Boscombe Lib Dems back the Shelter Campaign to Evict Rogue Landlords. We want to make this campaign real in Boscombe and are looking for your help in telling us about your experience and providing photographs of housing problems. 

Here is the information about the Shelter campaign:
Over the past 10 years, the private rented sector has been the fastest growing type of housing in the UK and is likely to continue to expand, as waiting lists for social housing rise and more people are priced out of home ownership.
Anyone renting a property from a private landlord deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. While most landlords do this, a minority of rogue landlords are getting away with renting out homes that are in an appalling state of repair, and deliberately exploiting their tenants.

Examples of rogue landlord behaviour include:
  • harassment and illegal eviction
  • failure to ensure that a property is in a fit state – and that it is safe
  • refusal to return a tenant’s deposit without good reason
  • charging tenants outrageous amounts for hidden costs
  • Using undisclosed fees as an excuse to put tenants into arrears and impose further extortionate penalty charges.

Living in rundown or unsafe housing can severely harm the health and well-being of tenants. It contributes to and worsens problems of poverty and social exclusion. And it is not only tenants of rogue landlords who are affected. Neighbours can also be put at risk by poor maintenance and vandalism in adjoining properties.
Rogue landlords make people’s lives a misery by using outrageous scams to rip off unsuspecting tenants, leaving them in serious financial difficulty.

The Government says that tenants are happy with their experiences of private renting and the laws to protect them are working well. Yet a new survey carried out by Shelter with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health reveals that:
  • 9 out of 10 environmental health officers working with tenants have encountered landlords engaging in harassment or illegal eviction.
  • 78% had dealt with landlords who persistently refuse to maintain their property in a safe condition.
  • More than 90% had encountered cases of severe damp, mould, electrical or fire safety hazard in properties they investigated in the last year.

Shelter believes that much more needs to be done to bring rogue landlords to justice and to drive them out for good. In particular, we want to see:
  • A zero tolerance approach to rogue landlords by local councils, backed by adequate resources - bringing all local councils up to the standard of the best.
  • The ability to ban people from being a landlord for a period of time if they are convicted of an offence related to their behaviour in this role, for instance harassing or evicting tenants illegally.
  • Greater transparency and accountability, so that the public are better able to hold local politicians to account for what they are doing to tackle rogue landlords.

Boscombe Life Drawing Group

 the next two Saturday sessions are booked and the dates are October 23rd and November 27th. 1.15 - 3.45pm. Both sessions at the Wellspring Centre Haviland Road and the cost is £10. Further details from Sarah Humby  We also have a facebook page!/group.php?gid=138109289538044

 Reading New Work at Poole LitFest
Boscombe based author Tricia Walker will be hosting an event in The Studio at Poole Lighthouse at 12pm on Saturday 30th October where she will be reading from her current work as well as extracts from Benedict?s Brother selected by readers and talking about her success to date.  The event is part of ?Dorset Delights? in which 12 authors including Sarah Challis and Andy McDemott will be on hand to chat to festival goers and answer questions over a cup of tea.
Tickets are available from  £10/8

New Shop Love From Hetty & Dave between Boscombe and Pokesdown - check it out now!

New Gallery Workshops, galleries, function rooms and photographic studios run by artists for artists as part of a Social Entrepreneur project dedicated to creating positive social change.
At the Central Boscombe site we have approx 6000 sq/ft of space at our disposal over 2 floors. Consisting of open Gallery areas, coffee shop and photo studio space on the ground floor. Opposit Primark, give them a visit!

 in their state of the art teaching clinic. In addition, members of the Territorial Army and Reserves are entitled to a 30% discount on treatments. 
For further information please contact the The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) Clinic, 01202 436200.

. Fibrecity are behind with their installations and that that they are only going to be fully installing customers in the BH11 area until the end of the year. At the beginning of next year they will be releasing install dates to us for the remaining areas in Bournemouth

Vintage market, in the Cresent 28th October 10am - 3pm As well as a vintage market, we would like this to be a place where you can buy unique handcrafted goods. 
If you have any questions, or would like to get involved contact 
Sara Cheng Grove Studio07786 310883
or sally coulson Boscombe Project officer 07500 224549

Monday 25th October 2010 - Crafty Fox Collective presents Evan Greer @ Cafe Boscanova
Workshop from 6:00 pm - Organizing Events that Build the Movement
Getting people to come to events is hard. Finding ways to empower people and build community once they come to the event is even harder. This workshops focuses on nuts and bolt skills for organizing successful events that bring people together and get communities fired up for organizing toward change. Topics covered include: long-term event strategy, outreach, coalition building, using art and music as a tool, media, event management, and more!
Live music from 8:00pm - Evan Greer - High energy acoustic songs to inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance! + Jack Ratts + more TBC
Sliding scale donation £5 - £10 -

created at

Work gets underway to transform Roumelia Lane

Roumelia Lane in Boscombe is set for a facelift as work gets underway to improve the area.

Works have started in Roumelia Lane as part of the regeneration of Boscombe which will include, resurfacing of the road, the introduction of a new 20mph speed limit as well as a one way system.

Work will run for approximately 12 weeks with a series of phased road closures while work takes place. However, pedestrian access will be maintained throughout.

The Council allocated £196k for a package of works to enhance the area which also included better street lighting and CCTV was installed thanks to funding from the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

‘Battistinis Retro Revival’ on November 6th 2010 line-up! (7pm – 11pm)
The price of a ticket is a mere £10 and includes ‘Rockin Chilli’ & jacket Potato meal!!!!

Live music from ...
Rock-A-Billy Duo
Dance the night away to vintage tunes from the 1940s and 1950s from ROCK 'N' ROLL DJ "VANESSA"

With Burlesque Entertainment by... 

Miss Annie
Miss Cream Tease
Signorina Messalina
Tigress Lily
Dixie Doll
Brandy Snapz
And special guest

JASON PERKINS PHOTOGRAPHER WILL BE THERE WITH HIS "RETRO PHOTO BOOTH" SO BE SURE TO DRESS TO IMPRESS - 1940s & 50s Style!!! A FREE TICKET for the November ‘Retro Revival’ to be won by the best dressed guy and the best dressed doll!!!
We also have the following stalls:
- CHERRY BLITZ - Retro Clothing
- PANDORAS CHOICE - Burlesque & Retro Lingerie & Corsets
- Tattoos and body piercing by WHITE FLAME STUDIOS

Tickets are Available from the Battistinis Custom Centre which incorporates The ‘Rockers Cafe’ by simply dropping in store, OR by calling +44(0)1202 437400 and also online  from the following link:

Also remember that the next ‘Retro Revival’ instalment will be a mega ‘Retro Revival Christmas Special’ occurring on Sat Dec 18th that you will not want to miss out on!!!!
For further information or to find out how to get involved with future ‘Battistinis Retro Revival’ events please contact Battistinis Custom Cycles:
Telephone: +44 (0)1202 437400

10:10:10 How did you do?

I signed up to the 10:10:10 campaign committing myself to reduce my co2 but 10% by tenth october 2010.
I didn't have much of an idea how I would do it at that stage, but as it happens I think I probably have done it. I have done 5 things to to make a difference in my house.

1, My son's window in his room was very old and draughty it had been replaces as a single sheet of glass with louvres at the top. It was expensive to sort so we got a student over the summer and he slept downstairs raising the money! so now he has a double glazed UPVC (I know yuck!) Window and is warm, so warm he overheats!

2, A minor one but I got a replacement compost bin after mine disappeared a couple of years ago.

3, A free energy meter came through from southern Electric. now we are much more conscious of what is on.

4 Got a new washing line too many in the house to dry it all outside, we end up with piles of damp school uniform. But we had got too used to the tumble dryer

5. Probably this will make the biggest difference, I finally got my heatmiser programmable thermostat brought and installed Before I only had a little mechanical clock dial on the boiler, so if I felt cold one day and put the heating on, it would come on again the next day, and until I remembered to turn it off. I also had only radiator thermostats and no room stat, so it was always too cold or I would come back from being out all day to find it was boiling and had been like it all day - a big waste. This one can also maintain 4 different temperatures for different times of the day so you don't have to mess with it, I also got this as a wireless model so it can go upstairs at night and is measuring the room you are in. So I think I will probably make the money back just over this winter. Yay!

So there it is. Please let me know what you have done