My Mum in China

I'm keeping in touch with what my Mum gets up to in China where she is visiting maufaturers, she adds to her blog through her mobile phone, I keep checking to see what she's doing - isn't that cool!? there's a link to her blog - (sallys blog) on the right -

When I got Wi-fi at home we left it unproected for a while, I noticed that people started sittng on the bench opposite our house with latops, some even with head phones and cams. It made me think... wherever there is free wireles people gather. A couple of years and many meeting on, we have unveiled the first free public space wireless in Doret right here in Boscombe! My hope is that we will be known for something positive, which is useful for tourists, students and local people. The wireless is enabled through two 'iplus' kiosks, these are touch screen units which have lots of local info - maps, travel info, council info, there is a diect link where you can e-mail me if you like! or send a video or postcard to friends - so next time you're in Bosombe send me something....

These picture are from the lanch, where we had a fab day with lots of food provided by Boogaloo, which was lovely!

Here is a picture from the Halloween party at Curchill gardens tonight! There was a free barbie from the Police Community Support Oficers, Noah the drummer entertaining the Children and activities provided by the boredom busters team, the fire brigade added to the occasion with a chip pan fire demo, great fun!

The Print Room

Me and m' Julie had a lovely lunch at the Print Room, the new Restaurant which used to be the room Echo was printed in. Our lunch was cool, with beautiful food, we had children with us and the place is dead echoey with every drop of a fork crashing out around the whole place! I think we would go again, but maybe when they start school!

Julie White, Lisa Northover and Nigel Kershaw CEO Big Issue

This was Meridian filming a piece for TV about those who don't have TV...

It wasn't me!

Multi-Cultural Day

The Iranian & Farsi Speaking Association present
The Second
Multi-Cultural Day
Sponsored by the Arts Institute at Bournemouth
Supporting Unity in Vision – Centre of Cultures
Saturday 27th October 2007
11.00am – 4.30pm
at The Pavilion, Westover Road, Bournemouth
To celebrate the cultural diversity in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole
Live performances include Dance and Music
from Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, China and Iran and many more
Tickets on the day:
Adults £2
Children 13yrs+ £1
Children 12 yrs
and under FREE For more information email:
Supported by Bournemouth Borough Council
Independent Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Forum for Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals next Meeting in Public on Wednesday 14th November, 11am at Friends Meeting House, 16 Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe BH5 1AH.

This meeting will feature a talk on Accident & Emergency (A&E) Services and in order to gather feedback the forum would greatly appreciate it if you could answer the following questions (your comments will be anonymised, compiled and passed on to the Trust, to help improve A&E services):

Please tell us what you think about Accident & Emergency Services at Royal Bournemouth Hospital

What works well?
What could be improved?

Da Da Da Daaaaa

I went along with Matilda to see the BSO's Beethoven performance, it was great and it included his 5th Variously called the 'Fate' theme or the knocking theme, it's absolutely enduringly mysterious, bright yet full of strange portent and the symphony, Beethoven's first one to have a minor key attached to it, remains a miracle of genius for what it said and does still say to the heart, the emotions and the mind.

Divine Chocolate

Farmer owned fairtrade company Divine Chocolate Ltd were named as the Overall Winner of the Enterprising Solutions Awards
here we are with Sophi Tranchell the CEO of Divine!

I just went into Deacons to meet a friend for his birthday and to buy him a drink, the bar maid asked if I had any ID... I laughed a little till I realised she was being serious. I said no, she said, well you don't look over 21!!!!! I was just confused as I started to realise that I couldn't even stay in the pub, or even buy a coke, I started to say, well I'm 31 actually, but she clearly didn't believe me and If I argued about it it would set a terrible example, so I just had to come home...

here is a picture of my young face!

Planning Applications this week

15/10/2007 7-2007-4902-O 11 Florence Road Erection of a 3 storey block of 11 flats Braeside Developments BW JU 28/09/2007
(8 residential and 3 holiday flats) with
bin and cycle stores and formation of
parking spaces
11/10/2007 7-2007-2830-H 543 Christchurch Road Alterations, rear extension and Richer Sounds BW EY 05/11/2007
conversion of property to form 7 flats in
addition to ground floor shop
12/10/2007 7-2007-12877-H 24 Florence Road Conversion of existing dwelling and Kingsbourne Estates BW RC 16/11/2007
three storey rear extension to form 12
self contained flats with 6 parking
spaces and bin & cycle stores
15/10/2007 7-2007-7633-C 18 & 20 Shelley Road Erection of 2 dwellinghouses and a 3 Chinecrest BW SG 16/11/2007
storey block of 10 flats with bin and
cycle stores
17/10/2007 7-2007-7376-Z Fircroft Hotel, 4 Owls Road Conservation Area Consent for Mr G Beck BW SG V
demolition of hotel and associated
17/10/2007 7-2007-7376-Y Fircroft Hotel, 4 Owls Road Demolition and erection of a mixed use Mr G Beck BW SG
development of 63 flats (includes
holiday, residential & affordable flats) -
17/10/2007 7-2007-23025-A 9-11 The Crescent Alterations, extensions and conversion Mr C Taylor BW SG V 16/11/2007
of premises into 12 flats with bin/cycle
store and formation of parking spaces -


This coming Tuesday at 7.30pm The magnificence of St Clements church will once more be candlelit.
Mozart died aged 36 in 1791 leaving some 600 sublime compositions.
Stromenti, Boscombe's resident professional ensemble, is privileged to appear with Stewart Collins. Stewart is well known to Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra audiences for his dry wit and sense of the amusing, and he has written his own monologue in the first person. Dressed in a slightly ridiculous costume as Amadeus, he is intercepted by excerpts from Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, string quartets, divertimenti, Turkish Rondo, Musical Joke and other snippets.
Our research uncovers that the composer suffered from Tourette Syndrome, manifested in obsessive use of vulgarities, including the words of one 6 part canon for voices, translated from Viennese slang to polite English....."embrace my rear". Worry not, however, none of Mozart's indecent expletives have been included in Stewart's script.

Concert commences 7.30pm. Free parking both sides of the church. Fair trade refreshments at the interval.
Reservations by telephone 01202 399114 or on line at
This is the information going to Wednesdays Cabinet meeting - let me know what you think!

That the development of a small urban park and affordable
housing on the site of TS Phoebe, Springbourne Day Centre and
allotments (the Springbourne site), shown hatched black on the
plan at Appendix 1, be supported in principle and progressed in
accordance with the draft action plan at Appendix 3.
1.2 That Officers be instructed to enter into negotiations with TS
Phoebe and the allotment holders to secure their relocation to
alternative sites.
1.3 That proposals for the relocation of TS Phoebe be the subject of a
further Cabinet report, to include any requests for financial
1.4 That the Cabinet Member with the Economy & Tourism portfolio
be given delegated authority to approve the relocation of the
1.5 That the Cabinet Member with the Resources portfolio be given
delegated authority to approve the terms for a sale of the land
identified for affordable housing to a housing association.

read the rest at:
Here is an update on the BCCA, This is the recommendation going to cabinet on Wednesday 10th:

1.1 To authorise officers to enter into negotiations with one of the Council’s
nominated housing association partners for a mixed use development on the
Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts (BCCA) site and 70 Gladstone
Road, shown hatched black on the plan at Appendix 1. The mix of uses and
terms of the transaction to be approved by the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for
Resources after consultation with the Housing and Procurement Portfolio
1.2 To authorise officers to further explore the opportunity to include a Centre
for Independent Living as part of a mixed-use development on the site.
1.3 Officers to be authorised to progress an outline Business Case for the early
demolition of the BCCA buildings, excluding 70 Gladstone Road.
2.0 Reason:
2.1 To determine the future use of the BCCA site. This responds to the Council
Priorities: Improving Our Environment, Better Planning and Community Action
and the Investment Priority: Affordable Housing.

see the rest at
For the Mayors Charities

Bistro on the Beach, Southbourne.
Thursday 25th October 2007

Tickets £15

for tickets or more info -