What do you think of Boscombe Precinct?

The pedestrian area in the centre of Boscombe was created  when the Sovereign Cntre was built around 17 years ago. Over the last few years the area has not been maintained so well, some of the paving has bee replaced with tarmac and the gullys have a tendancy to fall in from time to time (this happened to me once as I wheeled my bike over one of them!).
The possibility of doing something about the precinct area has been raised, and I am very keen to hear what people think about this and give me feedback.
Here are some of my thoughts so far....
  • The last 18 months has seen at least three good quality cafe's opening in the area which have changed the feel of the area, including popular outside tables. 
  • Footfall in Boscombe is up, bucking local and national trends
  • Boscombe is one of the best flat shopping area's supported by a popular shopmobility scheme.
  • The design of the two ends of the precinct make it very difficult to access shops beyond that area.  Obstructions include pedestrian guard rails and multiple sets of traffic lights - could better design resolve this issue an encourage shoppers into the area's outside the precinct?
  • Visitors to the Opera house have reportedly been put off by the walk to awkward rd carpark, could this be resolved by negotiations with Aldi to use their carpark in the evenings?
I look forward to hearing some views on this!


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