Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Morning I was pretty tired, I needed to get to fiddle orchestra but was frustrated by the wheel of my bike which seems to have completely ceased up, I made it there late, but the children  got to play a couple of tunes and later on so did I. We are doing some really cool Tango pieces and Jack Is playing the electric violin over the top, so we are looking forward to a good concert in February - I might post a video! After Orchestra I went to Martha's and we played some more violin, I left at about three and took the children to the park. In the evening I listened to my book whilst tidying, I really like to listen to audiobooks as it stops me finding housework boring, also I get very little time for real reading as I have a lot of paperwork to read if I have time to read anything! The good thing about audiobooks is that you cannot be tempted to skim ahead, so you have to listen to every description, the bad thing is that they are more expensive and you cant flick back! A tired day...
Sunday  a day spent with the children, cooking cleaning and varnishing... we have put down a wood floor in the room that my grandmother used when she stayed with us for a few months last year. It is nearly ready for use! not sure what the room will be for yet, I would like to get a projector so we can watch films, I have my 15 chairs from flogit & legit so it would be great! 


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