time management

I have been thinking a bit about how I spend my time recently so have thought that I could (try )to keep a diary for a week or so to see..
So here we go...
I woke up too late today, Joe couldn't find his shoes and Monty was really slow getting ready so they were both late for school, School is only over the road but by the time I had got home again it was about 9.20, Julie came round for coffee, and we planned the day a bit and I got myself and Isaac ready, A friend called round with something for me to read, (good news!) at 10.30 I had a meeting with a Geography Student at Boogaloo this lasted untill about 11.30, when I made my way down to the Neighbiurhood management office for an editorial meeting at 12 (I thought Isaac would be bored so I stopped at the charity shop to get him a car to play with) after the editorial meeting I had a meeting with the neighbourhood manager about next weeks board meeting. By this time I was starving so we dropped in to the wholefood co-o for some lunch things to take home.... After lunch it was about 2.00 and Julie suggested that we could be bad mothers and watch Trisha all afternoon, We tried but its now called Jeremy Kyle... a decadent afternoon of ghoulish voyeurism ! So... 3.00 time to get the children, by 3.30 they were all home, we sat and did some stuff for a while and I drifted in an out of sleep for an hour or so then I made dinner, spit green pea, butternut and bacon soup..yum at 6.00 I had a student come to do a video interview about the seafront development. after that at about 7ish we eat dinner, then the children started getting ready to go to bed, I cuddled Isaac till he fell asleep. At about 8.00 I sat with the laptop, answered my emails and updated the calendar, did some website stuff for Boscalicious, optimised an image for the NM News, I feel like I have had quite a lazy day really, mainly because of the Jeremy Kyle the late start and the falling asleep, I am going to have an early night tonight so as not to start the day in the same way tomorrow, though look.. its 10.45 already...


joolee said...

Bad mothers?? not compared with the ones on that TV programme!! Ah.....that's what you end up doing when you watch TV! Comparing yourself to everyone on these wacky programmes and thinking that actually you're quite normal!! x

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