Ashley Rd Bridge closure

For clarification, here is a response from the council on the closures of Ashley Rd Bridge in October-December

"Thanks for your response.  All of us in the Council do fully understand the concern expressed by the traders in Boscombe about the closure of Ashley Road for up to two months this autumn.  While we accept the need for the very expensive renewal of this old – well over 100 years – bridge, we have asked Network Rail to postpone it until the spring.  A copy of the letter from Cllr Lawton is attached, as is a copy of Network Rail's reply.
This bridge is owned and maintained by Network Rail, and they are meeting all the costs of its replacement.  They have indicated to us that, if we were to seek to prevent them from carrying out the work this autumn, they would be liable to impose a strict weight limit on Ashley Road with no firm date in the future for the work to be carried out.  This would be likely mean that only cars could use it.
We have asked Boscombe Traders, chaired by Steve Kent, to make suggestions to us on measures that could be taken to reduce the difficulties that the traders in Boscombe will experience.  This includes the possibility – not a firm proposal – that the A35 Christchurch Road corridor becomes a 'Red Route' east and west of Boscombe for the duration of the Ashley Road works.  Some will welcome this idea, some will not, but we want to find the consensus view of the traders as a whole.  We are also trying to set up an alternative route for buses so that they can still serve Boscombe as easily as possible.
We have been assured that the existing works near Boscombe Chine will be finished in September and that there will be NO other works on the A35 through Boscombe (other than critically important emergency works) during the period while Ashley Road is closed.
Please be assured that we will do what we can to try to help all of Boscombe at this difficult time.  Do feel free to copy this note to any other traders in Boscombe."


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