I am a Piglet cheese now!

I have found this article on a Dutch site, http://www.vitaalpendrecht.nl/pendrechtnieuws2007-1/publish/news_2008.html the picture is definitely me, so I translated the Text:
Lisa Northover stood candidate for Hodgehill. She made a study of how they preferred could and it worked. Nice tune on your telephone! Joe's response were then there a mobile tel. in the room descended. He understood its task of interactive docent in a beautiful manner.
She put himself vervolgens candidate as MP for Bournemouth. And she is a piglet cheese now. But keeps contact but its people.
We are there not yet, thus Montgomery, we sit in the middle of in the work. Everyone has been interested in visits the neighbours. But them is that also in their occupants?
In November he comes to the Netherlands. There he will visit the 56 districts in the restructuring. And, he decides, real risk is that your krigen, for which has asked you. Then it becomes just stretching!
The professor has already an invitation from Pendrecht on pocket. Hij komt eind dit jaar naar de Pendrecht Universiteit.

I have no idea what this is about but am very intrigued I cant stop laughing at the line " And she is a piglet cheese now".......


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