Notes from Boscombe Area Forum

1. Welcome and apologies
Apologies from Ben and Jilly Grower, Jack Maguire, (Walpole Area Residents Association), Hannah Beech and Dave Hamilton (Neighbourhood Wardens for Boscombe and Springbourne) and Rev. Barry Rathbone

2. Adopting a constitution
Tejinder Birk, Community Engagement Officer, outlined the need for the forum to adopt a constitution. It is a set of rules and guidance that gives strength to the forum. The forum will be more organised in view of having a committee and members.

It was agreed to use the same objectives of the Littledown and Iford constitution, i.e

The aims of the Committee shall be:

- To identify the aims and aspirations of the group and to improve the quality of life in Boscombe. Boscombe is defined as the electoral wards, Boscombe East and Boscombe West.

- To provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting Boscombe, between local people, ward councillors and other organisations which actively encourages community participation in shaping policies and the actions of the council by promoting local democracy.

- To promote a positive image of Boscombe.


Membership will be open to all those that live and work in Boscombe. Other representatives of organisations may be invited along to meetings, but will not have voting rights.

There was lots of discussion around other issues of the constitution. Please can you pass on your comments to the new committee via the new Secretary Ben Prescott, contact details below.

It was agreed that the new committee should meet monthly for the first 3 months. Agreed dates:

Monday 13th August, 7-9pm
Monday 10th September, 7-9pm
Monday 8th October, 7-9pm

It was agreed to try and book Selwyn Hall, at St John’s Church. Christchurch Road.

The new committee will meet prior to the next forum, where the constitution will be confirmed.

Committee Members

A vote was taken for the position of Chair. Reg Mitchell received 3 votes and Andy Watkins received 16. Andy has to confirm whether a police officer can take up position of Chair. The other positions are as follows:

Chair – Andy Watkins

Secretary – Ben Prescott
2, The Water Tower, Palmerston Road, BH1 4HT

Treasurer – Steve Kent

Committee Members

Sue Tyler
Chris Green
Kathy Pearce
Paul Yates

It was proposed Harry Culter should be made Honary President, Harry thanked the forum for this.


There are 2 vacant seats for the Boscombe West positions on the Neighbourhood Management Board. Please contact the Neighbourhood Management office at 22 sea Road or call 458708 for more information.

A resident requested Planning to be on the agenda next time.


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