The real hustle

I have just been watching the "Real Hustle" on Iplayer... I think it is really sad that people who give others the benefit of the doubt are painted as gullible, it is after all those acts of goodwill that make a pleasant and strong community. I remember when I moved to Boscombe everyone said that it was a bad place and that i should be careful etc, I know the area well but a little anxious that I might have been naive I went off shopping to Lidl - At the till i realised that I hadn't bought enough money and was a couple of pounds short but immediately the young guy behind me insisted on giving me the money I was short. Not what I expected and an early example of the enormous amount of good will evident in my community. So.. ok the Real hustle might show me how I should never trust anyone but at the end of the day the karma bank way seems a better way to live!


LSB said...

To me, there's something morally worse about scams that exploit people's intentions to help others, than those that exploit people's greed and selfishness.

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