Happy Halloween

This Evening The newly formed 'Friends of Churchill Gardens' have organised a Halloween party for local residents at Churchill Gardens, the play park on Walpole Road. It will take place on Saturday 31st October from 5.30-7.30pm. There will be a fancy dress competition, face painting, a BBQ and music kindly performed by members of the 896 Youth Club.

Scratch 5 will take place at the Bourne Spring Centre at 7.30pm Friday 6th November. Tickets cost £10 or £3 concession. Come and see what Vita Nova has been up to! Scratch 5 will present the creative writing and performance of members of the recovering community. We are proud to work with professionals from the world of theatre and confident that the evening will be a great success! We would particularly encourage those in treatment to attend.

Rhyme Time/Baby Signing is back at Boscombe Childrens Centre, some spaces remain on this course so please contact the Childrens centre on 395534

Stress Management course. Boscombe Childrens centre Spaces are limited but still available so please call the centre  on 395534 if you would like further information.

map of good walking and cycling routes in the Boscombe and Springbourne area has been produces by a group of local parents who have worked together with Sustrans, The map is free and is launches on November 25th, it will be available from the children?s centre for all local families.

Pledge shopinBoscombe "I will do all of my shopping in Boscombe for the next 9 weeks but only if 10 other local people will join me." 3 people have signed up, 7 more needed text ?pledge shopinBoscombe? to 60022 http://www.pledgebank.com/shopinBoscombe

Halloween dinner at Reef Encounter including welcome cocktail this Saturday evening for just £15.95 per person. We?ll also be running our standard grill menu for those of you who just can?t get enough of our sizzling fajitas, prime Dorset steaks and hamburgers, barbecued chicken, racks of ribs etc.... Come and join the party for some weird goings on. 

Booking strongly advised. Call 01202 280656.  

Events at Bournemouth natural Science Society, 39 Christchurch Road, BH1 3NS Evening lectures are held on most Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m., with a break for 15 minutes at around 8.45 p.m., finishing by 9.30 p.m., unless otherwise stated. www.bnss.fslife.co.uk/

Wild Plants of the Gower Peninsula and nearby areas Sat 31st Lecture on Botany: - Speaker: Jonathan Cox

A Herd of Turtles - Making sense of the Purbeck Formation Tue 3rd Evening Lecture on Geology - Speaker: Dr Andrew R Milner

Dorset's Living Landscape Wed 4th Lecture on Science - Speaker: Tony Bates


I have found another product, this is slightly more attractive with the blue backlight and does the same 4 temperatures at different times of the day, these have to be hard wired as they are not wireless, however I think this may be worth the extra hassle, and I can have it put in not too far from the boiler. Again this is £50 which I am sure is a bargain compared to what it might save me.  This one is completely touch screen and has a simple option to turn it right down if you go on holiday or out for a long period.

For some reason , when the central heating was installed about 6 years ago I didn't have a room thermostat /programmer installed so I have been looking around for one.  I found these great new style, extra programmable ones! These have several good features that can help to save money:

A large display of the room temperature, this makes it really easy to keep an eye , and to make sure it isn't too high.

Easy to programme. The easier these are to programme the more likely it is that you will adjust it as the seasons change

The ability to have different temperatures at different times of the day, see on the diagrram below, you can have a different temperature when you get up to when you come home, then a slow cool down into the night, At the moment I am relying on a very basic clock with pins to programme the boiler, and if you turn it on one day for an hour is is easy to forget so it comes on the next day again. I think one of these will probaby cover most of my 10% reduction in one shot, they cost around £50, not sure yet how much to install, they are available from http://www.syxthsense.com/ecommerce2/search.php?categoryID=5&subcategoryID=188
A recent survey found that 53 % of people find it easier to throw small broken electrical items away with their normal rubbish rather that taking them to get the components recycled. I checked to find out how we are supposed to dispose of these items in Bournemouth. The millhams tip has a recycling centre and this is where we should be taking items, however if you do not have a car, or your vehicle is one which is nol permitted (sign written or too high) you will not be able to use the millhams site. The council will pick up items for you but the minimum cost is £38.

Sophie Thompson reads from the letters of Frances Woodsford, a Bournemouth council worker, to wealthy American widower, Paul Bigelow, who she never met, written between 1949 and his death in 1961. They evoke life in postwar Britain, and are introduced by Woodsford herself, who is now in her 90s.
its on at 9.45 am and 00.30 am Radio 4
At Sovereign Centre, Boscombe Shopmobility provides assistance to those with mobility problems to assist with shopping or any other business in and around Boscombe. The service offers a short term loan of a wheelchair (powered or manual) or a powered scooter. Clients do not need to be registered disabled and the service is available for use by both young and old who have mobility problems, whether the result of permanent or temporary disablement, age, accident or illness.

Annual membership costs £18 + 50p daily usage fee. Alternatively, visitors may pay a daily fee of £4.00 for a powered vehicle or £3 for a manual wheelchair.

Monday ? Saturday from 1000am to 4pm. Lower ground car park at the Sovereign Centre .  For any more information please telephone Dave Parsons on 01202 399700 or Alison Morrison on 01202 598295.

Police News

Police Neighbourhood Information Centre, The Sovereign Centre,  Boscombe Every Thursday, 2.30pm - 3.30pm Every Saturday, 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm 

Public Meetings St Clements Church, St Clements Road 5 November 2009, 6.30 pm

Priorities You said: there is graffiti throughout the area - We have: been working with local schools and businesses to identify graffiti offenders by their individual tags. Anti-graffiti kits have been issued to key community groups, enabling them to remove small graffiti tags themselves.

Here are this weeks news and events.

If you are forwarded this email and would like to join my list please go to Boscalicious
Get in touch with your events!

Halloween Crafting 30/10/09 Bourne Spring Centre 392288 to book. Costumes & mask making Kids must be accompanied by an adult. FREE

La Leche League (breastfeeding organisation) Coffee morning. Mon 2nd November 10.20 - 12.30 call 07515 355982 for venue details.

Support local business  will you pledge to do your shopping in Boscombe for the next few weeks? http://www.pledgebank.com/shopinBoscombe

World Climate Day On Saturday 24 October 2009 join leading environmental charities and local residents to mark World Climate Day of Action. Those wanting to join the campaign should meet at 12 noon on the beach at the base of the West Cliff cable car. For more information contact Angela Pooley by emailing eastdorsetfoe@yahoo.co.uk

A Double Bill  Edge Theatre Company?s ?A High Price to Pay? (www.outsidedgetheatre.com) When you are in recovery and your back is against the wall you sometimes end up doing things you?d wished you?d never done. Ever. and Vita Nova?s ?Hamlet?(www.vitanova.co.uk)This Saturday 24th October 7.30pm at: The Bourne Spring Centre  St Mary's Road, Bournemouth BH1 4QP Tickets only £5

Benches to be reinstated Benches in the two alcoves towards the bottom of Sea Rd will be reinstated shortly.

The Children?s Centre Cafe Boscombe children's centre 22 Ashley Close 01202 395534 The children?s centre café is a great place to meet with friends and is open every day from 8.30 am-5.00pmYou do not have to be coming to a group to use the café, just come along, get yourself a drink and relax.

Bournemouth Natural Science Society Sat 24th Lecture; Pilgrimage to Yosemite National Park, USA - Speaker: Dr David Godfrey

Tue 27th Evening Lecture Archaeology & History The Swash Channel Wreck - Speaker: David Parham http://www.bnss.fslife.co.uk/programme.html

Springbourne Folk Club has relocated to the Cricketers Arms Windham rd second wednesday of the month for the session. last monday of the month for the Folk Club call 551 589 for details. also  Tidal Wave are playing on the 31st starting at 9.00pm

Chaplins music Friday 23th October Music in the Cellar Bar followed by DJ ANDY RAZZ till 2am ish Chaplins Presents STUART O?CONNER Saturday 24th October In the Cellar Bar MY PRESERVER Indie Gothic Band all the way from London Sunday 25th October Chaplin?s Presents Sunday Sessions - 8.30-11.30ish 26th October Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage plus other board games in Chaplins and around the garden from 8.30 ish Tuesday 27th October Solid Air presents PINK MOON in Chaplins Acoustic Adventures with his Guests 8.30ish till about 11.30 lots more 

Rally to raise awareness of A’ishah battle

A RALLY is being held in Boscombe today to gain support to help find missing toddler A’ishah Sabra.
A’ishah went missing in the Hurghada resort in Egypt on May 16 while on holiday with her mother Leila Sabra and grandmother Barbara Maas, who lives and works in Bournemouth.
Leila claims her two-year-old daughter was taken by her father, Saber Mesbah Sabra, but he has told the Echo he doesn’t have her and doesn’t know where she is.
The rally has been organised by Barbara with the help of Cllr Lisa Northover, who wants people to write letters of support calling for action.
The rally is taking place in Boscombe high street from 11am to 3pm today.


Action Alert


Reforms to license lap dancing clubs in the same way as sex shops is about to be debated in the Lords. We have until3rd November to make sure the Lords adopt our proposals to make licensing compulsory, not voluntary, for local authorities and to make sure venues are not exempt if they hold lap dancing less than once a month!

Get Lobbying ! Send our model letter to one, or more (!), of the key peers we have targetted below.

Model Letter 

Use our online model letter here or below.
Add any personal experiences of lap dancing venues and send to any of the peers listed below:

Your Address

Insert Peers Name Here 
The House of Lords


Dear Peers Name

RE: Please take action to strengthen reforms to lap dancing club licencing

I write to you as a member of the House of Lords who has previously shown an interest in the poor licensing of lap dancing to ask you to take action in the Policing and Crime Bill Report Stage debate (Clause 26, Part 2) - on 3rd and 5th November - in order to improve proposed reforms.

As you know, the Government has proposed to allow lap dancing clubs to be licensed in the same way as sex shops and sex cinemas. This will give local communities greater control in the licensing of lap dancing clubs and place clubs under greater scrutiny thus better protecting women in the industry and stemming the normalising of a branch of the sex industry.

However the Policing and Crime Bill proposals are seriously flawed on two counts:

1. The new licensing regime will be optional for local councils leading to a patchwork licensing system which the industry which will be quick to exploit. Local communities will face a postcode lottery over whether they actually get a say in licensing and performers will continue to face poor working conditions as clubs migrate to areas of weaker regulation.

2. The proposals also exempt venues holding lap dancing less than once a month. Thus pubs and bars which hold lap dancing nights, catered for by lap dancing agencies, will be excluded. This already significant sub-market of the lap dancing industry is likely to further expand.

I therefore strongly urge you to speak in favour of amendments to ensure reforms are applied universally and contain no frequency-based exemption. These amendments will be be tabled by Baroness Joyce Gould, during Report Stage of the Policing and Crime Bill - on 3rd and 5th of November.

Without these amendments, Clause 26 of the Policing and Crime Bill will contain significant loopholes and represent a crucial missed opportunity to tackle commercial sexual exploitation.

I look forward to hearing from you on this important matter.

Yours sincerely

Your NAME 


Please write to one, or more (!) of the key peers we have targeted:

o Lord Bilmoria
o Baroness Neuberger
o Baroness Northover
o Lord Norton
o Baroness Uddin
o Baroness Wilkins
o Baroness Grundy
o Baroness Flathers
o Baroness Goudie
o Lord Hylton
o Baroness Jay
o Lord Listowel
o Baroness Ludford

If you receive a reply please send a copy to our partners at the FAWCETT Society:
or Kat Banyard, Fawcett Society, 1-3 Berry Street, London EC1V 0AA

Thank You
Thank you for taking action at this crucial stage.
Like to help more?:

- Support this campaingn, make a donation here

- Continue to receive this newsletter, join OBJECT today

Offers loads of activities and support for all families in the area. I have updated the info on Boscalicious, so take a look to see what is on offer from the moment you are pregnant until your child reaches 5 there is lots on offer. www.boscalicious.co.uk

Large hole in fence

Reported in the Roads/highways category by Cllr Lisa Northover at 15:27, Thursday 3 September 2009

Sent to Bournemouth Borough Council 2 minutes later
There is a large hole in the fence which a child could fall through

Posted by Cllr Lisa Northover at 08:02, Thursday 8 October 2009
after no action was taken for 5 weeks, having also made follow up calls, and getting no response, I have now found out that this may belong to railtrack. I have reported it to them
Posted by Cllr Lisa Northover at 17:29 today
I saw some men from railtrack and asked if they were here to fix it. They said no but would look at it.... they looked at it....the havent fixed it

I have signed up to the 10:10 campaign , now I need to think of ways to reduce my carbon emissions, The first place I am looking is in my home, the good thing about this is that it will also save me money!
Here are this weeks news and events.

Outstanding! The OFSTED report for St Clements Pre-school has been published. The preSchool has been marked Outstanding on every one of the 17 points that are inspected. The report says: ?Children flourish in this caring, inclusive and stimulating environment

Roadworks and Closures Sea Road is shut on Sunday for a charity event.  Ashley Rd Bridge and Highway Reconstruction. The temporary order is programmed for the period between 19/10/2009 and 19/12/2009.

Kings Park School has had 5.5m of funding agreed for improvements to the building and increasing the capacity. This is part of the building schools for the future programme

Win! There is still time to win tickets for the Eagles of Death Metal October 29th  at the O2 Academy (opera house) just recomend a friend for this newsletter email  info@boscalicious.co.uk

Early Explorers?every Friday for 1-3 year olds, Boscombe Childrens Centre, Ashley Close at 1.30-3.00pm This fun session is all about understanding what your child is learning through play and gives you lots of useful tips and ideas to try at home. This is a drop in session and there is no charge.

The Reef I will do an extra email when I know about the launch of the reef. I believe it is imminent! It has been announced that lifeguard cover will be provided throughout the year by the RNLI, funded by the council.

Bournemouth Natural Science Society Charles I and the acquisition of the Mantuan Collection Speaker: Lucy Whitaker Sat 17th 7.30

Urban Reef music 21st Oct ? Jim Working on Hope Find out more about Jim see also this nice youtube video about the reef http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4iuA3Xzm7c

Music at the Urban Beach Thursday Live music from 7.00
Chaplins music Friday 16th October Music in the Cellar Bar followed by DJ ANDY RAZZ till 2am ish Chaplins Presents JOHN COTTON Saturday 17th Cellar Bar Presents DUBHEART Sunday 18th Sunday Sessions - 8.30-11.30ish lots more 
Do you need furniture, electrical appliances or household items?We are able to help to provide most items you would need to make an empty nest into a home, or your home more homely. A typical example of what we aim to have available can be found here. .The Dorset Reclaim Project is available to anyone who is financially disadvantaged, this could mean being in receipt of a means tested benefit http://www.dorsetreclaim.org.uk

Waitrose - they have goat to be wrong?

I went into waitrose today and spotted this Nanny care Goat Milk Nutrition. It caught my eye because it was with the infant formula.

Goats milk infant formula is not approved in the UK as a breastmilk substitute, It is not suitable for babied under 1 year. The next thing I noticed when looking at he back of the tin is that there was no breastfeeding statement. This is required by UK law on Infant formula.

But I also noticed that this product was in no way calling itself an infant formula, thus perhaps not being covered by that law. However it was displayed on the shelf next to the Nanny care follow on milk. I will be checking this with trading standards.

If you are wondering why on earth I am concerning myself with this it is because there are risks to the health of a baby when mothers do not breastfeed, and it is very important that products marketed as breastfeeding substitutes have basic nutritional standards and do not make misleading claims.

I had a quick look at the website of this product and was surprised to see the claim that it is closer to breastmilk than cows milk. hmmmm like whenn I get up to turn the light off in a minute I'll be closer to france...

Open Exhibition

(Plus ?Minute Networking? sessions throughout the day) Wednesday 14th October (Starts at 8.30am & Finishes at 6.30pm)

Bournemouth AFC Dean Court, Bournemouth, BH7 7AF All business people are welcome to visit theexhibition and entry is FREE!
with Gary Bentham. find out where you can go to apply for grants. Followed by a presentation from Annabel Sampson of funding organisation ?UnLtd? who will be here to talk about how they fund social entrepreneurs and how you can apply to them. 6.30 ? 8.30 Tuesday 13th Oct £3 adv , £5 on the door
The Boscombe-based Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) will be offering free advice to local businesses at the New Business Matters Open Exhibition at AFC Bournemouth on Wednesday 14th October.

Sat 10th Lecture Geology Darwin's Dilemma - The Fossil Record - Speaker: Ray Chapman Tue 13th Evening Lecture Egyptology Tahemaa and our Egyptian collection - Speaker: Stephanie Robertshttp://www.bnss.fslife.co.uk/programme.html

October 29th !! Jesse 'Boots Electric' Hughes and Joshua 'Babyduck' Homme bring their bunch of wild bandits to the new O2 Academy in Boscombe (formerly the Opera House). recommend a friend to this newsletter by sending me their email address to enter

Butterfly Foundation works with male and female survivors towards raising awareness of domestic abuse. The Foundation encourages members to access their creativity and express their emotions and experiences through visual arts and drama. The members are committed to breaking the ?taboo? surrounding domestic abuse and have attended self-esteem workshops to aid their recovery. http://www.thebutterflyfoundation.org.uk/
The DMF Pop Gospel and Rock ChoirTuesday evenings from 8.00 pm till 10.00 at The DMF office on Boscombe High Street. (Next to The Opera House). Pay NOTHING on first visit! £5.00 per session thereafter.

Live Music at Urban Reef 14th Oct ? Uri Tal

Chaplins music Friday 9th October C30/SUBATOMICS in the Cellar Bar followed by DJ ANDY RAZZ till 2am ish Saturday 10th October Cellar Bar Presents THE REPTILES followed by DJ MR LIVELY Sunday 11th October Chaplin?s Presents Sunday Sessions - 8.30-11.30ish Monday 12th October Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage plus other board games Tuesday 13th October Solid Air presents PINK MOON in Chaplins Acoustic Adventures with his Guests 8.30ish till about 11.30 Wednesday 14th October Open Mic Night in Chaplins 8.30 till 11.30ish Thursday 15th October DJ in the Cellar Bar - MR LIVELY till late Chaplin?s Presents a Jazzy Night ZOE SCHWARZ and ROB KORAL Friday 16th October Music in the Cellar Bar followed by DJ ANDY RAZZ till 2am ish Chaplins Presents JOHN COTTON lots more

Master Palmist from the London College of Psychic Studies. As part of Robin?s Southern Counties Psychic Tour, Moontree Gallery and Holistic Health Centre 16 Sea Rd is delighted to welcome him for the weekend of 7th and 8th November.2009 01202 394949

Business card offer Get 250 premium quality, full-colour business cards FREE!Click here

Police Neighbourhood Information Centre, The Sovereign Centre, Boscombe Every Thursday, 2.30pm - 3.30pm Every Saturday, 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm.

Police Street Corner Meetings: Borthwick Road 14 October 2009, 7.00 pm
For more events in Boscombe see www.boscalicious.co.uk

I registered this complaint on fixmystreet.com 4 weeks ago. I hae been encoraging residents to use this excellent site as it is so straight forward

Large hole in fence

Reported in the Roads/highways category by Cllr Lisa Northover at 15:27, Thursday 3 September 2009
Sent to Bournemouth Borough Council 2 minutes later

There is a large hole in the fence which a child could fall through

Four weeks on this is still the same so I called the council to find out what had happened to my complaint, they said I was to be fixed by parks, I called Parks, there was no-one there to answer

I called back to technical services , the number is:

ask 451199

and the email is:


There is no minimum time limit on a response so I will wait and see


After no response again I tracked down the responsible authority to Railtrack. They say they will deal with it ASAP

 Here is the correct information regarding the Network Rail public meeting:

Network Rail is holding a public meeting on the 8 October 2009 in the school hall at King?s Park Primary School, Ashley Road at 7.00pm.

Lisa Northover

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 Here is the correct information regarding the Network Rail public meeting:

Network Rail is holding a public meeting on the 8 October 2009 in the school hall at King?s Park Primary School, Ashley Road at 7.00pm.

Lisa Northover

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International Care Network is a ?Supporting People? organisation. Helping Asylum Seekers in crisis. A ?Welcome Centre? offering help and advice.

Assisting refugees into housing. Caring for minors (16-18 years). Working in partnership with ?Pathways International Training & Education? to provide ESOL teaching. Women?s community group ? working with the women and young families. Socials and activities. Working in partnership with other agencies. Immigration advice (OISC registered) Campaigning, Identifying educational & training opportunities for refugees. http://icn.org.uk

this week in Boscombe

Here are this weeks news and events.

If you are forwarded this email and would like to join my list please go to Boscalicious www.boscalicious.co.uk to sign up

Please get in touch with your events!

Lisa Northover

Public Meeting with Railtrack regarding the replacement of the Ashley Rd Bridge. 6th Oct 5-8 Boscanova Cafe (Ashley Rd Bridge and Highway Reconstruction. The temporary order is programmed for the period between 19/10/2009 and 19/12/2009.)

The Winning design for Boscombe?s new beach huts for disabled users has been announced, please check http://www.boscalicious.co.uk for the results plus pictures!

Classic Black Movie Night Part of Dorset Black History Month 2009

Dorset African Caribbean Association (DACA) Tuesday, 06 October 2009

18:30 - 21:30 Bourne Spring Center St Mary's Road Bournemouth, United Kingdom 07516573516 dacassc@hotmail.co.uk

Concert at St Clements Church 4th October 3pm. Rotary concert. Westbourne Orchestra, conductor Lee Marchant, solo violin Jack Maguire. Brahms 2nd Symphony, Bloch Nigun, Brahms Hungarian Dances. Concert in aid of Music at St ClementsBH1 4DX, Disabled free. Free parking. Free ornate programme.  Interval refreshments. Reservations by telephoning 01202 399114

Bournemouth Natural Science Society Birding the Great Silk Route - Lecturer: Algirdas Knystautas 'Dr Al'. Tues 6th 39 Christchurch Rd


Bournemouth (Map) 12pm - 4pm

The DMF Pop Gospel and Rock Choir Is Coming Oct 6th! Do you love music? Do you love singing? Do you wish that you could be a part of a funky vibrant choir, meeting new friends and singing great music from gospel hits to big rock anthems? Then we want you! Come and join us on Tuesday evenings from 8.00 pm till 10.00 at The DMF office on Boscombe High Street. (Next to The Opera House). Pay NOTHING on first visit! £5.00 per session thereafter.

ASPIRE digital photography exhibition 05 Oct 2009 -10 Oct 2009

Boscombe Sovereign Centre Promoting Positive mental health

Live Music at  Urban Reef 7th Oct ? Acoustic Dregs

Find out more about Acoustic Dregs

Chaplins music Friday 2nd October TIDAL WAVE Live in the Cellar Bar followed by DJ ANDY RAZZ till 2am ish Saturday 3rd October Cellar Bar Presents DUSTY CUTS BIG FACE REGGAE followed by DJ MR LIVELY Sunday 4th October Chaplin?s Presents Sunday Sessions - 8.30-11.30ish Monday 5th October Chess, Backgammon, Cribbage plus other board games in Chaplins and around the garden from 8.30 ish Tuesday 6th October ALEX ROBERTS in Chaplins Wednesday 7th October Open Mic Night in Chaplins 8.30 till 11.30ish Thursday 8th October DJ in the Cellar Bar - MR LIVELY till late Chaplin?s Presents a Jazzy Night with FAIRPLAY lots more 


Bus number 31 to be re-routed to stop at shelly manor. this will start fro 26th October due to the re-location of the Adeline Rd Surgery. More details to follow when I receive them.

Traffic to be let through Boscombe? This Idea has been put forward by a trader. Please let me know what you think.

Police Neighbourhood Information Centre, The Sovereign Centre,  Boscombe Every Thursday, 2.30pm - 3.30pm Every Saturday, 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm. St Clements Church, St Clements Road 3rd October 2009, 6.30 pm3 October 2009, 6.30 pm 

Appeal Decision on flats at San Remo Towers The decision is at the bottom of this email

Local group Vita Nova have made a video about their work which is available on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-mPLg8iQ9Y 

For more events in Boscombe see www.boscalicious.co.uk

Empty Homes find out more about reporting empty homes 

To report local problems see Fix My Street

Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre is open 8am until 8pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Appointments can either be pre-booked by phone (01202 727969) for registered patients; or urgent walk-in appointments are available throughout the opening times by coming to the health centre. The Centre is at 11 Shelley Rd Boscombe. 

This week?s Spotlight Local Organisation

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

Could you help in Boscombe with the Poppy appeal? lots of help is needed both in preperation, and during the appeal from 23rd October. please email me or give me a call if you can help 07515 355 982 info@boscalicious.co.uk

Current Planning Applications for Boscombe West (For other area's see Bournemouth Council Planning)

Planning and Transport

List of Live Applications in Boscombe West

Prepared on 01 October 2009

Date Application Location Proposal Applicant Ward Officer Conserv Area Publicity Expiry

30/07/2009 7-2009-13008-C 42-44 Palmerston Road Alterations, extensions and conversion of premises Magnacourt Limited BW SG 29/10/2009

into 10 flats with bin and cycle stores

09/09/2009 7-2009-14555-O Honeycombe Beach Erection of a temporary concierge office - Existing Barratt Homes BW JMA 09/10/2009

unauthorised structure

20/08/2009 7-2009-13016-G 2-4 Adeline Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 14 flats with bin and Drs Poulton, Beswick, BW JMA V 25/09/2009

cycle stores and formation of vehicular access and Gannon, Blaszczyk,

parking spaces

28/08/2009 7-2009-5204-L Flat 5 31 Boscombe Spa Road Alterations and erection of a balcony and balustrading Mr & Mrs Reed BW JMA V 09/10/2009

21/08/2009 7-2009-19653-A 81 Palmerston Road Alterations and change of use of shop to flat with bin Mr R Plate BW JMA 25/09/2009

and cycle store

21/09/2009 7-2009-7259-O 630 Christchurch Road Erection of an internally illuminated fascia sign, an Abbey National PLC BW SC

externally illuminated projecting sign and an internally 

illuminated automated telling machine sign

09/09/2009 7-2009-7259-N 630 Christchurch Road Erection of an externally illuminated fascia sign and an Abbey National PLC BW SC

internally illuminated automated telling machine sign

01/09/2009 7-2009-16801-D 7-8 Undercliff Road Alterations and additions including single storey Mr M Mills BW RC J 09/10/2009

extension to enlarge existing holiday accommodation

02/09/2009 7-2009-15869-A 7-7A Churchill Road Formation of dormer window Mr David Hughes BW SJS M 09/10/2009

02/09/2009 7-2009-2042-AF 552-556 Christchurch Road Alterations to elevations of premises McDonalds Restaurants BW JMA 09/10/2009


02/09/2009 7-2009-2042-AE 552-556 Christchurch Road Erection of 4 externally illuminated fascia signs and 2 Mc Donalds BW LJA 09/10/2009

internally illuminated projecting box signs Restaurants Ltd

28/09/2009 7-2009-2520-L 493b Wimborne Road Change of use from (A2) Offices to (A5) Hot Food Mr Salim Mehson BW RSP 28/10/2009


22/09/2009 7-2009-7364-F 3 Ashley Road Alterations, 2/3 storey extension and conversion of European Equities Plc BW RC 22/10/2009

existing premises into 1 shop and 5 flats with bin and 

cycle storage

15/09/2009 7-2009-5566-S 9 Palmerston Road Erection of 1 retail/office unit , 4 flats and 2 flatlets Mr L Batchelor BW RC 23/10/2009

with bin and cycle stores

17/09/2009 7-2009-10222-C 85-85a Palmerston Road Erection of a two storey block of one maisonette and Western Challenge BW SJS M 23/10/2009

two flats with bin and cycle stores Housing Association

21/09/2009 7-2009-7022-F St George's Mansion, 29 Florence Road Reduce crown of one Beech by 2-4m and crown thin Mr A Palmer BW JEK

by removal of four stems from eastern limb. 

30/09/2009 7-2009-7213-D 10-12 Drummond Road Alterations and erection of a 2/3 storey block of 10 Kingsands Ltd BW RC

flats with associated bin and cycle stores and 

formation of parking spaces

25/09/2009 7-2009-23839-B Former medical records store Erection of a 2 storey Health Centre (Class D1) with NHS Bournemouth and BW JMA 25/10/2009

adjacent to 58 Palmerston Road bin and cycle stores and formation of vehicular Poole

access, parking spaces - Reduced scheme

Appeal Ref: APP/G1250/A/09/2104202

San Remo Towers, Sea Road, Boscombe, Dorset BH5 1JY

? The appeal is made under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 against a refusal to grant planning permission.

? The appeal is made by San Remo Towers Ltd against the decision of Bournemouth Borough Council.

? The application Ref 7-2008-175-AG, dated 6 October 2008, was refused by notice dated 27 March 2009.

? The development proposed is conversion of underused basement areas into 4 flats.


1. I allow the appeal, and grant planning permission for conversion of underused basement areas into 4 flats at San Remo Towers, Sea Road, Boscombe, Dorset BH5 1JY in accordance with the terms of the application, Ref 7-2008-175-AG, dated 6 October 2008, and the plans submitted with it, subject to the following conditions:

1) The development hereby permitted shall begin not later than three years from the date of this decision.

2) No machinery shall be operated and no deliveries taken at, or despatched from, the site during the course of the construction of the development hereby permitted outside the following times 08.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 13.00 on Saturdays nor at any time on Sundays, Bank or Public Holidays.

3) The flats shall not be occupied until the cycle storage facilities shown on the application drawings have been provided and the cycle storage facilities shall thereafter be kept available for the occupants of the flats at all times.

Main issue

2. The appellant has submitted a Section 106 unilateral undertaking to make contributions towards the provision of open space/recreation facilities, mitigation of the impact on the Dorset Heathlands Special Protection Area (SPA) and transport infrastructure. The Council accepts that the contributions set out in the submitted unilateral undertaking would be sufficient to overcome the additional burden that would be placed on local facilities and infrastructure and thus the reasons for refusal relating to these matters.Appeal Decision APP/G1250/A/09/2104202

3. I therefore consider the main issue is the effect of the proposed development on the living conditions of future occupiers of the proposed flats and existing residents of the block.


4. The windows currently serving the areas to be converted provide only a little natural light to enter. However the proposals include enlargement of the windows in a manner very similar to that carried out in earlier conversion works elsewhere in block E with the same orientation. When I visited some of these flats I found that even in the mid-afternoon, natural light in the main living areas was sufficient to provide reasonable and pleasant light levels. The living conditions of future residents would not in this respect be unreasonably poor. Further having regard for the Council?s Design Guide : Residential Development 2008 I consider natural light levels would not therefore necessarily result in significantly less efficient use of resources than would be the case in other flats in the block with a similar orientation.

5. I have considerable sympathy with the many residents who have expressed concern at the proposed changes to the building?s communal facilities. However I saw at my site visit that the baggage room is not extensively used. Laundry facilities have been provided elsewhere and although these are smaller in scale, the refurbished flats I saw have washing machines and it can reasonably be assumed that machines have been installed in many other apartments in recent years. New kitchen and toilet facilities would be provided, the snooker table would be relocated to the residents? lounge and card playing also could continue in this retained space. Residents would thus continue to have access to these existing facilities albeit in a different from. Whilst I acknowledge that the snooker table would be a large and prominent feature in the residents? lounge this is not sufficient on its own to justify dismissing the appeal.

6. I conclude that the proposed development would have no significantly harmful effect on the living conditions of future and existing residents and I find no conflict in this respect therefore with Policy 4.19 of the Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan 2002.

Other considerations

7. The development would introduce 4 new dwellings to the area and thereby increase the burden on local facilities and infrastructure. The Dorset Heathlands Interim Planning Framework 2007 document sets out the cumulative impact of new development on the Dorset Heathlands and a strategy for mitigation. The Interim Planning Framework document: Developer Contributions for Transport Investment 2007 sets out the cumulative impact of development on the transport infrastructure of Bournemouth and includes mitigation schemes for accommodating the effects. It is likely in my view that future residents will want to travel for work and recreation and insofar as the submitted unilateral undertaking makes contributions to these I give it substantial weight.

8. The demands placed on public open space on the other hand are typically more local and I have seen no evidence with regard to the adequacy of local facilities


Appeal Decision APP/G1250/A/09/2104202

or proposals for what provision may be necessary to meet any increased demand in the area. Paragraph 4.2 of the Council?s Supplementary Planning Guidance: Open Space and Recreation 1999 acknowledges there may be cases where a contribution is not needed for local facilities. On the basis of the evidence before me I therefore give this element of the undertaking little weight.

9. The Council has granted listed building consent for the works on the basis that the proposed light wells are subservient in scale, appropriately spaced and largely obstructed from view. I have no reason to disagree and conclude that the proposed development would preserve the special interest of this grade II listed building.


10. In order to protect existing residents from unreasonable disturbance I have attached a condition limiting the hours of operation of machinery and deliveries. The development would be small in scale and neither a restriction on other working nor a requirement for approval of a method statement is therefore in my view necessary. Whilst I note that cycle storage would be provided within an existing store, a condition requiring its provision and retention is necessary to ensure that it is available to new residents throughout their occupancy of the flats.

Olivia Spencer


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