All night bus services

The Council has announced a number of changes to bus routes, some of which should improve the service for local people in Boscombe.

All night services
Wilts and Dorset ‘More’ services are introducing all-night services on Friday and Saturday nights between Bournemouth and Westbourne, Parkstone, Poole, Charminster, Boscombe and Iford.

"I've yet to see the details about this, but being able to get the bus back from Poole or Bournemouth later at night is definitely good news," says Cllr Lisa Northover.

"Going to see a performance or film at the Lighthouse in Poole in particular was difficult as many finished after the last bus home."

"Its a shame that only Friday and Saturday is considered a viable night out - a balanced nightime economy shouldn't only revolve around drinking, and I think the lack of transport is holding back the alternatives"

"Transport is also a big problem for people working early or late shifts - usually those least able to afford to run a car or take a taxi" adds Lisa

"I'm looking forward to seeing details of the changes."

Full details of the route changes will be published on the Council Website in due course.


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