planning applications this week

05/11/2007 7-2007-5472-I 555 Christchurch Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Bruf Contract Holdings Ltd BW RC 12/10/2007
of premises to shop and 5 flats and
erection of a 3 storey block of 4 flats
and 1 live work unit with bin and cycle
01/11/2007 7-2007-7840-A 17 Hamilton Road Alterations, single storey and two storey Mr P Finlay BW AE 26/11/2007
extensions and conversion of Hotel into
6 flats with cycle and bin stores
05/11/2007 7-2007-2381-A 10b Wilfred Road Erection of a conservatory Mr & Mrs Fernandes BW CGT L 30/11/2007
07/11/2007 7-2007-7213 12 Drummond Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Mrs Jackie Williams BW AE 02/12/2007
of dwelling into 4no. one bedroom flats
and a 1no. two bedroom flat with bin
and cycle facilities
07/11/2007 7-2007-2055-J 5 Florence Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 10 Derek Frederick Saunders BW RC L 07/12/2007
flats with bin/cycle stores and
formation of parking spaces -


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