Roumelia Lane

I am investigating, along with my ward colleagues, Cllr Chris Wakefield, and Cllr Phil Stanley Watts, the problems in Roumelia lane with pedestrian safety.There are a number of units with community activities running from them, including our own Boscombe Wholefood Co-op. I am persuaded by the Home Zone concept;
Home Zones are streets where people and vehicles share the road space safely and on equal terms. Where quality of life takes precedence over ease of traffic movement.
Home Zones are designed to look different from conventional streets and are announced by the official Home Zone sign at entrances. Motorists see they should drive very slowly and give informal priority to other road users.

"We are also all keen to see new lighting. A scheme was drawn up, and funded from Boscombe West's Local Improvement Fund, before the election."


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