planning applications this week in Boscombe

11/06/2007 7-2007-12877-F
24 Florence Road Boscombe Conservation area consent for demolition Kingsbourne Estates BW JU L 13/07/2007
of existing building

11/06/2007 7-2007-12877-G
24 Florence Road Boscombe Erection of a 3 storey block of 12 flats Kingsbourne Estates BW JU L 13/07/2007
with bin store and formation of parking spaces

12/06/2007 7-2007-12451-M
515 Christchurch Road Boscombe Alterations and conversion of ground floor Max De Kment BW JU 13/07/2007
office to 1 flat

13/06/2007 7-2007-2007-AA
673-675 Christchurch Road Boscombe Formation of outdoor cafe area J D Weatherspoon PLC BW JU 08/07/2007

11/06/2007 7-2007-5477-D
522 Christchurch Road Boscombe Alterations and relief of condition no.2 of Allan Penhale BW LB 06/07/2007
application no.7-2003-5477-B to allow extension of hours from 8.30am until 10pm
from Monday to Saturday.

11/06/2007 7-2007-6643-J
13 St Johns Road Boscombe Erection of garage Max De Kment BW JU V 13/07/2007

13/06/2007 7-2007-16801-B
7-8 Undercliff Road Boscombe Alterations and two storey rear extension Mr Mills BW JU J 13/07/2007

Details of these planning applications will be posted soon on; go to and click 'search applications' on the left, and search using the planning code (eg 7-2006-5195-F)


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