Renewed road markings

Salisbury Rd cleanup day

I have posted before about Salisbury Rd see more

The clean up day for salisbury Rd was today, Here is me with hardworking Neighbourhood warden Dave. This was a great team effort, Residents parked elsewhere for the day and the highways people were able to repair and replace parts of the road surface and curbstones. The street was properly swept while the cars were out of the way. residents were spoken to individually about the recycling scheme to ensure that the bins are properly used, and that residents are aware of the need to sore their bins off the pavement. The opportunity was taken to lift the two redundant lamp posts. A very successful day.
Some or the worst curbstones have been replaced

A vey glam day in Sea rd, matching dogs at the hairdressers, then next door at Garbo's nail salon, eating al fresco

my mate Steve

This is my mate Steve, about an hour after the photo was taken , his daughter said to me: He doesn't really like you Lisa , he's only pretending , he hates you really and he thinks you are stinky! oh well...
Boscombe Area Businesses Against Crime is a group dedicated to work to reduce incidents of retail crime and anti-social behaviour within Boscombe and Springbourne. The group is made up of businesses, residents, councillors, police etc., We are actively seeking to recruit new members.

The date for the Annual General Meeting for the above is Thursday 30th August at 7pm at Neighbourhood Management offices, 22 Sea Road.

We need to elect the following officers to the Board of Management:-

Vice Chair,

The above group is supported by a Committee and we would welcome nominations for people to act as representatives on behalf of:-

Large Businesses
Small Businesses
The Tourism Industry
Estate Agencies

If you would like to make a nomination, please complete the enclosed and return as shown at the foot of the form.

If you would like to attend the Annual General Meeting, please let me know.


Carol Butler
Urban Centre Manager, Boscombe and Springbourne,
22 Sea Road,
Boscombe BH5 1DD
Tel: 01202 458982
mob: 07920 546 449

Martha's Hen Night

Me, Lisa Northover and Julie White, on our way to the beach for our friend martha's hen night

He has a few things to say about Bournemouth including a new strap-line for us:
"The town’s tourist poster should say, “Bournemouth: Have Everyone” in a dozen languages."
he goes on to say " There’s a pier you can walk on without wearing a hard hat" (lucky he didn't go to Boscombe!)
then:"Bournemouth has escaped the miserable fate of refugee-and-benefit dereliction that afflicts so much of the coast." (closer to the bone..) Then :"It’s still the real thing, unencumbered by taste or style and inverted commas; uncool in a sexy, hairy, sticky, cool way." (Aww thats nice!)

He goes on to give West beach a good review, sounds nice I might get beyond looking at the menu one day.

"Academics have found cohabiting couples are far more likely than those who are married to split housework evenly - but after the wedding they revert to stereotype, with the woman taking on the great majority of tasks."

Thats interesting, but more interesting is this:
"Overall, men averaged 9.41 hours’ housework per week and women 21.13 hours."

That's 30 hours of housework per week! I think this just isn't right, if our lives create so muck work just around the house, then how can we ever get time to actually have a life?

I think that possibly the answer must be in simplification. That means having less stuff that needs maintaining and storing. Without stuff, there can't be more than an hours worth of cleaning in a big house, hoovering, washing, mopping, bathroom, washing up.

It seems to be the stuff that is the blockage here. Why do we keep things?

Is it because we get emotionally attached to them? The thoughts that go through my head when I consider chucking something away are usually guilt. That is guilt about buying something I didn't really need, that someone has given me something I didn't really need and I feel I should keep it .. till when? forever maybe? Guilt because the things are part of a plan to do something, make something etc. or even because I did make it and it took ages..

The other problem with too much stuff is that you cant find the stuff you've got, so you get a new one, then you have more stuff.

Flylady ( says throw 38 items away a day (bit random) I have tried this and its true, that guilty feeling does go away, because the thing isn't there reminding you. Also it stops you taking things into the house in the first place, as somehow the responsibility of owning and looking after an object means the value of a thing that 'might just come in handy one day' just doesn't have the same appeal.

My Room

Over the last 6 months my room has become more and more dis-organised, I am not a naturally organised person at all, and if it wasn't so inconvenient I wouldn't even aspire to be, but things got so bad that I couldn't see my desk, and couldn't move my mouse. Then three or four months passed, and I couldn't find anything at all. Then Ben phoned. I think Ben is a naturally ordered kind of person, he sends me letters where my address fits in the window. He is the first (but not alone) to point out my spelling mistakes but also to finds a way to stop me making them. He was coming round to borrow my laptop charger, and to help me to sort out my computer files, then magically (perhaps through the prayers of the Jesus army or possibly witchcraft - vicki?!) we suddenly were sorting out my un-virtual files. Dom went to staples and got some ugly stationary - one of the blocks to getting this done, and we sorted out a little system for my paper work which now seems to fit on a shelf where before it needed a whole room. I now have found that I only have about 5 things to do. (the other things needed to be done so long ago that its hardly worth bothering now) Well a fresh start is just what I needed. Someone remind me to keep it up!
Thanks Ben x

Boscombe Area Forum

Selwyn Hall, St Johns Church, Christchurch Road, Boscombe.

1. Apologies, introduction

2. Sharon Carr-Brown, Public Governor -
Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Trust public consultation exercise.

3. Louis Minchella, Station Manager - Springbourne Fire Station
Home fire safety.
Springbourne station:

4. News, views, questions.

5. Constitution of the Area forum

a) comments and feedback on proposed constitution

find it attached, OR on the internet:

b) proposed separate votes at the AGM. To include, or not:
* Paragraph 26 and 'Reference to Committee' in paragraph 28
* Paragraph 16: the three year cap on officer posts
* Paragraph 6: 'at venues within the forum area'

6. Next meeting - Monday 10th September
AGM - Monday 8th October

Umoja’s Carnival Street Party

Umoja’s Carnival Street Party

Starting @ Boscombe/ Bournemouth East Cliff promenade

Saturday 1st September 2007
14.00pm - 15.00pm

Contact :Tel:01202 853665 Email

The sounds of the Caribbean and Africa hit the streets of Bournemouth!.

 So if you can Soca in Trinidad, Samba in Rio, Jam at Notting hill: then surely you can twist, blow your whistle and do yah thing at the Bournemouth’s Afrikan Caribbean carnival street party!. The Afro centric Bournemouth Carnival explosion ignites for the first time this year from Bournemouth promenade. The event is being organized by Umoja Arts Network,

The procession showcases national and local youth & adult performance groups with the likes of Birmingham Carnival & Masquerade 2000 aka MK2 (London) and local companies such as Cuban Salsa Explosion, Origins de Brazil, Dance Afrika and Dance 4 all plus much much more. The event organisers are currently recruiting volunteers, so come along and get involved, its ‘people that make a carnival..

Le Grande Cirque

I went along to see this years summer show Le Grand Cirque, showing at the BIC

Cirque du Soleil changed the face of Cirque style productions with their artistic interpretations of the world’s greatest acrobatic skills. From their base in Canada, they soon became the world leaders in this style of presentation with many sold out shows in Las Vegas and around the world.

And now, from the award winning creative team behind "Spirit of the Dance" one of the world’s most popular Dance shows, comes the next generation of Cirque style productions. The spellbinding and magical Le Grande Cirque is one of the most exciting shows you will ever see. It has fast become one of the hottest tickets in show business history with sold out shows and standing ovations night after night. It has played to over 10 million people around the world, smashing all box office records on the way.

Featuring an international cast of 50 world champion acrobats and performers from over 15 countries, including China, Russia and Monte Carlo, this award winning spectacle will quite simply take your breath away This thrill a minute production delivers incredible talent beyond your wildest imagination that will take you to the edge of your seats - and back again!

Le Grande Cirque is perfect for all the family, with fun and happiness written all over it. The mesmerising show brings you beautiful costumes, dynamic lighting, and some of the greatest international talent ever assembled on one stage. The music for the show has been selected from the world’s most popular classical composers, and masterfully arranged with up to date rhythms to reflect the international appeal of the show.
"Wednesday 1 August - Sunday 2 September 2007 (Wednesday - Sunday Only) - BIC Windsor Hall"

Last week I was invited along to the opening of a new photographic studio in Pokesdown called Shoot.

Photo: The Shoot team -Miss Holly Marsh, Tony Marsh and Jodie Kennedy

The entertainment for the evening went down a storm for the attending guests. Shoot had a working photographic studio. Absolute Fun Casino where on hand in Studio one, customers enjoyed a true casino feeling of roulette and blackjack. The winner with the most amounts of chips at the end of the night collected a £200 Shoot and make over at the studio. Also on hand in the basement gallery featured the work of Andy Scazybrook this work was commissioned on behalf of cancer care and also featured in the Hello magazine. To add to all this and to keep the crowds entertained even more, John Pike was the host DJ for the evening adding some cool funky tunes to the basement. At nine Shoot kick off with the live acts starting was Hot Couture Bournemouth’s new local girl band. Local winning singer song writers Hans Slack and Jemma Davies had a 20 min set, following this Tony Marsh and Miss Holly Marsh addressed the crowd and thanked the key people that had helped and inputted to the amazing success of Shoot Studios so far and its build. Following this the main act was introduced Bournemouth’s up and coming band The Blue Feeling. The Blue Feeling where the first band to get Shot at Shoot and it seemed right to return the favour and have them as the head line act at the launch party, they rocked!

All in all the evening was a great event enjoyed by all.

Shoot is taking photography to another level. Gone are the days of standard packages and having to return to be sold pictures of yourself or your loved ones. Shoot puts you the customer in control. By using our web site all of your ordering and the concluding of your photographic session can be done in the comfort of your home or at the office.
Shoot charges are very simple and leading the way in the photographic market. We charge you a standard flat fee, depending on the amount of time that you spend with us. It’s simple! Included with every photo shoot you receive a CD with a selected amount of photos water mark free and full quality. Please feel free to get these reproduced for family and clients at any of your local photographic labs or using your own PC printers. With every shoot you have the choice of selecting one of our FREE Shoot products. All of Shoot products are superb and will complement any media need, either it being for the home or business

Contact Information
Mr Tony Marsh 01202 243983 Mob 07980444334 Mail

Boscombe Area Forums

Please note that the next Boscombe Area Forums will be held on:

Monday 13th August, 7-9pm
Monday 10th September, 7-9pm
Monday 8th October, 7-9pm


Selwyn Hall, St John’s Church,
Christchurch Road, Boscombe.