Day 3...

Good nights sleep last night, I did end up getting back up and tidying the kitchen and chatting to Ben on the phone, He said my spelling is poor, But think it is better to write something quickly than to worry too much about about the detail and end up not doing anything at all, but I am happy to receive feedback on this point! So, a good start, Julie did the shop his morning, but came round for a coffee first at mine, she is doing a detox, so bought the ingredients and did her juice at mine, she was starving and couldn't concentrate on anything! I stayed at home and caught up on some phone calls until 11.30, when I went to NM for a meeting, though when I got there it turned out I got the wrong date, but ended up running through a few things with Christine anyway. With no meeting we could get to preschool on time to drop off and I had a spare half hour, so I went down to the clubhouse at station approach to take some information in, but also to find out a bit about what they do. At 1.30 I went next door to Kings Park School where I met with the Head to find out a bit more about the school, and it looks like we might be able to involve the families with some of our projects which will be great! After that, I popped down to Boogaloo to meet my sisters and Bro, who had just been to view the house they are buying, I had hoped to look at it too, but couldn't get there in time, we had about 20mins before I had to rush off for school pick up. After school I came home with Julie so we could tie up some loose ends on our articles and emails, then at about 4.30 my sister popped round with her husband and two children including new baby so we caught up all evening, I made soup dinner, and updated the website as we chatted. I had a phone call from a uni student who was interested in prostitution legislation so I chatted to her and sent her some info, this happens most days at the moment. Another councillor phoned to discuss a development in my ward too. So I just got in bed at 11.40, it feels like a fairly productive day work wise, though just treading water!(house is pretty messy) Todays random picture is one of me playing Julie's new cello!


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