Keeping safe in town

I had an absolutely fantastic time on Saturday night, we went to 60,0000000 postcards, then the consortium then the camel bar. We me a lot of lovely people who were caring and were looking out for each other, I felt very safe in the tow centre where we stayed / moved between clubs - not at all unsafe. On our way home we walked past Subway and the I-bar in Holdenhurst rd, the police had taped a large area off, this was at about 6.30 am. I was so sad to read the next day that we had actually passed the sites of both of the murders that happened that night on the way home, - others clearly did not find Bournemouth the warm, friendly place that we did. I have thought about how safe it is to go out quite a bit, and how I will feel when my own children start to go out into Bournemouth. I don't think I will try to stop them - its part of growing up, but I hope they will understand how easily a person can be seriously injured or killed. I think that TV and Film can convince us that people can survive all sorts of violent attacks and still get back up for more, but that's not real... the two deaths last weekend were apparently the result of what would have been fairly minor tussles, many of which happen every weekend, and any of which could end tragically ...


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