the flattery that got me no-where

I just went into Deacons to meet a friend for his birthday and to buy him a drink, the bar maid asked if I had any ID... I laughed a little till I realised she was being serious. I said no, she said, well you don't look over 21!!!!! I was just confused as I started to realise that I couldn't even stay in the pub, or even buy a coke, I started to say, well I'm 31 actually, but she clearly didn't believe me and If I argued about it it would set a terrible example, so I just had to come home...

here is a picture of my young face!


Ben said...

Four children and you're not even 21 yet .. what sort of message does that send about family values?

Rachel said...

haha. that happened to me recently...a woman in M&S refused to sell me a bottle of wine, at least i had some id though!

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