Bus improvements announced

The Council has announced a number of changes to bus routes, some of which should improve the service for local people in Boscombe.

Route 41 runs through Boscombe from the Pier, via the Bus Station, Palmerston Road, St Clement's Road, Southcote Road, past Bournemouth Station, and on through Queen's Park to Castlepoint and Throop beyond.

Its currently a Yellow Buses service, paid for by the Council, and runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Under the new plans, the service is to be enhanced with Shamrock Buses taking it over, and extending the service to Monday-Fridays.

Some of the route is currently 'hail and ride' - you can flag the bus down anywhere on the route except for the main roads near the Sovereign Centre, Bus Station, Bournemouth Station, and Castlepoint.

More news about the timetable and route when its available. Watch this space!

"This is really great news for the area," says Councillor Lisa Northover. "Service 41 represents vital lifeline for local people, such as on Sea Road."

"Many people told me during the election a year ago that free bus passes are a great idea, but only if the services exist to use them on."

"I'm looking forward to seeing the timetable."

Littledown and the Hospital. The Council has announced a new route 39 which will provide direct links to Bournemouth Hospital, Littledown, Boscombe and Bournemouth Town Centre.

The route isn't published yet, and the announcement also states that "all other existing services have been withdrawn as they are not commercially viable." Watch this space for more news.

Full details of the route changes will be published on the Council Website in due course.


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