Waitrose - they have goat to be wrong?

I went into waitrose today and spotted this Nanny care Goat Milk Nutrition. It caught my eye because it was with the infant formula.

Goats milk infant formula is not approved in the UK as a breastmilk substitute, It is not suitable for babied under 1 year. The next thing I noticed when looking at he back of the tin is that there was no breastfeeding statement. This is required by UK law on Infant formula.

But I also noticed that this product was in no way calling itself an infant formula, thus perhaps not being covered by that law. However it was displayed on the shelf next to the Nanny care follow on milk. I will be checking this with trading standards.

If you are wondering why on earth I am concerning myself with this it is because there are risks to the health of a baby when mothers do not breastfeed, and it is very important that products marketed as breastfeeding substitutes have basic nutritional standards and do not make misleading claims.

I had a quick look at the website of this product and was surprised to see the claim that it is closer to breastmilk than cows milk. hmmmm like whenn I get up to turn the light off in a minute I'll be closer to france...


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