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The results of the Place Survey have been published today and you can see them here

Residents in each ward were asked about their area and also access to services
The results of the Place Survey have been published today and you can see them here

Residents in each ward were asked about their area and also access to services

As Boscombe West Residents we are least satisfied with where we live at 55% , that is 20% less than the rest of Bournemouth and also 20% less than the national average. Satisfaction with our homes as places to live is at 78% though still the second lowest in Bournemouth.

Waste - 65% of us are happy with doorstep recycling, and 57% are happy with the local tip, both of these are in the lowest 3 in Bournemouth.

For transport services we are among the most satisfied in Bournemouth with 67% satisfied with local transport services and 65% satisfied with transport information

Keeping Active the lowest satisaction in Bournemouth for both sports and leisure activities 41% and parks and open spaces 71% (this is still higher than the national average at 68.5)

For Culture we are more satisfied. with 74% satisfied with Libraries average and 69% for Museums and galleries these are both quite average for Theatres and concert halls we are some of the most satisfied in Bournemouth

We are the least satisfied in Bournemouth with the way things are run with 57% satisfied with the Police and 38% with Bournemouth Council 69% with the Fire Service and 70% with GP services and local Hospital. we are a little more satisfied with our dentists than the rest of Bournemouth. We do not feel that public services are supportive 22% but we do feel more than most area's in Bournemouth that the seek our views 30%

Here is the Councils Summary

According to the Place Survey 2008 results, residents’ four critical areas for
improvement overall are public transport, affordable decent housing, clean
streets and level of crime. Boscombe West Ward residents agree with these
improvement priorities with the following exception:
• Public transport – this is not a key priority for Boscombe West Ward
residents. In fact, this is regarded as an area of strength by these
Boscombe West Ward residents have an additional priority for improvement:
job prospects.
Those living in Boscombe West (55%) were amongst the least likely to be
satisfied with their local area as a place to live. In addition only around three
quarters (78%) were satisfied with their home as a place to live. Less than one
third (28%) felt that they strongly belong to their neighbourhood.

Only 26% agreed that Bournemouth Borough Council provides value for money.
Only around four in ten (38%) were satisfied with the way Bournemouth
Borough Council runs things.

Just over one third (35%) agreed that they can influence decisions affecting
their local area; this is amongst the highest in the borough.

Fewer than seven in ten (66%) said they believe people from different
backgrounds get on well together in their local area.

Nearly seven in ten (67%) think people don’t treat other people with respect
and consideration; this is the highest proportion in the borough.

Only 15% said they feel safe when outside in their local area after dark. An
improvement is seen during the day when 77% feel safe; however this is still
the lowest in the borough.

A high proportion (81%) see drug use and drug dealing as a problem. In
addition eight in ten residents living in this ward (80%) said that people being
drunk or rowdy in public places is a problem in their local area.

Approximately half of this ward’s residents (52%) have high levels of perceived
Anti-Social Behaviour.


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