Parking scheme for Tower road?

I asked about plans for a parking scheme for Tower Road. Here is the update:

Firstly, I can confirm that Tower Road is on the residents parking
request list. As you may be aware, the Council does have a policy of
introducing residents parking schemes and over the last few years a
number of residents permit schemes have been introduced. In addition,
two further schemes are currently going through the consultation
process, one for Salisbury Road/ Carnarvon Road and a larger scheme
centred on Lytton Road.

When these schemes are completed the request list will be re-assessed
and the next schemes will be selected for consultataion. This is likely
to be around the end of the year. The assessment utilises a ranking
criteria that gives priority to those requests where the majority of
properties have little or no off street parking and also favours
requests in proximity to the town centre/ neighbourhood shopping areas
across the town.

On this basis, Tower Road is likely to be one of the higher ranked
requests on the list although I am aware that there are a number of
similar type requests on file. Hence, while it is possible that Tower
Road will be recommended for consultation at the next assessment, I
cannot confirm that fact until the assessment is undertaken.


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