Salisbury Rd and Carnarvon Rd

Monday, May 28, 2007
Salisbury Rd and Carnarvon Rd

Residents have raised concern over the street scene in Salisbury/Canarvan Rd.

I have spoken to the lighting team about the two lamp posts which are in bad condition, they replied;

"There are at least two columns that require removing. Unfortunately on several occassions our contractor has tried to gain access with the column lifting lorry but the members of public ignore the parking restriction notices and obstruct the road. I will try and instigate some restrictions in order to gain access to carry out the work."

They will let me know when this will be booked in again.

I have also raised the issues with wheelie bins and the recycling, and will stay in contact with the recycling officer to find a solution, including information in different languages. The council has the information in, Arabic, Cantonese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. If any residents are able to tell me which of these may be needed, I would appreciate that. I have also requested more large stickers so that it is clear which bins are suitable for different sorts of waste.

I have enquired about the frequency of street cleaning, and the effectiveness of the method used, I have had the following reply;

"The area cleansing team visits Salisbury rd every Monday and this service is enhanced when required by the “Safe and Clean” team which operates in Boscombe and Springbourne This team carries out emergency works as well as a free collection of bulky goods (up to 3 items every 6 months) from within the designated area."

They are consulting with highways dept to look at completing a deep clean in the area and clean out the drains as well, and will let me know the date for this work.

I have also contacted highways and asked for an update on the parking scheme, and asked that they look at the pavements and curbstones, which are in poor condition. I am awaiting a reply.


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