lets instead give a boost to the wooden window manufacturers - joiners who make window frames that are biodegradable, and last a good 100 years.

A piece in the Times today warns that Health and safety inspectors are to be given unprecedented access to family homes to ensure that parents are protecting their children from household accidents.

Any council or NHS worker will be asked to log any safety concerns they spot, and will give advice.

I am always concerned by anyone who gives advice, it is information that they ought to be giving, then letting people decide how to live their lives based on evidence based information.

I remember being advised to do various things in the house, one of them being to get plug socket covers. I didn't take the advice with good reason, I thought they drew extra attention to the plug sockets, and as you have to take them out to plug something in, children are likely to start to play with them and try to plug them in. I recently found out that these covers are not considered necessary by ROSPA, and that Which have found that they may in fact be used to disable the inherent safety feature of a plug socket if they are put in upside down because they can release the safety feature inside the hole for the top pin exposing the live parts in the bottom two holes.

I was also advised - as parents often are, not to share a bed with my baby. This is because my health worker considered this to be dangerous, but again, this is not based on evidence. The evidence says that just as you can make cot sleeping safe by placing the baby on its back etc. you can also make the parents bed safe by not drinking and smoking etc. The real danger is actually when the baby wakes in the night, the mother gets up to feed them, then - taking the advice not to sleep with their baby in their bed, end up falling asleep on the sofa, this is where most of the co-sleeping baby deaths occur.

Often the advice is not based on nice guidelines - they are so often based on opinion and personal experience.

You can imagine the picture that could be painted of a risk filled home should a parent refuse to take the advice and make their own evidence based informed decisions. Let's have a health and safety review on the dishing out of advice unless the agencies involved are prepared to be held responsible when their bad advice goes wrong.


BBC Sky at Night Presenter Dr. Chris Lintott presents his lecture; Known Knowns, and Known Unknowns in Cosmology Bournemouth Natural Science Society Tuesday 17th November 7.30
Acting/Drama Classes at St Marys Bourne Spring Centre. Tuesdays 9.00pm Adults, Sundays 12.30pm for children.
Aged 14 - 19? 896 @Boscanova Mondays 7 - 9 Special Menu, Special Prices, in association with Bournemouth Youth Service
Table Top sale November 21st  - at the Bourne Spring Centre 10.00am - 4.00pm Free entry £5 Per Table, book a table on 01202 392288

Dance Day at Pavillion Theatre Bournemouth  Come and dance the day away at this free community event! Saturday 14th November 11.00am - 4.00pm, Nice & Easy dancers, Ceroc, Preston Cheerleading squad, Wessex Dance club

Success scored in green goals clean up day

Star players from AFC Bournemouth were among those helping out at a community clean up day organised as part of the Green Goals project. Cherries legend Steve Fletcher and players Jason Pearce and Lee Bradbury were joined by volunteers from the local community, the club?s Cherry Bear mascot, project partners and assisted by Council teams to spruce up an area adjacent to Kings Park in Bournemouth.

Three evening workshop sessions have been arranged for residents to attend on November 23-25.   The workshops at the Elstead Hotel in Knyveton Road, run from 6.30pm-9pm and are open to all Bournemouth residents over the age of 18.Those interested should contact the Council in advance via email on, telephone 01202 451199  If chosen you will be contacted with further details.

Bourne Spring Trust

The Bourne Spring Trust are a group of local people committed to bringing community activities to the Old St. Mary's Church in St. Mary's Road, and the Community Room at Holdenhurst Library, both in Springbourne, Bournemouth. The Trust is made up of local residents, workers and users of the Bourne Spring Centre and Community room. Through grants from Neighbourhood Management and The Big Lottery, the Trust are able to bring the building alive and offer space for groups and individuals providing activities for everyone. From Office space to Performace space there is something for everyone at the centre. Rates are reasonable and we offer a scheme to new and emerging community groups to help them get their group off the ground. Phone 01202 392288 

Don't get caught

Don't get caught trying to cut through Kings Park whilst the bridge is shut! £60 fines are now being issued! But do make use of the park and ride service into Boscombe from Kings Park - just 10p!

Local public services are preparing for the big squeeze. Council budgets, like your own household expenses, are subject to a range of pressures and demands outside our control. But we have to take action to deal with these and we’re calling on residents to tell us how they would prioritise our spending. Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency The best way to minimise the impact of the squeeze on public services is to improve efficiency. We’ve saved over £7million through efficiencies in the last two years, but the money has gone to meeting the additional demand for services due to the recession and the town’s growing population. Further efficiencies are being found, for example by providing more joined-up public services, using the latest technology and by working more closely with the private sector.Efficiencies alone won’t be enough to plug the anticipated financial hole as government grants to local councils are cut in the years ahead. This leaves us with the difficult job of deciding which services will receive less money. National opinion polls tell us that the public also recognise that reductions in public services are inevitable.

A story in todays echo highlights the way that access to disposal of bulky household waste is only for some sections of our community - Those with cars! This is the same in Bournemouth, or at least was last time I checked, Te council instead charges £38 to come and pick up items.

Echo Story:

 COUPLE who walked to a recycling tip were refused entry on health and safety grounds – so went home and returned in their car in order to get in.

David and Katie France thought they were being “doubly green” by taking their waste to the recycling centre on foot.
But they were stunned when they were told it was unsafe for them to walk onto the site.
Mr France, 67, of Salisbury Road, Blandford, left his wife and the rubbish at the gate while he walked 400 yards back home to get their Toyota Avensis.
When he returned, he picked up his wife, loaded the vehicle with their metal for recycling, drove onto the site and disposed of the rubbish before driving home.
Mr France said: “It was farcical. I thought we were being doubly green by taking our recycling there on foot.
“But whatever good we did in recycling our waste was probably counteracted by the CO2 emissions we used up in our car.”
He added: “We didn’t want the metal to scuff the upholstery in the car and we felt it was silly to take the car such a short distance.
“When we reached the tip we were met at the gate and told we couldn’t come in.
“We asked why and the blanket phrase of health and safety was given as the reason.”
He said once they had put the metal in the car, another worker offered to help them unload it.
Mr France, a retired radio producer, said: “There is no logic here because people in cars have to get out and walk to unload their recycling.”
A Dorset County Council spokesman said: “In general terms, the household recycling centres are designed for access by car and do not have dedicated access points for pedestrians.
“If residents have walked with the waste from their home then they will be allowed access on foot but will be advised against this practice on safety grounds.”
He said the council would look into providing access for pedestrians when looking at the design of future recycling centres.