Where are the Police when you need them......?

.........right there just where you need them!
So, I came home yesterday in Julie's car, we parked outside the driveway and noticed a couple of blokes looking at something in the drive.... Julie went and said "can I help you" ad the blokes said "oh we were just seeing if these people wanted to sell these bricks.....??!!  .. but they don't.... bye.....  And off they walked. Then my neighbour poked his head out the window and said "hey Lisa they were just trying to break into your house!" so I followed them around the corner - hoping to take a picture, only to discover they were hastily changing their jumpers. they saw me and started to run... I took chase, helped by two guys on bikes, and just as I was thinking all was lost a Police car came around the corner, with our local friendly PCSO's on board.... well... I waved them down and they jumped out and chased those blokes so fast! they jumped over walls and all sorts as the blokes split up, and within a few minutes both had been caught!  

So thankyou to the PCSO's the Police my fantastic neighbours, the boys on bikes and Julie!


Lloydie said...

Go you! Good on your for giving chase and glad it all ended in them getting caught. Keep going dynamic crime fighter!!!

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