Paul Mckenna

My friend who lost weight recently told me that she used the paul macenna book and it worked. now usually I would take this with a pinch of salt , by this friend is super clever and wouldnt fall for a dodgy weight loss programme so I coppied her and ordered the book. Since recieving the book I cant say Ive bee spending any yime reading it, in fact I haveonly flicked through it a couple of times, but the CD which comes with it was eisier. I put it on my Ipod, and have listned to it all of 3 times, twice I have just fallen asleep - however today I notice that I have lost half a stone, could it be that you cn fall asleep listning to a recording of paul macenna doing a spooky voice, then get the urge not to eat all of your dinner? it seems the answer s far


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