This coming Tuesday at 7.30pm The magnificence of St Clements church will once more be candlelit.
Mozart died aged 36 in 1791 leaving some 600 sublime compositions.
Stromenti, Boscombe's resident professional ensemble, is privileged to appear with Stewart Collins. Stewart is well known to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra audiences for his dry wit and sense of the amusing, and he has written his own monologue in the first person. Dressed in a slightly ridiculous costume as Amadeus, he is intercepted by excerpts from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, string quartets, divertimenti, Turkish Rondo, Musical Joke and other snippets.
Our research uncovers that the composer suffered from Tourette Syndrome, manifested in obsessive use of vulgarities, including the words of one 6 part canon for voices, translated from Viennese slang to polite English....."embrace my rear". Worry not, however, none of Mozart's indecent expletives have been included in Stewart's script.

Concert commences 7.30pm. Free parking both sides of the church. Fair trade refreshments at the interval.
Reservations by telephone 01202 399114 or on line at


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