Wholefood co-op receives funding

Good news!

We have received funding to run the co-op as a community enterprise for the next two years.

The Boscombe Wholefood co-operative shop is in Roumelia lane, Boscombe. The shop is open to everyone and residents of Boscombe are entitled to membership which offers discounts of up to 50% off the retail price of many products.

The shop stocks a wide range of food, and we are happy to answer questions about how to use the ingredients we sell.

The funding that we have recieved enables us to offer the substantial discounts to residents in the Boscombe area, as Boscombe has significantly poor health - with the life expectancy 10 years less than other parts of Bournemouth.

The Co-op already has 56 members and has already sold hundrds of pounds worth of high quality healthy foods to those recorded as having the poorest health in Bournemouth.


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