"Academics have found cohabiting couples are far more likely than those who are married to split housework evenly - but after the wedding they revert to stereotype, with the woman taking on the great majority of tasks."

Thats interesting, but more interesting is this:
"Overall, men averaged 9.41 hours’ housework per week and women 21.13 hours."

That's 30 hours of housework per week! I think this just isn't right, if our lives create so muck work just around the house, then how can we ever get time to actually have a life?

I think that possibly the answer must be in simplification. That means having less stuff that needs maintaining and storing. Without stuff, there can't be more than an hours worth of cleaning in a big house, hoovering, washing, mopping, bathroom, washing up.

It seems to be the stuff that is the blockage here. Why do we keep things?

Is it because we get emotionally attached to them? The thoughts that go through my head when I consider chucking something away are usually guilt. That is guilt about buying something I didn't really need, that someone has given me something I didn't really need and I feel I should keep it .. till when? forever maybe? Guilt because the things are part of a plan to do something, make something etc. or even because I did make it and it took ages..

The other problem with too much stuff is that you cant find the stuff you've got, so you get a new one, then you have more stuff.

Flylady (flylady.com) says throw 38 items away a day (bit random) I have tried this and its true, that guilty feeling does go away, because the thing isn't there reminding you. Also it stops you taking things into the house in the first place, as somehow the responsibility of owning and looking after an object means the value of a thing that 'might just come in handy one day' just doesn't have the same appeal.


rachel bird said...

agree completely! am currently trying to get rid of a lot of stuff, in preparation for moving, and we're trying to persuade people we don't need any / much stuff for our wedding (especially any unsolicited stuff!). i thought flylady said 27 things, but maybe i'll go for 38 next time! i've started to realise that even if someone gave me something, if i don't like or want or need it, i might as well get rid of it rather than just keep it!

katy yelland said...

Maybe if you're a bit phobic about chucking stuff out you could start by looking at photos of wheelie bins, eventually working up to getting rid of one or two items per day, and viewing the 38 figure as your long-term goal.

Seriously though - my room's a tip.

Ben said...

I don't do any housework now. But then I'm no co-habiting. Ooooh. Now there's a subtle twist to the theory. What if us blokes only get tidy when marriage is in the offing? ;o)

I find throwing away things very liberating when I'm having a bad day/week/month etc .. I just start on a cupboard or shelf or corner of the spare room, and unlike everything else, I'm actually in control. I'm not going to sign up to 38 things a day. I won't be able to binge occasionally.

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