Questions put at Tuesdays council meeting

Here are the questions that I put on behalf of the residents of Boscombe west at the Council meeting on Tuesday.
If there are questions that you would like an answer to, please let me know!


Question to the Cabinet Member with the portfolio for Major Projects

Cabinet, 18 July 2007 – Clause 184 – Waterfront Complex

‘In the last general election, the Conservatives pledged to ‘demolish the IMAX.’

What are the administration’s plans to deliver on this pledge?’

Councillor Northover

Cabinet Member reply:

‘I believe one of our Members of Parliament did not pledge to demolish but may have expressed the view that he would like to see the Waterfront Complex demolished – which view has been shared by many Citizens and Councillors of this Borough.

Unfortunately as we are all aware, this avenue is not open to us as the Head Lease runs for another 143 years and only the Head Leaseholder could demolish subject to this Council’s consent.

I would add that if such opportunity arose this Administration would be the first to agree.’


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