TV Turnoff 2007

The Best thing we ever did was getting rid of our Television.
This week is TV turnoff week, a time to think about the effect of TV on your life
We have been TV free for most of the past 10 years, strangely nearly all of my best friends are also TV Free, They are my best friends because they are people who are interesting, they do things and they have a life! so I thoroughly reccomend everyone to...Turn off your TV se, and do something less boring insteadAnd you save £120 per year on TV licence fees....AND you get to wind up the licence instector OH AND you you get any money paid for the rest of this year back if you cancel it now!


Ben said...

I'm unlikely to get any time to watch TV this week. Does that count? ;o)

Also, the slogan is a bit confusing. Everything we do in the real world is live - its only TV that has this concept of live, near live, just not live enough so they can beep out swear words, recorded, repeated ..

Oooh. I've got a new online account. A blogger/google one. Just what I needed.

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