10:10:10 How did you do?

I signed up to the 10:10:10 campaign committing myself to reduce my co2 but 10% by tenth october 2010.
I didn't have much of an idea how I would do it at that stage, but as it happens I think I probably have done it. I have done 5 things to to make a difference in my house.

1, My son's window in his room was very old and draughty it had been replaces as a single sheet of glass with louvres at the top. It was expensive to sort so we got a student over the summer and he slept downstairs raising the money! so now he has a double glazed UPVC (I know yuck!) Window and is warm, so warm he overheats!

2, A minor one but I got a replacement compost bin after mine disappeared a couple of years ago.

3, A free energy meter came through from southern Electric. now we are much more conscious of what is on.

4 Got a new washing line too many in the house to dry it all outside, we end up with piles of damp school uniform. But we had got too used to the tumble dryer

5. Probably this will make the biggest difference, I finally got my heatmiser programmable thermostat brought and installed Before I only had a little mechanical clock dial on the boiler, so if I felt cold one day and put the heating on, it would come on again the next day, and until I remembered to turn it off. I also had only radiator thermostats and no room stat, so it was always too cold or I would come back from being out all day to find it was boiling and had been like it all day - a big waste. This one can also maintain 4 different temperatures for different times of the day so you don't have to mess with it, I also got this as a wireless model so it can go upstairs at night and is measuring the room you are in. So I think I will probably make the money back just over this winter. Yay!

So there it is. Please let me know what you have done


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