Boscombe West Ward Profile

This is the profile of our ward.

I would be interested to hear residents views on this.

Boscombe West Ward

Boscombe West is a coastal ward with a resident population of 7,598. The average age of residents is older than the England and Wales average at 41.4 years. Households are smaller than the England and Wales average; however 29% of households are living in overcrowded conditions . The proportion of households with at least one member with a limiting long-term illness is the same as Bournemouth and England and Wales. Over 13.5% of residents described their health as ‘Not good’, the highest figure in the borough.

This is an ethnically diverse ward with a similar proportion of White-British to England and Wales. The largest ethnic group is the White-Other group.

A significant proportion (43.5%) of households do not own a car.

Nearly 50% of households live in privately rented accommodation; this compares with only 20% in the borough as a whole. The majority of rented accommodation is likely to be in flats with many of the flats being converted accommodation.

There are few dependent children households in this ward although the proportion of these living in lone parent households is the same proportion as the borough as a whole. A significant proportion of residents are employed in the hotel and catering industry compared to the borough. Unemployment in this ward is significantly higher than national and borough figures. Qualification levels are similar to the borough and the South West.

The Bournemouth Citizens Panel Survey 2003 results indicate that people in this ward are most concerned about protecting children from abuse and least concerned with improving rail services to London.


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