Tony Wilson

Sadly it has been announced that Tony Wilson died Yesterday, I hadn't heard of him untill I watched the film 24h party people, a film about his life where he was played by Steve Coogan. Probably not the most flattering portrayal, he is refered to as a twat in the film, however he was very successful. He started the Ha├žienda club in Manchester and Manchester became Madchester. He launched lots of bands - Joy Division, New Order, through factory records, and he famously had no contract with them. His businesses were more about creating cultural change than than financial success and the club eventually went under because people took E's rather than drank alcohol. Throughout this time he was also a local TV presenter on local news and game shows. I think he is inspirational because of his absolute love for Manchester and its people.

Parking scheme for Tower road?

I asked about plans for a parking scheme for Tower Road. Here is the update:

Firstly, I can confirm that Tower Road is on the residents parking
request list. As you may be aware, the Council does have a policy of
introducing residents parking schemes and over the last few years a
number of residents permit schemes have been introduced. In addition,
two further schemes are currently going through the consultation
process, one for Salisbury Road/ Carnarvon Road and a larger scheme
centred on Lytton Road.

When these schemes are completed the request list will be re-assessed
and the next schemes will be selected for consultataion. This is likely
to be around the end of the year. The assessment utilises a ranking
criteria that gives priority to those requests where the majority of
properties have little or no off street parking and also favours
requests in proximity to the town centre/ neighbourhood shopping areas
across the town.

On this basis, Tower Road is likely to be one of the higher ranked
requests on the list although I am aware that there are a number of
similar type requests on file. Hence, while it is possible that Tower
Road will be recommended for consultation at the next assessment, I
cannot confirm that fact until the assessment is undertaken.
Here are the questions that I put on behalf of the residents of Boscombe west at the Council meeting on Tuesday.
If there are questions that you would like an answer to, please let me know!


Question to the Cabinet Member with the portfolio for Major Projects

Cabinet, 18 July 2007 – Clause 184 – Waterfront Complex

‘In the last general election, the Conservatives pledged to ‘demolish the IMAX.’

What are the administration’s plans to deliver on this pledge?’

Councillor Northover

Cabinet Member reply:

‘I believe one of our Members of Parliament did not pledge to demolish but may have expressed the view that he would like to see the Waterfront Complex demolished – which view has been shared by many Citizens and Councillors of this Borough.

Unfortunately as we are all aware, this avenue is not open to us as the Head Lease runs for another 143 years and only the Head Leaseholder could demolish subject to this Council’s consent.

I would add that if such opportunity arose this Administration would be the first to agree.’

Questions at full council

Here are the questions that I asked on behalf of the residents of Boscombe West at the full council meeting yesterday:

Can we be advised of the plans to revise the Boscombe Spa road, Christchurch Rd junction, funded by the Barratt Homes capital receipt?

Answer from Cllr Lawton

The section 106 agreement associated with the Boscombe Spa development contributed £200,000 on commencement of the redevelopment towards highway safety improvements along Christchurch Road at the junctions with Crabton Close Rd and Boscombe Spa Rd to mitigate the increased traffic generated by the development.

A road safety scheme has recently been completed at the Crabton, close Roa d junctions which was wholly funded through the local transport plan (LTP),leaving the £200,000 developer contribution available for improvements in the vicinity or boscome
Spa road junction.

Traffic survey data has been collected along Christchurch road between and including manor Road and St John's Road junctions,pr


To the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

‘Can the relevant Cabinet Member please advise me on the status of plans to revise the Boscombe Spa Road / Christchurch Road junction, funded by the Barratt Homes capital receipt.?’

Councillor Northover

Cabinet Member reply:

‘The Section 106 Agreement associated with the Boscombe Spa development contributed £200,000 on commencement of the development towards highway safety improvements along Christchurch Road at the junctions with Crabton Close Road and Boscombe Spa Road to mitigate the increased traffic generated by the development.

A road safety scheme has recently been completed at the Crabton Close Road junction, which was wholly funded through the Local Transport Plan (LTP), leaving the £200,000 developer contribution available for improvements in the vicinity of the Boscombe Spa Road junction.
Traffic survey data has been collected along Christchurch Road between and including Manor Road and St John’s Road junctions, prior to initiating further detailed design work.

It is proposed that detailed design will be undertaken this year by our transportation partnering consultants, Mouchel Parkman, in conjunction with the study work associated with the LTP Prime Transport Corridor initiative and bus priority measures proposed along the A35 Christchurch Road.

Subject to the outcome of the associated public consultation and finalising the detailed scheme design, it is anticipated that the jointly funded developer/LTP project for highway safety improvements in the Christchurch Road/Boscombe Spa Road area will be implemented during 2008/09.’
Application No: 7/2007/22736/A

To see the Application go to; go to
and click 'search applications' on the left, and search using the planning code (eg 7-2006-5195-F)

Viva la Velorution

Someone just asked to be my friend because of our shared support if the Velorution!

Do you know about that??...

1 thumb up
A combination of the words velo (bike) and revolution. It refers to the mass acceptance of bicycles which will allegedly replace a car driven society with a bike-driven one. The velorution is awfully desultory in its specific goals.

Critical Mass is an offspring of the Velorution.

Velorution is also part of the progressive ideals, although riding a bike has nothing to do with politics. Many people who "support" riding bikes do not actually ride bikes.

People who claim to support velorution are usually deemed poseurs if they do not ride for transportation for any reason.
Poseurs will usually say "its too dangerous to ride" without knowing how to ride in traffic; have bike racks on their cars as a self-righteous gesture; support bike lanes without knowing anything about bikes; say things like, "I would ride a bike if..."

The Velorution is most popular in cities like Austin, Athens, New Orleans, Portland, Eugene, Seattle, San Fran, Madison. Mainly the Northwest and Northern California.

Members of the velorution either.
1.Want bicycle lanes/paths:
Bike lanes present turning conflicts and actually make riding bikes more dangerous, therefore the concept has not been totally accepted in the United States.
Education is being tried to teach children and adults about safety when riding bicycles in traffic.
3.Community Building:
Community is sought through establishing institutions like the Yellow Bike Project, which provides local bike riders with a place to make repairs on their bikes.
The velorution will not be motorized!

Boscombe - Boscombe pier 50p

Balloons in Ealing

I went up to Ealing yesterday to help with the By-election campaign. We gave out hundreds of balloons - here is a photo!
(left) Bournemouth's Cllr Lisa Northover
(centre) Filton & Bradley Stoke's PPC Emma Bone

501-507 Christchurch Road

APPELLANT: Clark & Brassington
APPEAL SITE: 501-507 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth
REF: APP/G1250/A/07/2043401/NWF

As you will know from my letter dated 9 May 2007, an appeal has been lodged with the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government against the Council’s refusal of planning permission for the part demolition of existing building, alterations, 3/4 storey extension and conversion of 1st and 2nd floors of existing building to form 40 flats, integral bin store, retention of retail premises to Christchurch Road, formation of new vehicular access and parking spaces - Resubmission at the above address. An Inspector has now been appointed by her to hold a hearing to determine the appeal and this will be held on the 14 August 2007 at Bournemouth Town Hall, commencing at 10:00 a.m.

Please note that the date given in my earlier letter for the submission of any representations to the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol has now expired and any that are now received by them will not normally be forwarded to the Inspector but will be returned to you. However, if you wish you can attend the hearing and, at the discretion of the Inspector, either personally or through a representative state any views you may have regarding the proposed development. If special arrangements need to be made to enable any person with a disability to attend the hearing, please contact the officer named at the top of this letter.

The documents relating to the appeal may be inspected during office hours on weekdays in my office at the address shown at the top of this letter. In order to avoid a possibly wasted journey, it is advisable to check on the availability of these documents by telephoning the number given above before visiting this office. A booklet entitled “A guide to taking part in planning appeals” can be collected free of charge from my office or through “publications” on the Planning Inspectorate’s website

If you wish to be notified of the outcome of this appeal, you must write to the Planning Inspectorate, Room 3/19a, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN and specifically request them to send a copy of the decision to you.

Yours faithfully,

For Head of Planning & Transport

Are you storing junk?

Are you storing junk?

Free up that space!

Lower minimum charge than the council!

Single items to whole house clearance!

Fast, reliable service covering the BH area!

Licensed by the Environment Agency!

Commited to recycling where possible!

Large capacity vehicles!

Call now on 0845 652 1976

Notes from Boscombe Area Forum

1. Welcome and apologies
Apologies from Ben and Jilly Grower, Jack Maguire, (Walpole Area Residents Association), Hannah Beech and Dave Hamilton (Neighbourhood Wardens for Boscombe and Springbourne) and Rev. Barry Rathbone

2. Adopting a constitution
Tejinder Birk, Community Engagement Officer, outlined the need for the forum to adopt a constitution. It is a set of rules and guidance that gives strength to the forum. The forum will be more organised in view of having a committee and members.

It was agreed to use the same objectives of the Littledown and Iford constitution, i.e

The aims of the Committee shall be:

- To identify the aims and aspirations of the group and to improve the quality of life in Boscombe. Boscombe is defined as the electoral wards, Boscombe East and Boscombe West.

- To provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting Boscombe, between local people, ward councillors and other organisations which actively encourages community participation in shaping policies and the actions of the council by promoting local democracy.

- To promote a positive image of Boscombe.


Membership will be open to all those that live and work in Boscombe. Other representatives of organisations may be invited along to meetings, but will not have voting rights.

There was lots of discussion around other issues of the constitution. Please can you pass on your comments to the new committee via the new Secretary Ben Prescott, contact details below.

It was agreed that the new committee should meet monthly for the first 3 months. Agreed dates:

Monday 13th August, 7-9pm
Monday 10th September, 7-9pm
Monday 8th October, 7-9pm

It was agreed to try and book Selwyn Hall, at St John’s Church. Christchurch Road.

The new committee will meet prior to the next forum, where the constitution will be confirmed.

Committee Members

A vote was taken for the position of Chair. Reg Mitchell received 3 votes and Andy Watkins received 16. Andy has to confirm whether a police officer can take up position of Chair. The other positions are as follows:

Chair – Andy Watkins

Secretary – Ben Prescott
2, The Water Tower, Palmerston Road, BH1 4HT

Treasurer – Steve Kent

Committee Members

Sue Tyler
Chris Green
Kathy Pearce
Paul Yates

It was proposed Harry Culter should be made Honary President, Harry thanked the forum for this.


There are 2 vacant seats for the Boscombe West positions on the Neighbourhood Management Board. Please contact the Neighbourhood Management office at 22 sea Road or call 458708 for more information.

A resident requested Planning to be on the agenda next time.

Post office to move to WHSmith?

Plans are underway to move the Bournemouth town centre Post office into WHSmith. The plan would see the post office in an upstairs location with a smaller floorspace and no parking for elderly or disabled people outside. Bournemouth Council is co-ordinating a petition.

The council's petition will be available for signing in Bournemouth Square Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Good news!

We have received funding to run the co-op as a community enterprise for the next two years.

The Boscombe Wholefood co-operative shop is in Roumelia lane, Boscombe. The shop is open to everyone and residents of Boscombe are entitled to membership which offers discounts of up to 50% off the retail price of many products.

The shop stocks a wide range of food, and we are happy to answer questions about how to use the ingredients we sell.

The funding that we have recieved enables us to offer the substantial discounts to residents in the Boscombe area, as Boscombe has significantly poor health - with the life expectancy 10 years less than other parts of Bournemouth.

The Co-op already has 56 members and has already sold hundrds of pounds worth of high quality healthy foods to those recorded as having the poorest health in Bournemouth.
22/06/2007 7-2007-2055-I 5
Florence Road Erection of a three storey block of 12 flats Derek Frederick Saunders BW RC L 20/07/2007
with bin/cycle stores and formation of
parking spaces

25/06/2007 7-2007-6501-C
21 Sea Road Alterations and conversion of rear ground Saxon Construction BW JMA 20/07/2007
floor office to self contained flat.

25/06/2007 7-2007-1297-B
55 Westby Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 13 flats Capital Property Developers Ltd BW SG 21/07/2007

Details of these planning applications will be posted soon on; go to and click 'search applications' on the left, and search using the planning code (eg 7-2006-5195-F)

Stromenti is Boscombe's professional ensemble

Stromenti is Boscombe's professional ensemble.

The Bournemouth Daily Echo described them as displaying "Musicianship par excellence".

The members are:

Jack Maguire, (Director/solo violin), also Co-leader of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. He was formerly leader and soloist with the Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet Orchestra. He is known to audiences by his solos at BSO fireworks concerts.

Fiona McKinley (solo violin/viola), Head of Strings at Canford School. She also plays with the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra and the Christchurch Sinfonia.

Gillian Tolliday, (Viola/violin) teaches violin and viola for Coda Music centre, Christchurch.

Joseph Koos, (cello continuo/solo cello) former principal cello of the BSO. He is also plays recitals in Brockenhurst.

David Warwick FRCO (continuo/claviorganum), Former Head of Music at Canford School, and previously organist at Blackheath Parish Church.

The ensemble has a versatile repertoire and entertains at Rotary and National Trust dinners. They also appear at Highcliffe castle, Lulworth castle, Athelhampton House and many other historic venues.

Stromenti has a residency at St Clements Church . The concerts are played against the picturesque background of the rare single stone rood screen in this grade 1 listed building, made famous in John Betjeman's writings. The concerts are sometimes candlelit and are known for their accessibility as the musicians introduce the works themselves. The Mayor of Bournemouth is a regular attender. As they see the famous St Clements illuminated tower fading into the distance, audiences tell how they feel uplifted after one of these concerts. Stromenti is accompanied by a "Claviorganum" made by William Mitchell of Southbourne, an internationally known harpsichord maker. This rare instrument plays both as a harpsichord and chamber organ, is highly ornate and Britain's only working model. The instrument is housed in St Clements Church, Boscombe.

The church has recently installed new toilets, and a new picturesque cafeteria. There is disabled access and a team to assist with seating. The church has heating and comfortable seats.

Concerts are supported by Boscombe Working Community Partnership, Bournemouth Arts and St Clements Church. We also thank the following for their kind assistance: Bournemouth daily Echo, Southern daily Echo, New Forest Post, Lawrence nelson-Jones (front page photo), Denis may (programme artist), BSO Education team, Bournemouth Tourism, Bournemouth Libraries.

Baroque concerts

Accompanied by David Warwick on Britain's only working Claviorganum, a highly ornate continuo instrument that plays as a harpsichord and organ at the same time.
Tuesdays 7.30pm

September 4th More English Baroque with David Warwick, solo claviorganum. Same composers as last year, different pieces. Handel organ concerto Op4 no.2 in Bflat, Thomas Arne organ works, William Boyce Overtures and Trio Sonata , Purcell Fantasia, Charles Avison concerto for strings.

September 11th An evening of JS Bach introduced by Jack Maguire. Concerto for 2 violins, A minor violin concerto, E major violin concerto, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue, Art of Fugue, "Air on a G string "

September 18th with international soloist Owain Bailey solo flute. Bach suite in B minor, Vivaldi piccolo concerto, Vivaldi "Goldfinch" concerto, Mozart flute quartet, Telemann "Don Qiuxote" suite.

September 25th Trio sonatas and sonatas with Jack Maguire, Fiona McKinley (violin/viola) and Joseph Koos (cello). Handel, Corelli, Vivaldi, Couperin Apotheosis of Lully, Telemann, Vitali Chaconne for solo violin and organ, played in the distant chapel echo.

Candlelit concerts

October 9th Haydn's uplifting and intensely moving "Seven Last Words on the Cross" for String quartet with narrator.

> October 16th Life of Mozart with Stewart Collins as Amadeus. Music from the string quartets, divertimenti and Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.

Info and reservations 01202 399114,

Tickets £8. Series ticket £40 (second series ticket half price), students half price, children £1. Disabled and benefit recipients FREE (evidence at door)

Free souvenir programme at all concerts.

Free car park.

Fair trade tea and coffee served.

Also at St Clements church:

Saturday September 8th, English Heritage Open Day. Background music by Stromenti and students. Free event.

Saturday 22nd September 7.30pm Last Night of the Boscombe Proms, Gill Fletcher and "Friends" from the church join Stromenti in wartime songs, flag waving and hats in this great British tradition. £5

17 November 2007 7.30pm Westbourne Orchestra, Conductor Sam Newgarth. Sibelius - Symphony No.1, Herold - Zampa, Bruch - Violin Concerto £5