Boscombe library public art

Boscombe Library Public Art Project 2006-7

To commission a piece of high quality and innovative public art for the
new Boscombe Library, which has:
relevance to the local community
reflects ideas about the function of the library,
promote the library as an interactive cultural experience.

This was a partnership between:
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Libraries
Bourenmouth Borough Council Arts Development,

The project involved 3 artists working with local people, and took place in two phases:

1 Hoardings Design: developed by artist, Jeff Pigott, from ideas contributed through:
a creative consultation event in the Sovereign Centre,
workshops at Bethany and St Clement’s Schools.

2 Bicycle Store Design: lead artist, Peter Dunn and support artist, Melanie Bennett, invited the following groups to respond creatively to the themes of:
sense of identity, place and enjoyment of libraries
King’s Park School
Bethany School
Sharp Bournemouth and Poole (formerly Clouds – people in recovery)
Library users

Local artist, Melanie Bennett, was involved as a continuing professional development opportunity.

Funding was provided by:
Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Borough Council Arts and Libraries

The project was developed through Bournemouth Borough Council’s Arts Development programme, within the framework of the Joint Arts Plan and the Bournemouth Public Art Development Plan.

Photographs will shortly be available on the following web address, click on arts development/public art

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