Where are the Police when you need them......?

.........right there just where you need them!
So, I came home yesterday in Julie's car, we parked outside the driveway and noticed a couple of blokes looking at something in the drive.... Julie went and said "can I help you" ad the blokes said "oh we were just seeing if these people wanted to sell these bricks.....??!!  .. but they don't.... bye.....  And off they walked. Then my neighbour poked his head out the window and said "hey Lisa they were just trying to break into your house!" so I followed them around the corner - hoping to take a picture, only to discover they were hastily changing their jumpers. they saw me and started to run... I took chase, helped by two guys on bikes, and just as I was thinking all was lost a Police car came around the corner, with our local friendly PCSO's on board.... well... I waved them down and they jumped out and chased those blokes so fast! they jumped over walls and all sorts as the blokes split up, and within a few minutes both had been caught!  

So thankyou to the PCSO's the Police my fantastic neighbours, the boys on bikes and Julie!

TypeD @ SourceD.

I am looking forward to this!....

Local artist Keira Rathbone shows a selection of her ‘typed portraits’ in a unique event TypeD @ SourceD.

Keira creates pictures using an old manual typewriter as a drawing tool… with unusual and interesting effects that have to be seen to be believed!

The solo exhibition at the newly opened SourceD Clothing, 3 Royal Arcade, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth opens on the 5th December 2007 with a private view evening from 6-9pm.

Typed @ SouceD runs until the 30th of January 2008. Open Monday – Friday 9.30-5; 
Saturday 9-5.30 & 
Sunday 11-4. Admission is free.

Contact Keira on 07789680228, or email HYPERLINK "mailto:keirarathbone@hotmail.co.uk" keirarathbone@hotmail.co.uk for further details.
I went to a fab gig on Saturday night...
It was organised an funded by local young people through the Youth opportunities board - here is one of the boarde members ewho told me about how their board works, young people are able to apply to the YOB for funds to carry out projects in Bournemouth. All the decisions are made by a board of young people too!

I bumped into some other councillors too. here are Cllrs Dave Smith and Michael Weinhonig....

I was also very impressed by the security measures... I was very ID'd!!

Not sure why all my photo's are coming out sideways, but this is the rep from the Youth opportunities fund. see http://www.byof.co.uk/ for more info

We nearly won

Last week our Neighbourhood management team was nominated for Team of the year, we all went up to london for the awards ceremony, where Hazel Blears (minister ) presented the awards, we were "highly commended" and hear I am with the winner - who was great! I will get a pic of us with Hazel soon...

I went along to the Urban Beach Hotel on Thursday Night for their celebration of their new refit! They have a new cocktail menu - I tried a few.... they were great!! Here is a Pic of me with Mark the owner.

The man on the stall next to us has this cool tatoo, he says that she used to be naked and he had a bikini drawn on her after complaints that it was too rude! He has had her for 40 years now and she hasn't aged a bit!

We are selling our handbags this weekend at the BIC craft fair, it runs from Friday - Sunday.... here are some of the ones made from crisp packets!

I was amazed when I was at the BIC yesterday and my friend Lee said "did you see all of those ladies outside with their sleeping bags?"

Having had a little chat with them..( I was worried for a moment that the housing strategy had missed a big problem..)I found that they were waiting to but tickets to see daniel o'donnell.... Ive gotta find a picture...

Staff 2000

Tis is a cartoon I did for My Mums business - Staff 2000. She took the photo's in China!
We have several special activities planned for December, a trip to Avon Heath Country Park on Saturday 1st December (10.00am – 2.00pm). The cost is £1.00 per family. Also, a play “The Bad Tempered Snowman” on Tuesday 11th December, at the Centre from 1.30pm – 2.30pm, and a trip to the Pantomime (Sleeping Beauty) at the Pavillion on Thursday 13th December at 10.30am, the cost will be £3.00 per adult and £3.00 per child. Our Stay and Play sessions will be holding their Christmas parties at sessions on 19th, 20th 21st December.

Also, just to remind everyone that centre will also be closed during the holiday season. Our last day will be Friday 21st December, and we shall re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.

Just getting ready for Christmas at urban-evolution.co.uk !

Fun Sunday

I came home at 3.30 this morning after a great night at the Sound Circus to a call from my sister Sarah.....
Her husband Nick is on tour with Take That, where he has been playing in their support band Jamie Scott and town, he is in Copenhagen right now... anyway my Sister phoned at 4.30, saying that her waters had broken.... I said I would get the first train to London, I went back to sleep, and at 7.30 she phoned to say that she'd had a baby girl an hour before! So here I am unexpectedly in London till tomorrow when Nick gets back!
here is a pic of the new baby

and here is a vid of nick playing to some thousands in Rotterdam - he's the one with the cello... sounds not good on this clip, but it gives an idea!

Area Forum Boscombe

Monday 12th November
7.30pm - 9pm

St. Georges Methodist Hall,
Haviland Road,
05/11/2007 7-2007-5472-I 555 Christchurch Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Bruf Contract Holdings Ltd BW RC 12/10/2007
of premises to shop and 5 flats and
erection of a 3 storey block of 4 flats
and 1 live work unit with bin and cycle
01/11/2007 7-2007-7840-A 17 Hamilton Road Alterations, single storey and two storey Mr P Finlay BW AE 26/11/2007
extensions and conversion of Hotel into
6 flats with cycle and bin stores
05/11/2007 7-2007-2381-A 10b Wilfred Road Erection of a conservatory Mr & Mrs Fernandes BW CGT L 30/11/2007
07/11/2007 7-2007-7213 12 Drummond Road Alterations, extensions and conversion Mrs Jackie Williams BW AE 02/12/2007
of dwelling into 4no. one bedroom flats
and a 1no. two bedroom flat with bin
and cycle facilities
07/11/2007 7-2007-2055-J 5 Florence Road Erection of a 2/3 storey block of 10 Derek Frederick Saunders BW RC L 07/12/2007
flats with bin/cycle stores and
formation of parking spaces -

New Best Shop!

Our NBS has just opened in the fabulous Boscombe Royal Arcade!
Its Called Sourced Clothing, www.sourcedclothing.co.uk
Straight away I found something I knew Julie would LOVE...
Here's me with the guy.... The shop is stocking ethical and local clothing

Julie loves it!

Downstairs the Mens stuff... 

Boscombe library public art

Boscombe Library Public Art Project 2006-7

To commission a piece of high quality and innovative public art for the
new Boscombe Library, which has:
relevance to the local community
reflects ideas about the function of the library,
promote the library as an interactive cultural experience.

This was a partnership between:
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Libraries
Bourenmouth Borough Council Arts Development,

The project involved 3 artists working with local people, and took place in two phases:

1 Hoardings Design: developed by artist, Jeff Pigott, from ideas contributed through:
a creative consultation event in the Sovereign Centre,
workshops at Bethany and St Clement’s Schools.

2 Bicycle Store Design: lead artist, Peter Dunn and support artist, Melanie Bennett, invited the following groups to respond creatively to the themes of:
sense of identity, place and enjoyment of libraries
King’s Park School
Bethany School
Sharp Bournemouth and Poole (formerly Clouds – people in recovery)
Library users

Local artist, Melanie Bennett, was involved as a continuing professional development opportunity.

Funding was provided by:
Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts
East Dorset Housing Association
Bournemouth Borough Council Arts and Libraries

The project was developed through Bournemouth Borough Council’s Arts Development programme, within the framework of the Joint Arts Plan and the Bournemouth Public Art Development Plan.

Photographs will shortly be available on the following web address,
www.bournemouth.gov.uk/residents click on arts development/public art

* *