Paul Mckenna

My friend who lost weight recently told me that she used the paul macenna book and it worked. now usually I would take this with a pinch of salt , by this friend is super clever and wouldnt fall for a dodgy weight loss programme so I coppied her and ordered the book. Since recieving the book I cant say Ive bee spending any yime reading it, in fact I haveonly flicked through it a couple of times, but the CD which comes with it was eisier. I put it on my Ipod, and have listned to it all of 3 times, twice I have just fallen asleep - however today I notice that I have lost half a stone, could it be that you cn fall asleep listning to a recording of paul macenna doing a spooky voice, then get the urge not to eat all of your dinner? it seems the answer s far

Now I am Chair of Neighbourhood Management!

Blimey, I got voted on as Chair of Neighbourhood Management in Boscombe West and Springbourne at the AGM. It was a bit of a baptism of fire, as the guest speaker was Pam Donelon - Bournemouth Council Chief exec, and I was pretty unprepared. So it looks like Ive just started on a steep learning curve...........

I have heard that I am now an accredited La Leche League Leader! (Breastfeeding Councillor)

"La Leche - that's an unusual name;
how do you say it?"
"It means 'the milk' in Spanish.
Just say 'la letch-ay'"

So what does this mean I will be doing? well one thing will be telephone help:

The LLL Leaders who take the calls are mothers like you, answering the phone in their own home. They will listen to your questions and offer practical suggestions and warm support. They have the most up-to-date breastfeeding information available and can pass on the wealth of experience of other breastfeeding mothers, to help you solve the problems and make the decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Because Leaders are mothers too, they may not immediately be available to answer the phone, being perhaps busy with family matters: changing a nappy, picking up children from school, out shopping, or whatever. If they can't come to the phone they will often have an answer phone message with the numbers of other Leaders you can contact, or you can try again later. Most Leaders take calls in the evening and weekends too, though many partners and families aren't exactly ecstatic if the phone rings late at night or early in the morning! We ask for your help in avoiding those times unless your problem is really urgent.

It is because they are active mothers, caring for their families, that makes Leaders so well placed to support you in your mothering.

Call 0845 120 2918

A walk to coy pond

We walked to Coy pond tody, we were just looking at the fish and the ducks when Isaac suddenly took the keys out of the pushchair and threw them in the pond! Dominic ten had to paddle in the cold pond to try to retrieve them with a stick, he got the main ones, but Tradegy his Dolce and Gabbana key ring bling is lost forever.

Conservative conference

We are the lucky hosts of the Conservative party in Bournemouth this week, I went into town today, It is fascinating how the "young Conservatives" are so steriotypical, 19 year olds with receding hairlines, I walked past the Climate Clinic which was set up at the hotel opposite. They has employed unlikely looking eyebrow pierced types to make them look credible, but it all looked sadly synical to me. They had an electric car with tandem bikes printed all over it - hey driving a car with bike pictures on it is just so far off the mark. Finally we waled past the chip shop - packed out with big bellied lanyard wearing sorts, asserting their right to choose to eat slimey food.....
I went into JJB sports today, what a place! there are so many enormous "sports shirts" mostly football they look so nice stretched over a big fat beer gut. Whilst waiting for the lift in the highly sporty darts and snooker section I noticed that these top sports stars have a high tendency to sport a wonky half mouth smile. Dominic sugested that it might be where they have had to remove a B&H for the photoshoot?

No longer a non exec on the Primary Care Trust

1st October is the day that Bournemouth and Poole PCT's merge together. I think that this was a good idea, But it has seen me out of a little job as a non executive director:-( I have however had a good insight over the last 18 months of how the organisation works, which will be more usefull than being in there as you cant criticise when you'r part of the 'team'

Fiddle Orchestra

Me and My family are all members of the Coda Fiddle orchestra, This weekend we played at the Boscombe Community Fair. we were all pretty tired as we had had a good night the night before watching bands. we all have a really good time especially as some of us older kids get together to play sometimes too

My 30th Birthday 06/06/06!!!!!!

I had the best Birthday party ever, First a bit of luck, as it coincided with the most excellent world music concert in St Clements Church, which is just opposite my house. We heard Perico with their cool paper cinema which is a live kind of animation style performance using cut out pictures which are projected onto the wall of the church.
Afterwards everyone came back to ours where we had our party. Martha thouroughly embarassed me by giving me the pop up version of the Karma Sutra which I went ahead and opened in front of everyone!

Sinclair C5 in the churchyard!

Wow we looked out the window and there was this man with his Sinclair C5

AGM Baby Milk Action

We had our Baby Milk Action AGM this week, Myself and my friend Julie have been directors of the organisation for about a year, as we areboth pretty passionate about the issue. we drove there - as its in Cambridge, which is pedestrian friendly, we couldnt park in the centre, so we used the park and ride. I like the padestrian freedom, but am unsure about whether the park n ride bit is good or not?

Here is what Baby milk action is about:

Baby Milk Action is a non-profit organisation which aims to save lives and to end the avoidable suffering caused by inappropriate infant feeding. Baby Milk Action works within a global network to strengthen independent, transparent and effective controls on the marketing of the baby feeding industry.

The guest speaker was Gabrielle Palmer - she wrote the legendary book - The politics of Breastfeeding, she is a great speaker. My sister was there too with her baby - she is area co-ordinator in Greenwich.

Holiday in the Isle of Wight

Went to stay with My old schoolfriend in the Isle of Wight, she had this great photo of us when we were at school!
she has lots of chickens and the children all played with them all day.


This is the cool graffiti down at the car park in holdenhurst Rd. I especially love all the 54's you see out and about - and on the train all over the place,

International Womens Day - Boscombe 2006

Our International Womens Day 2006 celebration took place at Boscombe Childrens Centre. The children wore traditional clothes and we listned to Bollywood music and had Iranian food which was scrummy!