CRB Checks

I was checking the Dragons Den Application form the other day and noticed that they ask for permission to carry out a full CRB check on applicants.

Nacro, the charity for ex - offenders publishes a report a couple of years ago called: Getting Disclosures Right: A review of the use and misuse of criminal record disclosures – which highlights how, under the current system, people who are not a risk to children or vulnerable adults are being refused employment, suspended and dismissed on the basis of wholly irrelevant cautions or convictions.

There are strict rules about the use of CRB checks, laid out in the rehabilitation of offenders act, but there are numerous examples of its misuse nationally but also locally, and if you see this happening you can complain to CRB who have the power to take away the ability to undertake the CRB checks. here is the BBC example:

I have complained to the BBC and await the reply.


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