Engleby - Sebastian Faulks

I listened to this as an audiobook, It kept me interested, and was a fascinating insight into the mind of a man with a personality disorder. I felt sympathy for the charictor, but it was pretty chilling too, I'm sticking with Faulks for my next read (listen) - and going for On Green Dolphin Street.

Grandparent with the parents' role

Charity Grandparents Plus has called for big changes in the way grandparents who look after their grandchildren while the parents are at work are treated.

Whilst I don't agree with them entirely, there is a rather pointless rule in the childcare element of working tax credits, That is that you cannot claim a percentage of childcare costs back if the childcare is provided by a member of your family - only through a registered childminder or nursery. even if the member of your family has registered as a childminder. Children are happier with people they know best, and family are often more able to provide childcare over awkward hours and adapt to last minute changes. there is no real reason to disallow close family to be paid - the argument that family ought to help out for free does not really hold - grandparents , aunts and uncles need to work too, so cannot be expected to give free endless childcare. Why not actually give all parents te childcare element and allow them to do with it as they wish? For many mothers this would allow them more time at home with their child, rather than the state paying someone else to care for their child whilst they go to work, possibly to look after other peoples children themselves!




Question to the Cabinet Member for Resources

Cabinet, 18 February 2009 – Clause 25, Page B.4 – Medium Term Financial Plan 2009/10 – 2013/14 and 2009/10 Budget Options – Budget Update

“What percentage of this budget will be spent with local businesses?”

Councillor Lisa Northover

Cabinet Member reply:

It is anticipated that some aspects of local procurement of goods and services by the Council will be discussed at the Administration and Value for Money Overview Panel meeting to be held on Thursday 2 April 2009.

There are a large number of non statutory activities that this Council undertakes from its revenue and capital budgets which indirectly support local businesses e.g. tourism, parks, gardens and beaches, which attracts tourists to the area and indirectly supports local businesses in that sector.

In addition the BIC/Pavilion attracts large numbers of delegates to the area which supports the local hotel and leisure industries.

The Council has provided £0.65m for 2009/10 and £0.35m for 2010/11 in the budget for a recession fund, to support local businesses and employment during the current economic climate.

Further information can be provided if required although there will be resource implications depending on the level of detail required.