TGI Friday!

This morning I was chairing our Neighbourhood Management Partnership Board, so I needed to get up bright and early and get the children to school early, unfortunately we didn't wake up until way after we should have, and so everything ran late. Having got them to school I made my way to Springbourne library where we have the meetings. Everyone was already there so we got straight on with the meeting. We are drawing towards the end of the scheme, so have had many discussions over the past couple of years about how we will wind up and which aspects may continue and this discussion was still a hot topic today. We had a guest from the Drug and alcohol team who explained some of the background of the strategies and issues.  After the Nm meeting it was about 1.00, and I took the opportunity of a lift into Bournemouth to look at the Pavilion plans, they are pretty exciting, I like the idea of losing the car park, and making that area people focussed. I also liked the spiral architecture, though the proof is in the tasting on that - sometimes things can look a little different once they are real! After this I had an hour or so before school so met Julie for a look round the shops. After school pick up, my friend Martha came round for her wine... She gets it delivered here from the wine merchant and its very exciting seeing what she gets each time! She went home to her dinner guests and I finished off dinner then had a quick ineffective tidy round, helping Steve with the hanging of a door in between... I am blogging earlier tonight as I have invited a couple of friends round and do not intend to account for any time from here on in!


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