Drinking in Boscombe?

Another inportant decision for Boscombe - do we need a 'cumilative impact zone'?

With the many changes in licencing over the past few years there has been a lot of concern about the impact of numerous licensed premisis in some parts of Bournemouth and resulting antisocial behaviour. When businesses apply for a license to sell alcohol, (Bars, off licenses, Rstaurants, Hotels etc) the licensing act requres that the license is granted unless there is an objection. 
Sometimes when an area is seriously affected by antiscocial behaviour it is possible to make that area a cumilative impact zone. This means that there is the a presumption that the license will not be granted, and the onus is then on the business to justify that they will not contribute to the problems in the area.  Bournemouth centre has a zone currently and there is a consultation document available at the moment which puts forward Boscombe as an area which could have a cumalitive impact zone. 
I hope that residents will feedback to the council on this see the document here
Here are some thoughts to go along with!
  • Drink related antisocial beaviour is high in the Boscombe area
  • Good quality & well run bars could create a vibrant night-time economy, increasing the number of people around in the evening, making the area feel safer and more family/tourist friendly.
  • Drink related anti-social behavior may be different to the town centre as it is more related to street drinkers than those leaving clubs.


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