Niceday thursday

A good day today, after sending the children off we went early to Boscombe to do shopping, we had an Idea to make a comic strip of our local shopping experience so took the camera along to record... First stop we bumped into the PCSO's who said hello to my son who likes wearing his police outfit at the moment, Then we went off to get the Echo from Mike, today there were 6 canabis factory raids and we were curious to see where they were! Then our fave blog fodder Dean who totally insulted me, asking if I'd had a heavy night last night - even Wayne was more polite today (thats saying something!) weighed down with fruit it was off to the flower stall for a cool orchid for £2.50, and the fish girl for some kippers. We just had a few seconds for a banter in the butchers before preschool drop off, we hardly stopped our hysterical laughing all morning.  Next with no children.. a change of scene, we went along to Kings Park School where we had been invited to try thier hot school meals! This scheme, thought of long before Jamie Oliver started has been going for a few years and is really popular, we had roast dinner then a slice of melon, With only half an hour to go before school pick up we rushed in to Boogaloo for skinny chai steamers and to meet my sister Helena who is 17 today ! she is pictured on the right, and my other sister who is down looking at a new flat, (and her babies)
After rushing off for school pickups, I had a quick tidy round before going to a meeting at the Chine hotel. I think this hotel is amazing ! If you look at old Boscombe seafront photo's it is the only building on the clifftop in the late 1800's Its pretty old fashioned in a cool and elegant way. After getting home we had dinner and then I have whiled away a bit of time helping with the Tax return, and now a bit of emails and web surfing, including making the comic strip above.  


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