Keeping safe in town

I had an absolutely fantastic time on Saturday night, we went to 60,0000000 postcards, then the consortium then the camel bar. We me a lot of lovely people who were caring and were looking out for each other, I felt very safe in the tow centre where we stayed / moved between clubs - not at all unsafe. On our way home we walked past Subway and the I-bar in Holdenhurst rd, the police had taped a large area off, this was at about 6.30 am. I was so sad to read the next day that we had actually passed the sites of both of the murders that happened that night on the way home, - others clearly did not find Bournemouth the warm, friendly place that we did. I have thought about how safe it is to go out quite a bit, and how I will feel when my own children start to go out into Bournemouth. I don't think I will try to stop them - its part of growing up, but I hope they will understand how easily a person can be seriously injured or killed. I think that TV and Film can convince us that people can survive all sorts of violent attacks and still get back up for more, but that's not real... the two deaths last weekend were apparently the result of what would have been fairly minor tussles, many of which happen every weekend, and any of which could end tragically ...
Launching: The Neighbourhood Management Awards 2008

Community Champions, Community Group of the Year,
Young Achiever, Business in the Community,
Partnership Working and Cultural Diversity

Neighbourhood Management in Boscombe West and Springbourne are looking to recognise and reward those people, partners, businesses and groups who have helped to make this area a better place for its residents.

These people, groups, businesses and organisations will have played a significant part in delivering services, activities, support, advice and/ or helping others.

If you know of, or are any of the following, please look at the attached Entry Form to make your nomination.

Selfless service by an individual (over 18) to a voluntary body or to the community in the NM Area
Voluntary or community group that has improved the quality of life for residents in the NM Area
Outstanding contribution made by a young person or group of young people aged 11 to 18
Outstanding business contribution to the well-being of the community
Celebrating Partnership Working in the NM Area
Bringing Cultural Diversity to the NM Area


Planning applications - deadline 7-Mar-08

4 Cecil Road
Crown clean one False Acacia. Crown lift one Red Oak. Crown lift one Sweet Chestnut and prune back from building.
Mr M DeKment
deadline for comment: none published by Council

full details on the Council website

627/629 Christchurch Road (the one/two units immediately to the left of WHSmith)
Erection of a 1/3 storey block comprising ground floor shop and 8 flats on upper levels with bin and cycle stores
Kemble Estates Ltd
deadline for comment: 07/03/2008

full details on the Council website

40 Knole Road
Erection of a three storey block of 9 flats with bin and cycle stores and formation of vehicular access and parking spaces.
Dave Wells
deadline for comment: 10/03/2008

full details on the Council website

New Medical Centre for Boscombe?

Consultation has started to look into the possibility of a new medical centre in Palmerston Rd. Boscombe West has some of the poorest health in the South - residents statistically living ten years fewer than other parts of Bournemouth. Bournemouth and Poole PCT have recognised the need for targeted services in our area and are looking into using the old hospital stores next to the watertower to provide new resources. I will be representing the views of residents to the PCT over the next few weeks and I am keen to hear your opinion. What services would you like to see provided? Are there any services which are not traditionally medical which would help to improve health in the area?

Drinking in Boscombe?

Another inportant decision for Boscombe - do we need a 'cumilative impact zone'?

With the many changes in licencing over the past few years there has been a lot of concern about the impact of numerous licensed premisis in some parts of Bournemouth and resulting antisocial behaviour. When businesses apply for a license to sell alcohol, (Bars, off licenses, Rstaurants, Hotels etc) the licensing act requres that the license is granted unless there is an objection. 
Sometimes when an area is seriously affected by antiscocial behaviour it is possible to make that area a cumilative impact zone. This means that there is the a presumption that the license will not be granted, and the onus is then on the business to justify that they will not contribute to the problems in the area.  Bournemouth centre has a zone currently and there is a consultation document available at the moment which puts forward Boscombe as an area which could have a cumalitive impact zone. 
I hope that residents will feedback to the council on this see the document here
Here are some thoughts to go along with!
  • Drink related antisocial beaviour is high in the Boscombe area
  • Good quality & well run bars could create a vibrant night-time economy, increasing the number of people around in the evening, making the area feel safer and more family/tourist friendly.
  • Drink related anti-social behavior may be different to the town centre as it is more related to street drinkers than those leaving clubs.

Planning application - deadline 7-Mar-08

56 Palmerston Road
Alterations and conversion of ground floor shop to flat
European Equities plc
deadline for comment: 07/03/2008

Full details on the Council website

What do you think of Boscombe Precinct?

The pedestrian area in the centre of Boscombe was created  when the Sovereign Cntre was built around 17 years ago. Over the last few years the area has not been maintained so well, some of the paving has bee replaced with tarmac and the gullys have a tendancy to fall in from time to time (this happened to me once as I wheeled my bike over one of them!).
The possibility of doing something about the precinct area has been raised, and I am very keen to hear what people think about this and give me feedback.
Here are some of my thoughts so far....
  • The last 18 months has seen at least three good quality cafe's opening in the area which have changed the feel of the area, including popular outside tables. 
  • Footfall in Boscombe is up, bucking local and national trends
  • Boscombe is one of the best flat shopping area's supported by a popular shopmobility scheme.
  • The design of the two ends of the precinct make it very difficult to access shops beyond that area.  Obstructions include pedestrian guard rails and multiple sets of traffic lights - could better design resolve this issue an encourage shoppers into the area's outside the precinct?
  • Visitors to the Opera house have reportedly been put off by the walk to awkward rd carpark, could this be resolved by negotiations with Aldi to use their carpark in the evenings?
I look forward to hearing some views on this!

Planning applications - deadline 24-feb-08

476-478 Christchurch Road
(opposite St John's Church)
Erection of a bin store
Brooklyn Management
deadline for comment: 29/02/2008

Full details on the Council website

559 Christchurch Road
(the Boscombe branch of Nationwide Building Society)
Erection of a fence and gates
deadline for comment: 24/02/2008

Full details on the Council website