Boscombe's new library

This morning saw the opening of the new Boscombe library & I went along with Isaac, to see what it has to offer. The building is modern, with lots of cederwood facias which look very modern, the library is on the ground floor, with part of the floor space below ground level, and some on a mezzanine level creating two floors in part of the library. It was lovely to see Melanie, the customer contact officer, who we have got to know well as she has been working from the Neighbourhood Management offices for the past months.

The library has been built together with housing in tthe form of one and two bedroom flats which are modern and all have balconies. many of the flats overlook a flat roof, and this has been planted as a 'living roof' , see my little vid...........


Ben said...

I'm used to getting a stack of stuff to read on a friday night. Its open to 7pm; I can keep up that habit. Particularly now I've got a library card!

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